Erik Buell. Chairman Of Buell. Rock Singer. Guitar Designer

People working with passion work all the time. And passionate people still find the time to pursue other passions. In the case of Erik Buell it’s singing, playing in a rock and roll band & designing guitars. Yes, the 70s AMA superbike racer, the 80’s Harley-Davidson engineer and Buell Motorcycles founder is coming to play in a bike rally near you. Remember, the name of his band is Thunderbolts (the name of his first bike model now discontinued). And Erik will play with his own designed guitar (about to be manufactured) named, you guessed it, the Thunderbolt! He states that he found his design inspiration on the internet looking at some Vargas pictures. Hey, the shape of the Vargas pinups inspired also some of my best motorcycle designs. Conclusion, keep your passions alive and for creativity keep looking at beautiful women. 

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  1. 1 Brian Kenneth Jan 29th, 2007 at 3:24 pm

    Is Erik good on stage?

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