A Moment In life Can change Everything. Except Motorcycle Passion.

Every bike story has a beginning, but to really know how biking gets into your blood you need to start at the very first bike. Matt Flynn’s first bike was a 1959 Schwinn bicycle with a Briggs and Stratton 3hp motor where he mounted the engine on a piece of 2’x4’, using metal brackets and a washing machine pulley bolted to the spokes of the rear wheel. The drive was a direct chain to the engine pulley and his Keds were the brakes. The thrill of that first ride was all it took to hook him for life. There were many bikes to follow to a chopped 650 cc BSA with an 8” over front end. Then, the accident: an 80+ yr old driver turned in front of his bike, leaving him sprawled out on the road with car door handle imprinted in his right knee. In ‘74 he got a brand new 1,000cc Sportster that he rode coast to coast, then learned to stand on the seat, arms extended at 45 mph in 4th gear. His great fun filled motorcycle days were shattered again in 77 when his bike collided with a car, an accident killing his passenger girl friend and letting him amputated below his left leg knee. Shortly after the amputation he became interested in prosthetics and devoted the very same energy he had for bikes into his new profession. He partnered up with a friend and opened his own practice, and to this day continues giving back to those souls who lost a limb for any number of reasons. In ‘03, some 25 years later after that horrible accident that changed everything, life was to change again when he purchased a new “Anniversary Fat Boy”. A small modification to enable him to shift with his prosthetic leg and he was back riding, his wife sitting behind him. In ’06 his “new life” continued, when he built the custom bike featured here, putting his heart and soul into the build. Matt was equipped with a 14’x16’wood working shed, and had to improvise as he built the bike. This build like riding is the thrill of his lifetime and the finish well beyond his own wildest expectations. The trials and errors he went through during the built are a constant reminder that courage and motorcycle passion can make us create great things. But Matt Flynn’s story is more important to me that the tech sheet of “Trilogy”. And I know you agree with me. Matt is a true biker and now a custom builder. What about shooting him an email to tell him your respect and admiration. Matt Flynn mflynn2@optonline.net

2 Responses to “A Moment In life Can change Everything. Except Motorcycle Passion.”

  1. 1 Dennis J Nov 18th, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    Matt’s story could be anybody’s story in that once you’ve got it, it’ll never get out of your blood.

  2. 2 Nicker Nov 18th, 2008 at 10:26 pm


    Your first ride on something you put together is an indescribable feeling.
    And God bless Briggs & Stratten, another reason to love side valve flatties…….. 🙂


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