Big Bear Sheriff’s Station Encouraging Reports On Alleged Multiple Frauds By Big Bear Choppers’ Kevin And Mona Alsop.

Since my 2 reports on Big Bear Choppers Suspending Operations in early November followed by an Update On The Event, close to total of 550 comments were posted by my readers regarding motorcycles ordered, paid in full or in part, some 1 year ago, some 1 month before the Alsops disappeared from their facility in Big Bear Lake, CA. How many bikes and bike kits were ordered directly or through a BBC dealer, were paid and never delivered to customers in the US and abroad, is the question to which the District Attorney’s Office wants an answer before deciding or not to file criminal charges against Kevin & Mona Alsop and maybe some close collaborators if also involved in a fraud scheme to take payments without intending to build the promised motorcycles and kits.

For now, as a first step, the case remains with the Sheriff’s Department where detective Lonnie Siebert encourage all those who paid for a motorcycle or bike kit months ago and are still waiting for delivery or for a refund to contact him at 909-866-0100. How big and widespread is the alleged fraud by Big Bear Choppers? How many victims were asked to pay deposits at a time when the Alsops already knew they would close their business? Will the District Attorney decide to file criminal charges against them? We will know very soon and the Big Bear Choppers saga may be again the big story of January 2012.

During this time the Big BearChoppers website is still live, but the logo sign front of their facility has been covered with paint.  At this day, no vandalism report has been filed with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Cyril Huze