Los Angeles Calendar Show Is July 18th-19th

lacalendarshowHeld every year the 3rd weekend of July in the beautiful setting of the Queen Mary Event Park in Long Beach/Los Angeles, the LA Calendar Show is much more than a bike show (have been there, done it). It’s also a music…and calendar girl festival. About 200 major manufacturers, exhibitors and builders are ready to setup for this 2-day event. On the program: sexy bikes, hot girls bands, world record horsepower dyno shootout, bike seminars, demo rides, Iron & Lace Builders party, bike show etc.  Organizer Jim Gianatsis is right now a very busy man. Beautiful Garage Girls after you make the jump to LA Calendar Show.

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  1. 1 LENNY SINNET Jul 14th, 2009 at 10:42 am

    This is a must go show this weekend. Great event and also worth seeing the queen while there.

  2. 2 Bruce Jul 14th, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    Nice show. Will miss it this year.

  3. 3 Rodent Jul 15th, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    Make a new advertising poster..this one is old and tired

  4. 4 Patrick R Jul 20th, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    Just got back from the show….No builders, no bikes, no people…..It was a complete disappointment. Jim did the best he could with what he had to work with as far as promotions. The big builders that have been there in the past, NO shows!! Plenty of vendors with no customers….People paying 25.00 bucks a person to get in and try and choke down a 6.00 brew! If you brought your old lady, you’re broke just walking through the gates!

    I was a vendor there this year….and I think I speak for all of us when I say we love to go and see the people that make our business work. We all love to be out there and sell our goods. We all work very hard to try and have the best displays and booths we can…..we pay top dollar to have a spot at these shows. When the people are being charged so much to get in, and so much for beer and chow, it leaves very little for the other vendors. I heard the same thing from many of the atendees I spoke with….. The way I see it, something gotta give! Pretty soon you will be going to bike shows and there wont be any vendors….its getting too expensive to go to these shows and not be able to make any money! Admission prices need to be reduced….Promoters need to listen to the vendors.

    I traveled over 400 miles to be there this weekend and didnt even cover the price of my booth! Not to mention the fuel and over priced hotel room for 3 nights! I hope the promoters will take a good long look at what is happening to the shows…..there are no where near what they used to be!

  5. 5 Kevin W Jul 21st, 2009 at 11:49 am

    They finally killed off the last show I was interested in…Del Mar is nothing, Laughlin is a joke and Palm Springs is barely hanging on…this one was the worst excuse for a show billed as “The biggest custom and high performance motorcycle show in America sponsored by”…and it appears to have become political in it’s bike show judging.

    The bike that one street performance didn’t run (it was really nice but…) the bike that took second for street custom (amature builder) was a wildly dressed up but stock frame/motor HD bagger (hello, there is a bagger class)????, a couple of the nicest in the pro builder class didn’t even take a place in the winning line up, the winner of the sportster class was professionally built for a magazine editor and entered into the class with all the regular guys who did their own thing…and some poser entered a stock Sporty with a custom paint job and narrow rear wheel into the pro builder class, come on guys…make sure you judge a bike based on it’s class as defined (it was) in your own entry sheet. If someone wants to enter a pro built bike into an amature class…let them, just don’t judge it as an amature…disqualify them…just who are these “celebrity judges” mentioned in your program?

    There wasn’t a single local builder there…not Hotch, James, Chica, Mitchell…NONE and it took all of an hour to get through the show…some nicely done bikes but at $25.00 entry and $7.00 a beer I’ll never go again…I can see the same stuff at Cook Corner on Sunday and enjoy myself a lot more.

  6. 6 Jim Gianatsis Jul 22nd, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    For 18 years now I’ve tried to produce the best quality, best value motorcycle show in America.
    This year’s 2009 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show and Calendar Girl Music Festival Weekend was no different.

    It always amazes me when some one like Kevin W says they walked through the Show in 1-hour and saw nothing.
    For just $25 1-Day / $35 2-Days this year’s Show in the beautiful Queen Mary Park on the Pacific Ocean provided 3 Builders Seminars each day with top name builders Todd Silicato / Todd’s Cycle , Barry LaCour / Top Shelf Customs and Charlie Hadayia from S&S Cycles- 3 hours per day!. The Brown & Koro World Record Dyno Shootout was running all day – 8 hours! The girl bands and Purrfect Angles performed a full 6 hour concert each day, Can-Am offered free Spyder 3–wheeler demo rides all day. There were over 90 top name manufacturers and venders including our title sponsors Performance Machine and S&S Cycles there. If you spent 2 minutes with each company you’ld be there 3 hours alone!

    And no top name builders? Please don’t tell that to our Best of Show and class winners like Ron Simms, Shinya Kimura, Jim Guiffra, Todd Silicato, Barry LaCour, Roland Sands, and Kenji Nagai who flew in from Japan for the 2nd year to take this year’s Best of Show. While other top name builders who wanted and were scheduled to come, just couldn’t afford to leave home because of the economy.

    And always included with Show admission is entry to the Queen Mary ghost ship, normally a $12 separate admission with a walking tour that takes at least 2 hours to see most of the ship. Plus we had a tented spectator dining area next to the Main Stage where you could watch the concerts and dine on fine BBQ. And on Saturday night 9pm – 1 am was the Iron & Lace Calendar Builders Party aboard the Queen Mary in the Observation bar with the live band Chain Reaction.

    Each day at the Show offered some 8 hours and more of non-stop entertainment, activities and meeting with builders, manufacturers, venders and dozens of beautiful models including the Calendar Kittens with the premier of the new 2010 FastDates.com Calendars, plus beautiful Supermodels, Actresses and Playboy Playmates.

    For a ticket price comparison: a 2 hour movie in LA will cost you $25 for admission and parking. A day at Disneyland, Magic Mountain or Universal Studios, a Dodgers baseball, Lakers basketball game, Staples Center concert will set you back $50 – $150. And for bikers the Love Ride will set you back $80, a weekend at Laughlin around $800+ and a week at Sturgis $2,000+ including travel and lodging expenses and lost work.

    The LA Calendar Show’s $25 admission price is a bargain for the full 8 hours of entertainment and location value it provides, compared to any other event activity. If we charged less and provided less we’d be out of business like the Hot Bike Show, the Heart Ride, Holister, Quick Throttle Shows and many others.

    In reply to vender Patrick R’s comments: the LA Calendar Show’s vender prices are significant lower than any other comparable bike event, plus we offer a 33% travel discount for venders coming over 250 miles. If people don’t buy a vender’s because of $25 admission, then they just are not interested in his products. Many other venders had great success:

    “Jim, Let me first say that we did some serious business at the show and I thank you for the choice of spots you gave us.”- Paul Graham, Biker Buddy

    I won’t go into Kevin W’s comments on the Calendar Bike Building Championship Contest, because everyone has their one ideas of what a nice bike is, and how they should be classified and judged. Particularly if they entered a bike and it didn’t win. We’ve been at it for over 40 years, from designing motorcycles for major manufacturers, to being the editor and contributing editor of major motorcycle publications, to shooting cover bikes for Easyriders, American Iron, Iron Works, Hot Bike and many more. Plus selecting and shooting bikes for our FastDates.com Calendars which which are sold world wide. The Calendar Show’ Bike Contest is advertised as a “fun event”, each contestant is allowed to choose his own class, and winning bikes are selected according to the judges’ “personal tastes”. All bikes are selected according to their creativity, clean look and suitability to be featured in our Calendars. This is stated clearly on our website and on the Contest Registration Form. Not for excess chrome, bolt-on parts and gaudy paint jobs.

    The LA Calendar Motorcycle Show is my baby and I have worked hard for 18 years to make it the premier street bike event in America. I greatfully thank the venders, manufacturers, sponsors and fans who have supported us over the years and now through these difficult economic times. Best regards, Jim Gianatsis

  7. 7 Kevin W Jul 23rd, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    Wow…must have hit a nerve!!! Jim G is a little defensive wouldn’t you say, this is a blog and people have the right to say what they saw and I can tell you I’ve been to over a hundred bike shows in the last 20 years and this one didn’t make it. Let’s take Jim’s rebutle point by point…shall we?
    1.I said “it took all of an hour to get through the show” not walked through the Show in 1-hour and saw nothing as he put it. I saw some very kool stuff (not $25 + $5 parking worth) but I was bored after 2.5 hours.
    2. “There was not a single local builder there”…let me rephrase, there was not a single BIG NAME local builder there…sorry I haven’t heard of the guys they managed to get…I mean, Shinya Kimura???, now theres a household name, Guiffra builds custom metric stuff, real nice bikes but not what I came to see, Simms is not local he’s from the bay area and come on…Kenji Najai…he makes it sound like Ken built his entry in Tokyo and flew it over for the show…his shop is Torrance! Roland Sands has certainly built some bikes but I didn’t see him or any entry into the show by him..if he was there maybe it was because his dad ownes PM and he was promoting his designer line of parts? Let’s face it, the big names weren’t there because it wasn’t worth it to them to be at an overpriced, poorly attended show.
    3. The “Builders Party” on Saturday nite explains why someone entered a stock Nightster with a 1960’s black and chrome BSA style paint job on the tank and a skinney rear wheel in the Pro Builder event…they wanted to go to the party.
    4.The bike show included a bike called Rocket Ship that was one of the koolest, well engineered, unique designs I have seen in while…it was ridden in and out of the show and it didn’t even place…I don’t know what took 2nd and 3rd in the pro builder class but whoever overlooked this one isn’t a builder judge. At least 6 of the first place winners had a booth at the show…so it seemed like one hand was washing another. There were 2 Vrods in the metric class???and one guy in that class commented he was ready to pull his metric bike out because of it…I know Harley has a lot of parts made in China now so maybe that qualifies them, there were NO Harleys in the pre ’56 class (all brit bikes) and only 2 in the post “56 Classic big twin class (they couldn’t fill the spot). Anything that doesn’t RUN isn’t a MOTOR cycle, it may be kool, pretty and great art but it has to RUN…at least that used to be the rule…

    At no time did I represent that this guy doesn’t work hard to promote this event…I just think his 18 year old baby has aged in dog years and is Old, Tired and needs to be put to sleep…Wooof!

  8. 8 Dave Jul 31st, 2009 at 11:06 am

    Its been several years since I was at this show and I have to agree it was very small. I used to see a lot more really nice bikes and women in the crowd but there was more stuff from amatures and regular street customized bikes than anyting else. I won’t go again at these prices.

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