Lehman Trikes Just Released 2 New Models

Lehman1Lehman Trikes USA, a trike industry leader for over 27 years, released their two latest trikes at the Dealer Expo. The two trikes are the newly re-designed Renegade LLS for Harley-Davidson models. and the Monarch II LLS for Honda. (LLS is an acronym for Limited Lean Suspension)

The new Lehman Trikes independent suspension features light-weight aluminum components, coupled with dual coil-over shocks, to provide a smooth and supple ride. Dual H-Arm suspension provides proper geometry for consistent handling and precise control. The optional Adjustable Lean Control allows the rider to choose their desired level of cornering performance. Both bodies have also been re-designed to accommodate the new suspension while maintaining the Lehman’s ever-popular seamless styling. Lehman Trikes or call 888-3WHEELS.

Cyril Huze