Baker Drivetrain “Cabin Fever” Promotion Ends April 15.

dd7Up north, weather is still very cold, preventing many to jump on their bike for their first Spring ride. If you’ve got cabin fever waiting for a break in the gloomy weather, it may be just the time you need to do a final upgrade before the cold finally goes away. Until April 15, Baker Drivetrain offers a “Cabin Fever Sale”.

1- Free same day ground shipping on DD6, OD6 and DD7 builders kits (Orders must be placed by 6pm EDT M-F, US addresses only, PO Boxes do not qualify) 2- Free upgrades: Fine tooth chain adjusters and High Torque Bearing Kit with every DD6/OD6 purchase. 3- Manual Attitude Chain Adjuster with every DD7 purchase. Call today Baker Drivetrain. Toll free: 1-877-640-2004

Cyril Huze