V-Twin Expo Defends Its Trade Show With Testimonials From Major Exhibitors

All professionals of the custom motorcycle industry know that the 2012 Cincinnati V-Twin Expo and the Indianapolis V-Twin Dealer Show are competing to attract exhibitors and dealers. The V-Twin Expo seems to have chosen the strategy of producing testimonials from some of its long time exhibitors, a strategy that the Indianapolis V-Twin Dealer Show can’t adopt because 2012 is its inaugural edition (new formula, after a try a few years back)

Below, reproduced as received, the press release from the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo asserting, via some exhibitors’ testimonials, that it is the best trade show of the industry.
Fred Fox, CEO of Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties speaks out about the 2012 V-Twin Expo and its relevance along with other industry notables. “The V-Twin Expo is undoubtedly the best show for Drag Specialties because of the high quality, established dealers in attendance. If it didn’t deliver, we wouldn’t attend” stated Fred Fox, CEO of LeMans Corp, parent company of Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited. Fox and many other high visibility exhibitors believe in the V-Twin Expo because it repeatedly delivers the best-qualified dealers. Drag Specialties rewards these dealers each year at the V-Twin Expo by hosting its annual Super Bowl Party near the Expo site. “We re-invest and reward attending dealers for supporting the V-Twin Expo and Drag Specialties with our party. We believe in the V-Twin Expo and plan to continue to support this show and dealers for many, many years to come” finished Fox.

Avon Tyres and SuperTrapp Industries feel much the same about the show and added, “Avon Tyres chooses to attend the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati because we get our best exposure to the V-Twin market at this event. We have been involved since its first year in 2000” explained Sukoshi Fahey of Avon Tyres. From SuperTrapp, “The V-Twin Expo is and always will be SuperTrapp’s first choice when choosing to attend a V-Twin trade show” said Jeff Wells, Sales, SuperTrapp Industries. The 12th Annual V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati February 4-6, 2012 is not open to the public and focuses exclusively on the American V-twin motorcycle market. It is the only exclusive V-twin trade show attracting dealers from the US, Canada and world.

The V-Twin Expo by Easyriders is wholly owned by Paisano Publications. The V-Twin Expo has not been combined with any other show or company

49 Responses to “V-Twin Expo Defends Its Trade Show With Testimonials From Major Exhibitors”

  1. 1 Boss Hawg Oct 15th, 2011 at 8:48 am

    Oh the comments should be very interesting.

    Super Bowl party is about all it is. Should have known Fred would be the first to get a little chime in free advertising.

    Boss Hawg

  2. 2 Mark Oct 15th, 2011 at 9:45 am

    There are a few established companies who have done well by the V-Twin expo people – including many of the journalists. Which is why so many of them shill for the V-Twin expo.

    Fred’s comments that the buyers go to the V-Twin expo were laughable. Totally laughable. That is the biggest problem with the show – no buyers!

    It’s clear the people at the V-Twin expo are scared and reacting. But they are reacting exactly the wrong way. Rather than address the issues that *so many* of their customers tell them are issues, they choose instead to deny that they are issues at all.

    Like coming home and your wife tells you “we need to talk” and that she’s not happy and something needs to change in your marriage . Well, if you decide to argue with her and tell her things are fine, don’t be surprised when you come home and she’s with another man – because you didn’t listen.

  3. 3 Dealer 411 Oct 15th, 2011 at 10:15 am

    What a terrible way to try to look good. Such PR betrays Easyriders/V-Twin Expo’s panic. So easy to get a couple of testimonials to support anyone, any business, any event, etc…It doesn’t prove anything, only revealing weakness. Did these supporters get a free booth? I didn’t know that the motivation to go to this trade show was to watch the Super Bowl that you can watch from anywhere! How stupid is this argument? So, what’s new at the V-Twin Expo? Nothing. The end…

  4. 4 J. Manson Oct 15th, 2011 at 10:20 am

    Who wrote this bad PR? Nothing more interesting, more business oriented to say?

  5. 5 Donnie Oct 15th, 2011 at 10:23 am

    It is he best trade show. Why? Because I just said it! Duh…

  6. 6 The Supreme Team Oct 15th, 2011 at 11:08 am

    Agreed Mark. It’s a $6-10K trip to sit at your booth and watch the lookie loos who decided they wanted to get out of the house for the weekend. There are no buyers there, nobody that’s really investing money in inventory, and beyond the economy, that’s what I believe to be the reason it’s gotten smaller and smaller…no ROI.
    I enjoy seeing the new goods, but my experience has been that I get more guys grabbing my card to sell me plating services or nuts and bolts, than actually putting out a buck.

  7. 7 666 Oct 15th, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Stopped going a few years ago. Really do not need to travel that distance for a party. I go to make some money not lose it !!!

  8. 8 Toby Oct 15th, 2011 at 11:48 am

    Always wondered why they chose Cinci or Indianapolis for that matter. Nice cities, but there are no easy or inexpensive flights. No cheap hotels. Why not have it in Orlando the week before Daytona Bikeweek say in early March. Cheap accommodations if you want them, and you can fly from just about anywhere for $99 if you plan ahead. They would probably get a lot more exhibitors as the manufacturers could then just scurry over to Daytona after the trade show to set up shop. These economic times are likely to continue for awhile. They need to think of their customers.

  9. 9 Jeff Nicklus Oct 15th, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    This “Press Release” effort by “The V-Twin Expo by Easyriders”, at least to me, seems to be a very bad tactical move on their part and screams of weakness.

    Does anyone other than me find it strange that everyone who has offered a “Testimonial” herein is also attending the Indy V-Twin Show ……. wonder if they have all given the Indy Show Testimonials as well? Just wondering.

    FYI: Fred, I have been to your Super Bowl parties in the past …. Lame!

    Over & Out,


  10. 10 deadwood1783 Oct 15th, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Have any of you guys considered the fact HD has adjusted the Winter Dealer Meeting Dates to land right on top of the V Twin Expo. Very few Dealeship people showed up last year because of this. Think this is all coincidence?

  11. 11 Scooter45 Oct 15th, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Deadwood. I didn’t know that HD dealers are the Vtwin Expo target! Seriously, the show succeeded without merit from 2000 to 2005 only because we were in an abnormal economic situation. Like for its magazines, Paisano didn’t change anything to the show, no idea, no creativity. Just trying to rely on the old boys club to convince exhibitors and dealers to return. PAisano magazines are dying and I think there will be no VTwin expo beyond 2012. I have been like Jeff to the Drag superbowl party. Terrible. Better watch in your hotel room if you are at the show.

  12. 12 Woody Oct 15th, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    There are some comparisons to holding a blacksmith’s convention also. Like it or not, the internet has made many large industry trade shows a bad investment for small business and merely a social event for the larger ones. Other folks flock to the V-Twin shows to steal each other’s ideas and head for home with their “latest great invention”, not to buy or sell anything. The Drag Big Book itself used to be the single greatest “trade show” for folks actually looking to BUY, the same way you’d pick up a McMaster-Carr catalog while mumbling, “There must be SOMETHING like this _______ already out there.”.
    Now, many companies find they can shave 30% or more off their pricing by simply selling direct or dealer-only. Wholesaling has come at a hefty price on American jobs as production of entire product lines have moved to China to get the extra margin needed to offer their product to Drag, CC, whatever.

  13. 13 Mark Oct 15th, 2011 at 3:19 pm

    The V-Twin expo can have value and be successful, but they don’t know how to do it and they don’t want to do it… because it will mean investing in the show and lower profit.

    So they are going to stick their heads in the sand and go out of business. No skin off my back – I’ve been in business for 13 years now, I’ll get by fine without them, but they won’t get by fine without me and my fellow businessmen.

    What they need to do is get BUYERS to the show. Not just to tell me that the show is awesome, but work to get me tangible results from being there.

    If they can’t figure out how to get buyers there, they could at least make it a successful PR event. That would mean teaming up with the media and making the show successful for exposure. But they don’t do that either. And before some of the media guys whine, you guys all just flock to the big names to get your picture taken with Arlen Ness or get your ass kissed by Baker or Kuryakyn so you can feel like a big boy in the industry… and you totally pass over all the smaller vendors who are actually showing off new products.

    So, the 90% of vendors exhibiting at the show go there and get no result. So they don’t go back. And so the attendees realize it’s the same big names every year – S&S, Kuryakyn, Baker, Big Bear and whomever else, and they skip the show because they have seen it all.

    The shortsightedness of this is that those big guys were gonna be there anyway, it’s the new blood and small vendors that are needed to make the show work. And since the show has demonstrated that it has no interest in making the show work for those guys, it will die a slow and painful death.

    This press release is a prime example of that. Rather than see the data right before their eyes, they choose to tell us we’re wrong and the show IS great. LOL. They sound like convicted felons telling you they are really innocent. Maybe if they say it enough, they think we’ll forget about the THOUSANDS invested for NO return and will believe the show really IS great! Or maybe if they promise Drag, S&S, Baker, Kury, and the other big names more exposure and guaranteed awards for “best XYZ”, they think those guys will somehow convince us that the show is awesome because we’ll be too stupid to realize those big names are just schilling, and we’ll think that despite NO RESULT at the show, if we just keep going, one day we will magically be the next S&S.

    It’s been gratifying watching the show make one more misstep after another on their way to bankruptcy 🙂

  14. 14 deadwood1783 Oct 15th, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    Scooter45, many HD Dealers still do a hefty aftermarket business, and they DO buy. I stopped doing the Indy show and went to Cincy so I didn’t have to travel as far and had little or no interest in the Metric world. Teresi & Company have no doubt missed the boat in a lot of ways. Many attendee’s are not even full time motorcycle business people and as others have pointed out do not go there to buy. Also, too many Vendors are selling to guys without real shops and then the products are sold on the net for $15 profit on a $500 item killing legitimate business’s. There has to be some profit left. I really beleive there is only room for one aftermarket tradeshow left in todays market. And, without a major overhaul, it won’t be V-Twin Expo. BTW several of the Vendors I know commented last year about the lack of attendance by the usual HD Dealers who are active with aftermarket products.

  15. 15 Just my opinion Oct 15th, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    I would agree with alot of the points raised here but lets not forget that the Indy show was much worse and they did not give a shit about any of us v twin people until just recently. Could things be better? Absolutely but Cinci is hands down much better than Indy ever was. As for not doing any business at the show, that could be some economy or maybe some just bad designs or out dated stuff. This market is changing fast if a company does not adapt they will not prosper, and remember guys any dealer show is a small part of what your marketing efforts should be to be sucessful, years ago you could do very little and make money but those days have been gone for a long time. In todays market you may need to spend twenty thousand to generate the same amount of business that five thousand used to generate. The only answer is work harder and smarter other wise get a job and work nine to five.

  16. 16 Trenz Oct 15th, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    After the bagger section (for what?), another public relation blunder by the v-twin expo, demonstrating only one thing: that they can’t demonstrate to exhibitors and retailers any interest in participating in this trade show. If it doesn’t make dollars for the vendors, it’s worth shit. If they don’t make money, it’s because dealers are less and less to attend the show with too many non-professionals, backyard builders, not incorporated internet distributors getting access to it. How is it possible? To artificially inflate the number of visitors? Anyway, as a dealer, I get all my news via internet directly from the vendors before the show and in Cyril’s website, always very well informed about all the real new stuff. Seminars? I never heard anything interesting and quite a lot of non-sense. The guys doing it are just there to promote their businesses. The v-twin expo was just a social event that people of the industry could afford until 2006. No more.

  17. 17 Joseph Oct 15th, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    If you have nothing to say, say nothing, and don’t make your friends make statements for you. You look so desperate that it creates exactly the opposite of what you wanted. By the way, I don’t think that the Indy V-Twin show will do much better, but at least dealers can broaden their knowledge looking at everything else done in the motorcycle industry. Can create opportunities. So, I will not go to Cinci and will visit Indy for the 1st time, just to get an idea.

  18. 18 Joseph Oct 15th, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    By the way, Jeff is right. These vendors also attend the competitor show in Indy. Go figure…

  19. 19 Unkl Ian Oct 15th, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Mark: Sounds like classic American big business.
    “Doesn’t matter what we make, people will buy it.”

    The magazine industry, bikes and cars, got used to
    dictating trends and building markets for advertisers.
    Worked great in the 80’s and 90’s.

    But the world is different now.
    Adapt or die.

  20. 20 Harry Oct 15th, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    Unkle Ian. Exactly. Easyriders lived during 40 years in an evolving world, not a changing one. It was easy (pun intended.) The world has changed forever. Easyriders unable to comprehend the new motorcycle industry, refused to change the magazines, the bike shows, the trade show. Just relying on the support of the “has been” group of old boys of the industry with who they grew up . Game over.

  21. 21 Bruce Oct 15th, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    2 ways to go. Keep the show the way it is and it will be so disappointing that it will be last one. Cancel 2012, and take 1 year to completely rethink the 2013 edition. It was at least 4 years ago that exhibitors and dealers started to complain for lack of results. If the Paisano people (somewhat arrogant, still thinking they rule the industry, didn’t hear anything, they are deaf or incompetent.

  22. 22 Mark Oct 15th, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    Just My Opinion:

    You talk about vendors needing to take a different approach to doing business at the shows. The people who run the shows say the same thing – as a preemptive rebuttal to anyone who says they didn’t get a good result at the show 🙂 (not saying you work for the shows or anything).

    But the problem is that if the guys making purchase decisions are not attending the show @ Cinci, then no amount of marketing or promotion will help. The attendees @ Cincy are part-time shop owners, parts guys who don’t do any purchasing but just want to say they met the big names, and “friends of the industry” who like to hang out and party but who aren’t responsible for any actual money purchases. Then you have a lot of “journalists” who have self-published websites or write a column for some rinky dink newsletter with 200 subscribers and who like to parade around with their “Press” credentials and try to impress people.

    I did the V-Twin expo a few times. I had a nice booth, professional promotional materials, and I had done pre-show marketing to get people to stop by our booth.

    I was showing off a full line of electronics devices that was smaller and better than what was on the market to date.

    I got not a single write-up in any article, blog, newspaper, magazine, website or anything. Not one. I think I had one German magazine ask for into and that was it – nothing came of it.

    There was ZERO pictures of my booth on the V-Twin expo website after the fact.

    I didn’t take any orders – not a single one.

    I gave away maybe 200 business cards and brochures in total.

    I had ONE guy call me up maybe 4 months later to ask if one of the products I was selling at the show was available for some bizarre bike (like a URAL or something weird). That was it. That was the total of my results at the V-Twin expo.

    I had TONS of chrome guys, machining guys, polishing guys, paint guys and other guys come by to solicit me to use them for my work. I had guys walking around with backpacks containing their new products wanting me to carry it for them. I was doing a raffle to give away a TV if you drop your biz card. When I got home, I had several hundred cards. At *least* half of them were not related to bikes at all. Plumbers . Attorneys. Electricians. Guys who worked for the exhibit hall. Other exhibitors. The # of cards from actual dealers was probably 20% of all the cards I got. And out of those, maybe 1/4 were from actual guys whose full time job is working at a V-Twin bike dealer. The rest would be like “Joe’s Cycle Service and Tackle Shop”. Nothing wrong with that, but they are not buyers I want to spend $10k to meet.

    I also noticed the “New product awards” looked like a list of Paisano advertisers or a list of “whose done the show the longest”.

    Now, you may think “well maybe your products just aren’t in demand?” – except at the Indy show I picked up maybe 20-30 new dealers and a couple new distributors from overseas. At the 2011 show, I picked up a Japanese distributor and an Australian one, and I met my distributors from Denmark there (cheaper than me flying there to meet them!). I took orders for maybe $20k worth of product. I was interviewed for a TV show on SPEED, and there were at least 3 articles in which my product info was included in. I also found lots of hits on various websites showing my stuff from the show, and I had lots of people (not the Chinese!) taking pics and wanting product info. And for 2 months after the show, I get a lot of calls from dealers wanting to sign up or get product info.

    I realize I sound bitter, and sorry for rambling (I talk as fast as I type) – but the whole situation is a laughable joke. Nobody from Paisanos ever asked me why I stopped doing the show, or what it would take to bring me back. They never cared about me when they were LOL’ing as they took my money and put no effort into bringing BUYERS to the show, so I won’t care about them as they go out of business 🙂

  23. 23 Bagger101 Oct 16th, 2011 at 7:32 am

    I was a one-time exhibitor in 2007. No results. I will never go again in any trade show, Cincinnati or Indianapolis. Why? Because I found out about the power of internet. For ex. (Cyril s gonna be happy of this one) I had 2 of my new products featured in his website (3 products he turned down because he qualified them of not interesting enough! Not easy to get published by him…), I got immediate orders in both cases: from dealers and retail clients in the US and abroad. I also found a distributor. Cost? Zero. I can also reach directly by email with pictures more dealers that the number of those going to a trade show. So why a trade show? Give me one good reason.

  24. 24 biker64 Oct 16th, 2011 at 8:12 am

    I had the same experience as Mark at the V Twin Expo, no buyers, just a bunch of mechanics and their friends looking for something to do on a weekend. Haven’t missed exhibiting at Indy for ten years. OK the show is not strictly dedicated to V Twin segment, until this year again but the quality of the attendee is much better then Cinci. International and National Distributors and Dealers who are really looking for new items for the Spring. Considered giving Cinci another try this year with a new line of embroidered work shirts that is really aimed at the V Twin consumer, but What for won’t get any press from Paisano and since – skipped their show for a number of years I’ll probably be given a crap spot. Hope the boys at Paisano read this blog and re-evaluate their show based on exhibitors comments since they never bothered to ask before why their show is dying

  25. 25 Boss Hawg Oct 16th, 2011 at 8:20 am

    @ Mark and all interested….

    “Nobody from Paisanos ever asked me why I stopped doing the show, or what it would take to bring me back. They never cared about me when they were LOL’ing as they took my money and put no effort into bringing BUYERS to the show, so I won’t care about them as they go out of business”

    Same here….never a follow up! Then out of the blue, one of our builders is comped his space. And Dave Nichols…some say BBC in his back pocket all day long.

    Boss Hawg

  26. 26 Paul Dresner Oct 16th, 2011 at 8:24 am

    We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded up that some begin to see the present only when it has already disappeared. Paisano, because you didn’t listen and thought you will always rule the custom motorcycle market and continued to persist in your old ways, it’s already too late. RIP VTwin Expo.

  27. 27 Henry Oct 16th, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Wow. I am not a professional, just a biker loving custom stuff. Just read. Not much love for the Paisano/Easyriders group!

  28. 28 666 Oct 16th, 2011 at 9:54 am

    All of these shows are on the way out… The cost is too great for the exhibitors to continue with little or no return. Indy is no better. If an exibitor could cut his costs down by at least half then maybe the result would be better. Start charging the dealers that walk the show a nominal fee to get in. A 1 day pass or a 3 day pass. A serious dealer is not going to stop coming to the show because he had to pay an additional $25 or so. The ones that refuse are the ones you don’t want there in the first place.
    A clever vendor could then reimburse the dealers entry fee for an order of a predetermined amount.
    Piasano will then still make his money and maybe just maybe the show can go on for a bit longer. Either way its days are numbered though

  29. 29 P. Nagel Oct 16th, 2011 at 10:32 am

    The years of American Excess are over since 2006. We don’t need these 2 trade shows. We know what and where to buy when we need to. Dealers don’t stock parts anymore. They buy when a client orders. So, why to expect volume buyers in a trade show? There are no volume buyers to be found. New parts releases are done via the web. That’s enough and it costs nothing to inform and be informed. A winter indoor retail show with vendors would probably be profitable but it’s not in the interest of dealers. But it would work.

  30. 30 yale Oct 16th, 2011 at 10:44 am

    People forget, I remember what it used to be like at Indy, the long walk to find the next V-Twin booth. The piles of metric products that had no relevance to my business, that were a total waste of time for me. It was nice to see the rebirth of Cincy and an all V-Twin show. I travel from Canada and do buy at the show. I appreciate seeing the vendors and how much it cost them to set up. It is great to be able to attend an all V-Twin show. As a custom motorcycle shop owner I need to know what is new and hot. I have found new dealers and products at the show that I end buying from all year long.

    My only complaint is it would be nice to see the show moved to a more accessible city like Vegas or Orlando were both hotels and flights are cheaper

  31. 31 Trek Oct 16th, 2011 at 10:49 am

    V-Twin Expo. If you have no new ideas to make your show profitable, it doesn’t matter what you say. Who cares about the Drag superbowl party? Stuck in Ohio, they go there to shoot the breeze with friends because they have nothing else to do in a cold and grey Cincinnati.

  32. 32 Just my opinion Oct 16th, 2011 at 10:50 am

    As I said before I have to agree with alot of what people are saying about the V-Twin show, they do give awards to the same guys year after year and most have done little or nothing to deserve that award other than being buddies with those that hand out the awards, there is alot of chinese companies there to get ideas of what to copy and many of the attendies are just parts guys at dealerships. But remember guys those parts workers are the same guys that can recommend your products to real customers when in those dealerships, so I will never say that because they dont own the store they cant help sell my parts because I know better, and even with all that being true it is still better for my company to do Cinci than to do the Indy show, at least at the V-Twin show I will not be next to someone selling bedazzled t shirts or anyone selling lawnmowers and two seater atv’s. As I said alot could be changed and made better but as long as I make money I will be there. If you own a bike shop it is still a great place to see the newest parts and most vendors have special show rates that you just wont get if you dont go and that savings alone could pay for your trip. The one thing I really hate about the V twin show is it happens on superbowl weekend so the show is dead early on sunday and monday is also a waste of time but friday and saturday kicks ass for us. If you attend I hope you find some great new products or if your a vendor I hope you do as well as we normally do. I hope to see some of you there and those that cant make it I hope things get better for you so maybe next year we will see you there. And by the way I dont work for the show and have never gotten any award even though I feel I have earned at least one but I dont lose sleep over it because there awards really mean nothing in the grand sceam of life.

  33. 33 So Whats the Next Step? Oct 16th, 2011 at 10:53 am

    So it’s well-documented that Paisano-Easyriders has no one to blame but themselves, ofterntimes taking from an industry far more than they have ever given back. Trust me, their sense of entitlement no longer exists. That is why they sent this release out in the first place. The only thing we really know for certain about the V-Twin Expo is even the good ol’ boys club is not immune to the current state of our economy and lack of consumer confidence. This blog seems to be a great platform for negative people to keep beating a dead horse, but that’s easy. Can this blog and those who contribute stop wasting time stating the odvious and start entering into a dialog and sharing of creative solutions about what we need to do as an industry to help create a sustainable B2B platform?

  34. 34 ID1 Oct 16th, 2011 at 10:58 am

    Like suggested by many vendors during these last years. Show Friday/Saturday for dealers. Retail day with bike show on Sunday. Closed Sunday evening.

  35. 35 Gary Bang Oct 16th, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    The Cincinnati Show is like the Worl Series, the Super Bowl and the Heavy Weight Champion of the World of Motorcycle shows. If Fred, Jim and Joe like it go attend and enjoy.

    My best Gary Bang

  36. 36 Mike Tomas Kiwi Indian MC Co Oct 16th, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    I’ve been an exhibitor at the V Twin expo for maybe 6 or so years and it always pans out for my niche within a niche company.
    I don’t get wound up in the V Twin politics even though I was told some years ago at this show that I wasn’t eligible for an award with my Flathead engine because I wasn’t mainstream. I didn’t let it discourage me since in the end its about getting results from a show which I do. I’m happy to take 1st, 2nd and 3rd places at the AMD world Championships.
    Its a shame we have to have a competing show as in the end it hurts both. I like an Easterly US located show as it brings in new blood to the show for us. Western shows maybe larger but I’ve found them to bring more tire kickers than buyers which Vegas normally does.
    I bring along 5 to 6 other west coast companies products and displays in my rig to Cinci because I’d like to think if we all chip in we can make it a better experience for all.

  37. 37 rebel Oct 17th, 2011 at 9:07 am

    a bad v-twin only show is twice as good as a mixed up “powersports” show, if every v-twin only exibitor could some how band together instead of continuing being divided between 2 shows, maybe they could collectively bargian with the best venue for ALL the marbles, how ’bout it heavy hitters, is someone ready to say NO to BOTH events and co-ordinate at a show in everyones interest. I’ve been to cinci every year since it’s been v-twin only, but i’ve always wondered what I might be missing at the other show, and you will miss that little guy that can’t show at both. This forum is exactly the place to give birth to what is best for the industry, the word would/will spread like wildfire.

  38. 38 1550tc Oct 17th, 2011 at 12:54 pm


    Good points and i saw lots of guys like you at the shows i was at.

    I also noticed the “New product awards” looked like a list of Paisano advertisers or a list of “whose done the show the longest”, or buddies of show organizers!!

    One year i saw a truely innovative product get totally ignored while some lil gimick trinket item got an award…..the whole show and its organizers are just wayway to arrogant and out of touch with the market….this show is like the TV builders and shows and we know where they are now!!

    That show was also an R&D (rob and develope) show for many guys 🙂

  39. 39 You Don't Know Jack Oct 17th, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    I have been bitchin’ about the V-Twin show for years now in my articles but not because of the politics involved with Paisano and Easyrider only because it’s held in Cinci in the winter, it’s cold, expensive, and It’s not a place to do business and have an enjoyable weekend. I’m with a lot of others that would like to see the Expo move to a warmer climate and enjoyable area such as Vegas or Orlando.
    The date is also a problem with it being Super Bowl Weekend.
    All in all having an event in the snow and cold is better suited for a snowmobile convention than a motorcycle show. I’m just sayin’

  40. 40 In Controls Oct 17th, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    If people at the V-twin Expo are surprised by the number of negative comments, it proves that they are completely out of touch with their industry. If they knew about the exhibitors’ critics and did nothing, it shows how arrogant they are. The Expo is dying and it’s your fault for not understanding, listening and still applying a business model that will not work anymore. By the way, a trade show should never been organized by a magazine because sooner or later all politics of booth placements, booth rates and awards given for money spent in advertising, instead of product innovation, become unacceptable by those who come to do business and don’t get any because Easyriders invests in its network of friends, but never in the show itself. I am done with Cincinnati.

  41. 41 A 1 CYCLES Oct 17th, 2011 at 3:06 pm

    i go every year..ive been in business 16 do i do my prebuying there no..its the only “rally” with all the top guys, no motorcycles to ride, no driving drunk or riding drunk from spot to spot to see your freinds, the city is cheap to party in and i have a great time every year (from what i remember) and we walk every where….i will always go..would it pay to booth it…no

  42. 42 Danny902 Oct 17th, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    A1 Cycles. exactly. You said it all. Not a place to place orders. A place to meet the big names and party. Not a trade show. After show is more important…

  43. 43 Blackmax Oct 17th, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    In regards to Mark…….
    Yes I’m one of those “Journalists” that you talked about . And, yes, we do interviews with the Ness’ , Donnie Smith, Dave Periwitz , Brian Klock, Jon Kosmoski & other “Master Builders because that’s what our READERS / VIEWERS want to read and see our of our magazine/videos. Yes, I’ve been very vocal on this blog in support of the V-Twin , because they are supportive of us.
    We’re not “Big Time”, only in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, but I’ve learned a lot from the other “journalists” there and from the builders themselves. As far as featuring “small- time” products. We not so big as to turn anyone down. I think you;ll be surprised and if you want us to do a feature on you, we’ll be more then happy too. Just drop us a e-mail tell us your location & dont; be surprised to see us there (and at Indy).

  44. 44 Drake Oct 17th, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    Not in the businesss, just a biker. Sad to read all these negative comments when the industry has only one trade show and it fails to satisfy its professionals.

  45. 45 Mark Oct 17th, 2011 at 10:11 pm


    Thanks for the comments – I respect journalists like you and I am not sure why we didn’t cross paths the few years I was doing the show. I like to stay anonymous on here so I can feel free to say my piece without fear of retaliation from anyone :). Maybe it’s just me but one of the main reasons I buy magazines is to read about new stuff – that includes new bikes as well as new parts. So when I was showing off 20 new high-tech cool parts, I was surprised that only one foreign magazine took an interest. Lots of interest from magazines at the Indy show. I don’t mean that Cincy press attendees don’t care, just that the major press generally isn’t at Cincy.

    Looks like there is a wide-spread anger @ Paisanos for shitting on us all for the last several years. I predict a lot of press releases from Easy Riders getting more venemous as each one comes out.

    One thing I am sure they will NOT do, however, is to look at their attendees over the past 5 years, then make a list of those who did the show and don’t do it now, then look at each one of them to see if they are still in business, and if so, contact them to ask why they aren’t doing the show.

    If i was Paisanos and I wanted to get more of my customers to buy my product, I would ask my customers why they aren’t buying rather than wasting time and money marketing the product – as if people don’t know about it.

  46. 46 Boss Hawg Oct 18th, 2011 at 12:17 am


  47. 47 Stephanie Oct 18th, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Yale said it best-
    People forget, I remember what it used to be like at Indy, the long walk to find the next V-Twin booth. The piles of metric products that had no relevance to my business, that were a total waste of time for me. It was nice to see the rebirth of Cincy and an all V-Twin show. I travel from Canada and do buy at the show. I appreciate seeing the vendors and how much it cost them to set up. It is great to be able to attend an all V-Twin show. As a custom motorcycle shop owner I need to know what is new and hot. I have found new dealers and products at the show that I end buying from all year long.

    For those looking to improve the V-twin Expo, go in 2012 and tell them what would make it better. As a V-Twin focused dealer in business to make money I plan to. I need the show and its exhibitors to be competitive in my market.

  48. 48 Woody Oct 18th, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    Mark said, “I also noticed the “New product awards” looked like a list of Paisano advertisers or a list of “whose done the show the longest”. Bingo. I recall one year’s Theresi top winner was a product that had been out for 3 or more years. Free advertizing for old friends.

  49. 49 Jezza Feb 15th, 2012 at 4:48 am

    It’s sad to read all the rants from exhibitors at the V-Twin who blame their lack of sales on the tire kickers and looky loos and part time dealers. Sure, a lot of non-buyers attend events, but some exhibitors also act like they don’t want your money unless you’re a buyer for some huge company. I own an accessories shop (bricks and mortar) and a web shop in Japan, and spend thousands of dollars to get to the V-Twin. Couldn’t make it in 2012 but was there in 2011 and 2009 before that. On each trip I’ve come across exhibitors who aren’t interested in selling to me because i’m not based in the US and overseas shipping is too much of a pain in the ass! I even met one exhibitor in 2011 who refused point blank to sell to me because I was from Japan and he was afraid I was gonna rip his stuff off and manufacture it in Japan. FYI China and Japan are different countries idiot! I could manufacture cheaper in the US than in the Japan so why the hell would I rip your stuff off?
    I have also had the experience of taking a business card and dealer application from an exhibitor, sending it in, sending half a dozen e mails asking to buy his stuff into stock, and being totally ignored. I may be what some would call a “part time dealer” because I run 3 companies and can’t spend all my time on just one of them, but I went to the 2009 V-Twin with 50,000 dollars to spend, and spent a good chunk of it. I also went in 2011 with considerably less because of the recession, but had the good fortune to meet Brian Klock, who was supremely professional and a pleasure to deal with. I’ve since become a dealer of his and have spent several thousand dollars with him, and will spend a lot more in future. While some exhibitors are bitching about the low quality of attendees at the V-Twin, they might want to think about raising their own game a little. I make great contacts, spend money and build my business a little more every time I go to the V-Twin. I’ll be back.

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