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1-Harley-Davidson 2012 Models. Rumor is that the following Harley models will disappear from the lineup for the next season models: FXCWC Softail Rocker C, FLSTSB Softail Cross Bones and FLHXXX Street Glide Trike. If you absolutely want one, you may want to rush to your local Harley dealer.

2- Young Children Forbidden On Motorcycles? Should young children be forbidden to ride as passengers? In Virginia House bill 1850 from Chris Stolle (R-Virginia Beach) would make it illegal for any child under the age of 8 to ride on a motorcycle driven on Virginia roadways. Right now, the law states children riding in a motor vehicle will be restrained. Some people are saying, ‘Yeah but (riding on) a motorcycle isn’t in a motor vehicle . . .and children under the age of 8 need to be restrained, regardless of whether they’re riding on the motor vehicle or in the motor vehicle.” Jim Cannon, a lobbyist with the Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists says that there are not injury or fatality statistics indicating a need for the law. His group’s statistics from DMV show 23 children ages 9 or younger were injured riding motorcycles between 2005 and 2009. There were no fatalities. Injury and fatality statistics show that there are far more dangerous activities and lifestyles for children, such as horseback riding. This is just the government sticking it’s nose in where, we believe, it doesn’t belong” The bill can be read HERE.

3- Sturgis Vendor Rules To Be Changed? The city of Sturgis is contemplating changing the Sturgis Rally regulations. The City Council is evaluating changes regarding the temporary structures that are erected by vendors during the event by limiting to 48 hours the time to build them up and to take them down. Prices of vending permits are also in discussion, although they are the most expensive of any city in the US where bikers rally. A new public hearing regarding these issues is set for February 7th.
4- Harley Owners Group. For 2011, the Harley Owners Group Fly & Ride motorcycle rental program grows nearly 10 times bigger as rental locations for Fly & Ride increase from 37 to more than 300 locations around the world. The Fly & Ride program will now be delivered through Harley-Davidson’s Authorized Rentals at dealer locations ranging from Anchorage, Alaska to Johannesburg, South Africa. This expansion gives H.O.G. members worldwide another way to hit the road for their future adventures. H.O.G. members will enjoy a  wider selection of motorcycles, including Tri-Glide Ultra Classic, 24/7 online reservation capability at most locations, or directly through the deal, free use of Harley-Davidson helmet & rain gear, free short-term luggage storage

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  1. 1 deadwood1783 Jan 20th, 2011 at 9:30 am

    On item one I can confirm that its not a rumor, it has been confirmed by the MoCo. The Dealer network was officially informed of the discontinued models on Jan. 14.

  2. 2 Sid Malicious Jan 20th, 2011 at 11:01 am

    As for item #2,they tried to do this up here in Canada. We already have provisions for children riding as passengers as part of our Highway Traffic act and it was proven time and time again that the stats the member of parliament kept referring to made absolutely no sense. I would like to think that common sense finally prevailed as it stalled in Parliament and word has it won’t ever see the light of day.

  3. 3 pabstbluerigid Jan 20th, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    re: item # 1….correct as per Deadwood’s post

    HDMOCO announces NEW MODEL today (to dealers) and Friday to the world @ NYC IMS show as well…however video & specs sure to be out there VERY SOON…if not already.

  4. 4 fuji Jan 20th, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    1-Harley-Davidson 2012 Models. If you absolutely want one, you may want to “rush” to your local Harley dealer .

    Oh man ! What luck is. I was running to the door the get one of the discontinued models I tripped on my Harley door mat, broke my shifter ankle.

    My middle finger, left hand was in between the door and the jam, broke it.

    It spun me around and my eye hit the door nob.

    Now I cant shift for a long time or see to ride.

    I know I will miss out on this deal. Damn.

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