Stella By Artist David Uhl. A Teaser.

DaviduhlstellaIt’s been two years since famous David Uhls painting named “Evelyn” has been released. And now David adds “Stella” to his Women Of Harley collection. He describes Stella as “not a seasoned rider but more of a rebel immersed in the changing attitudes from the Victorian Era to the Roaring ’20’s”. Harley-Davidson was a catalyst in that change and just seeing a woman on a motorcycle was a pretty radical concept at the time. The painting is about 70% complete and he is  taking it to the Barrett-Jackson show in Scottsdale, Arizona which starts on Monday. With this cropped picture of Stella, David wants to tease everyone until the official unveiling. Uhl studios

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  1. 1 Kirk Perry Jan 27th, 2010 at 11:27 am

    One could surmise that the paint on this machine came from John Peirce @

    I know you’ve all been worried sick over when I was going to get my quart of base/clear (1949 only) *Peacock Blue. Well stop worrying. 🙂 the post man is delivering my quart today.

    *Peacock Blue is actually a light blue green. I’ve seen a pic of a black forked ’49 Hydra-Glide on a Motorbooks, Intl.® flyer that Kick-Start M/C Parts sent me years ago. The green looks good. Kevin is painting my ’51-53 tanks and fenders for my ’46 Knuckle-Glide as soon as my black parts have been painted.

    If you want true Harley-Davidson® colors, get them from Pierce. He has fuel-resistant epoxy paint in all colors. This Peacock Blue is from DuPont®, “and nowday’s one paint from one company to the next is almost the same”. – J. Pierce. All are compatible with PPG overcoats and clears.

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