Indian Larry Commemorative Issue News

IndianLarryStuntWith the recent announcement of their Indian Larry Commemorative Issue, Cycle Source staffers are working overtime to make sure that you will get extraordinary content in that offering. The latest effort to these ends are in the way of a weekend excursion, where they will be in New York city at Indian Larry Motorcycles conducting video interviews and shooting extra images for the issue. If anyone is interested in participating in this, just drop them a line at .They will be in town Friday 11/20 through Monday 11/22, so try and stop by if you can. For directions go to Indian Larry
The second piece of news in this undertaking is the addition of rare, never seen before, photography by artist and “Art of the Chopper” author, Tom Zimberoff. Tom has signed on to provide additional imagery for the special issue and the work is unbelievable. It is a super huge honor for the staff at Cycle Source to be able to work with him in this capacity. For more information on Tom’s Work go to Art Of The Chopper.

The Indian Larry Issue, “Five Long Years” will be packed full of special content that has for the most part never been seen before. Their will be commentary from people out of Larry’s past that haven’t been heard from, stories of his life that haven’t been shared and additional industry insights into the man they called the Chopper Shaman. This issue will become available at the beginning of 2010 through an exclusive national deal with Barnes & Nobel stores and through a regional south deal with Books A Million. For more information on advertising in this issue or for advanced copy sales go to Cycle Source.

3 Responses to “Indian Larry Commemorative Issue News”

  1. 1 maroco Nov 19th, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    I don´t believe in Goods,but when i loock at this image i see one!

  2. 2 Otis Ward Nov 20th, 2009 at 8:51 am

    Cant wait see it! I’m sure it’ll be a “keeper.” Keep up the good work Cycle Source!

  3. 3 Kirk Perry Nov 21st, 2009 at 2:25 pm

    I never met Indian Larry. He rode jockey so we would have had something to talk about “if” he were here today (if “if” were a ship, we’d all go sailing :). He and I could have kept it rolling.
    A fellow in Fr. once told me he was (V-Twin®) Ted Delring’s brother-in-law.
    I wonder why it is that m/c riders don’t celebrate people while they’re still living here on earth? It never happens does it? Not in M/C land. Might be for the same reason women say, “Men don’t like to ask for directions”. 🙂

    Why won’t Motorbooks, Inc® pull Herbert Wagner out of 1901-1909 and pair him with Chuck Wesholski and Bruce Palmer. Three with history access and all can actually “write”.

    *It doesn’t matter that most people don’t know anything about Knuckle & Pan. The solid lifter 1936-1958 motors are very simple and easy visually explain on a video, but the motors and trannys are 0.0005″ exacting. Once you really understand the founders concept and designers hidden intent, it becomes a history you can absorb and appreciate quickly.
    You could also include David Sarafan (of the famous “crated” wartime 45’s), and Gary Bang, he’s owned some rides. Look at the “aftermarket history” as an untouched-literary “barn find”.

    I’m glad Cyril posts all the mfgrs. new current offerings. No one else could – that’s for sure.

    I’m being kept on a bit of a short leash here which is understandable, so I’m going to start posting out-of-bounds discussions on our amazon (Vol. 1 & 2) book sites, and see if I can get the “pinball machine” to flash “Tilt”, on what I consider important subjects of the day (without the use of profanity). 🙂

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