Where Are There In Sturgis? Ultima Products.

Ultima Products will be in Sturgis to show their full line of Engine and Powertrain Products with Joe Pagana on hand to tell about our latest and greatest offerings. Pingo from Iron Horse Racing will come by to talk about his 6-Thousand Pound Sled Pull Race Team that champions their wins with Ultima Engines. His team Iron Horse Racing will be racing that week at the Broken Spoke Campground

The Ultima Booth is at: Champions Park/ AMD. 1205 Lazelle st. Booth #18. Ultima Products or Midwest MC.

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  1. 1 drew Aug 9th, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    I have had a 127 in my chopper for 4 years now,it has give me no problems and is very strong with a good bit of tourque right off idle.I ride the bike hard ,as for other products they make I am not sure. I have very short drag pipes and still got 120 hp and 130 tourque.The motor will break things if there is a weak link.I would recommend a Ultima motor.

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Cyril Huze