Good News. S&S Obtains EPA Certification


This is a very important announcement for the v-twin industry, including every builder and shop in the US. S&S Cycle, Inc. has successfully procured EPA Certification on all 3 of its V-Series engine families, becoming the first motorcycle engine manufacturer to produce pre-certified EPA compliant engines.  Individuals and builders can now build EPA compliant motorcycles without having to go through the complicated and costly emissions testing procedures themselves.Consequently small volume manufacturers are able to build and sell as many custom motorcycles as they want to. Individuals can now own, ride and sell them without prior restrictions. Of course the engine package must not be altered in any way. Under EPA regulations issued in 2003, custom bike builders are limited to building only 24 non-compliant motorcycles per model year, and individuals are allowed to own only one EPA exempt kit bike in their lifetime. But after a year of successful efforts between the EPA and industry and consumer groups, the “Certification Procedure for Highway Motorcycle Engines” EPA letter of guidance dated July 25, 2006 CISD-06-15 (MC), now allows builders of aftermarket engines to provide EPA-compliant engine packages to individuals, dealers and small volume motorcycle manufacturers (<3,000 annual units) excluding California. S&S Cycle


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  1. 1 Brad Buchanan Jan 29th, 2007 at 3:36 pm

    Is it available?

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