Paughco Linkert Style Brass Cover For Late Model S&S Carburetors

Harley-Davidson Flatheads and Knuckleheads were using the “hair dryer” shaped Linkert carburetor cover.

Thanks to a little bit of re-design of this Linkert cover by Paughco, it’s now possible to add the same old school charm, this time in brass, to your bike equipped with a late model S&S E or G carburetor.

Sold with rear bolt spacer and hardware for easy install. Not an air cleaner with filter, just a cover. At Paughco Online.

2 Responses to “Paughco Linkert Style Brass Cover For Late Model S&S Carburetors”

  1. 1 Vintage Twin Jul 28th, 2012 at 9:51 am

    Stops all rocks from entering.

  2. 2 Vintage Twin Jul 30th, 2012 at 11:51 am

    The next chapter for knuckle & panhead has already been written (and we’re waiting for the manufacturers to catch up, but it’s getting b-o-r-i-n-g to the C-O-R-E 🙁 🙁
    So ……………………………. WAKE UP !
    All right then. Make note now:

    1. There is only one (1) USA made solid-lifter valve train assembly for knuckle & panhead. It is JIMS tappets & threaded cups & tappet blocks for Panheads. And S&S solid steel push rods. That’s it. Go hydraulic if you dare.

    2. The anchor-clanking, primary chain is dead and stinking. The chain was engineered to be flooded with drip-oil. If not, the chains stretch-out within 3,500 mikes. Been there (35) times.
    The chains are noisy as hell.

    3. Plug the useless oil passage in your motor and still allow free-breathing for the 4-complete cycles of combustion.

    4. The “magic carpet combination gear ratio” for belt drive primary’s, from now until eternity is: (turn right, several times to clear the tumblers): 31-47-25-50.

    That’s all you need to know for a long third gear (easily up to 48 mph and still wants more).

    Bottleneck-to-market-growth-PROBLEM is we have No 50-T (steel) rear sprocket’s or drum assemblies yet. So, when’s that going to happen? In the next life?? 🙁

    Send someone from Paughco over to Cardiff. Ride over. If you can balance & control a skateboard we keep as an agility tester (making at least two 270-degree or 360 round-house turns) without breaking your arm, and are familiar with a rocker clutch, I’ll let you ride the black ’57 “sport shift” Panhead with the FX shifter cam) while I follow on your bike, up Del Dios canyon, to experience a saddle-ride of “20 oz. canvas being continually ripped by two huge hands (flywheels)”, is the only way to express the feeling. [Not like “surfing” where the waves can be good one day and then flat for a week or more – this is every time you ride the bike any distance that includes banked curves.]

    After you finish with our Vintage Twin seminar , I think you’ll see the “light”, and can align your product inventory with the future of early OHV,….. or not.

    We’re just here (and waiting) before Paughco and Tedd Cycle and any body else stuck in the “primary chain” past of “noise” and “oil puddles” left on the pavement. 🙂

    I’m working on the ’46 knuckle and typing this, to avoid meeting the Calif. Franchise Tax reporting deadline, as long as humanly possible without penalty.

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