Auto Tune Your Harley V-Rod

I always thought that the V-Rod is a wonderful bike to ride. Can it ride better in any ambient conditions? It’s what the ThunderMax with Auto tune system is promising. The purpose is to give you full control of your EFI setup by letting this module analyzes the air/fuel ratio read by two wide-band oxygen sensors, and making any necessary adjustments. With every tank of fuel, at any temperature or elevation, your V-Rod engineis optimized by ThunderMax! Using the supplied SmartLink software and communication cable, you can load a map and go riding, and adjust or monitor virtually every parameter of the system. ThunderMax software, firmware and map updates are free and accessible 24/7 with an Internet connection. You are only a mouse-click away from the latest available data and product support!  Dyno Tuners can access Advanced User SmartLink software that allow full custom mapping. The ThunderMax is designed and manufactured in the USA and backed by a 3-year warranty. (this product is legal for sale in the State of California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway). At Zippers Performance.

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  1. 1 Doc Robinson Oct 9th, 2008 at 5:59 pm

    I’ve run a Thundermax on my 103 ci CVO Ultra for 18 months now and it works a treat. Sometime before fitting it, the bike had spent several hours being Dynotuned by a gun tuner and fitted with a Power Commander for a worthwhile increase in both power and torque. I decided to try the Thundermax and had it fitted and a map selected. I then rode it some 2000 miles through hot desert conditions and over serious mountain passes and it ran flawlessly based on seat of the pants impressions. I then put the bike back on the dyno and test ran it. The Thundermax had automatically tuned the bike to pretty well exactly the same output (plus or minus 1/2 horsepower) that the Power Commander PLUS three hours of Dynotuning had brought about. You do the math.
    No reason it shouldn’t work as good on a V-Rod. No reason at all.

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