Fast Motorcycle Industry News

1- Harley-Davidson License Plates Debut In Wisconsin. The first-ever Harley-Davidson branded automotive license plate is available to drivers in Wisconsin. The Harley-Davidson/Share the Road plate can be ordered for automobiles, light trucks and motor homes (but not for motorcycles, even Harleys!) for a $15 issuance fee and an annual $25 donation to support safety initiatives throughout the state. It includes grants for providing motorcycle safety training courses, evaluation of basic rider education courses and public workshops, rallies and programs focused on motorcycle safety and training.) This is the first-and-only Harley-Davidson branded plate available anywhere in the United States. These special license plates display the words “Share the Road” to emphasize the importance of driver awareness to ensure safety among motorcycles and other motorized vehicles. More info at Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

2- Bator Vintage Motorcycle Company Acquired By RM Auctions America. RM Auctions, the Canadian automotive auction house has only been around a couple of decades – a drop in the bucket compared to rivals like Bonhams, Gooding & Co or even Barrett-Jackson – but has quickly become one of the biggest names in the business, gaining access to places like Maranello and Villa d’Este where no other auction house has gone before. After acquiring Auctions America, the company adds a motorcycle division to its expanding portfolio with the takeover of Bator Vintage Motorcycle Auctions. The integration gives Auctions American by RM a solid foothold in collector motorcycles. It also brings with it the talents of company founder Glenn Bator, a noted vintage motorcycle expert and former curator of the Otis Chandler museum. Bator and RM will be holding their first motorcycle auction together during the Auburn Cord Duesenberg festival in Auburn, Indiana, this September.

3- Roar Motorcycles, an Ormond Beach, Florida custom bike dealership catering to women riders is trying to sell territory rights to prospective dealers interested in opening their own Roar Boutique Store. Dealers would pay a one-time fee of $30,000 that covers the protected territory rights. Applicants must also have liquid investible funds of at least $200,000 with a minimum of $125,000 available for partnering in the Roar Boutique Store! Roar Motorcycles is in business since 2005 and has customized a few bikes specifically for female riders. Roar’s first production motorcycle specifically for women, the WildKat, was shown last summer and is powered by a Harley-Davidson 1200 engine with a modular frame that allows for a 6-inch height adjustment with no fender gap or extra parts. MSRP is $23,970 and the model is being built when order is made for delivery 3 months later…

Cyril Huze