Custom Chrome 40th Anniversary 2010 Catalog. From $0.00 To $9.99.

Starting a project? Don’t do anything until you check out as many custom part catalogs as you can. Or you may regret later the cool idea/part just tucked in the corner of one of those catalogs. And you should start, but not necessarily finish, by reading the big distributor catalogs.

And when I say big, it’s even huge in the case of the new Custom Chrome 40th Anniversary 2010 Catalog. Ii’s more than 1 month since I got it and I still didn’t finish reading mine… CCI offers 3 versions. The online version that you can browse and download (PDF’s) for free (just go for a beer while all the pictures and data migrate on your computer), the CD version (free of charge) and the Print Version only $9.99 + $6.95 UPS shipping and handling (for US addresses only), $22.70 for Canada, $36.35 for Mexico, $71.65 for the rest of South America. Europeeans go to Custom Chrome Europe. Browse, download or order your digital or print catalogs by jumping to Custom Chrome Inc. But only after you read all my news.

2 Responses to “Custom Chrome 40th Anniversary 2010 Catalog. From $0.00 To $9.99.”

  1. 1 akamai Apr 26th, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    Considering postage rates are the same to all 50 states, i’m surprised CCI won’t send a CD to Hawaii, i’ve ordered & received their parts thru my local dealer. We read and speak english here in the islands.

  2. 2 gustian Apr 28th, 2010 at 3:00 am


    something strange about postage indeed.
    Custon Chrome Europe is next door to me (Belgium).
    The catalog is 9.90 euro and they charge 25 euros for postage,
    while Italy -Spain-Sweden -Finland have to pay 21 euros(!?)

    I’ve ordered many (large and heavy) books in the USA (!),
    and the postage was never more than 20 $.

    But never the less, I’ve ordered one !

    Peace Gustian

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