Billet Motor Mounts For Sportsters Turned Rigid

mounts1Cyril. “Hardtail Choppers offers a replacement kit for the stock Rubber Motor Mount Sportsters, years 2004 and up . Our replacement are CNC machined from solid aluminum . This kit instantly changes your Motor from rubber  mounted to solid mount .

There are several reasons to do this . One being that when these frames are converted to rigid style hardtails, a loose chain will smack the frame while the motor vibrates side to side . We installed these mounts in our frame in the time it takes to install a stock set . About 10-15 minutes with the bike torn down under construction . Our Motor Mount Kits are only for 2004 up Sportsters . MSRP $375 .

For orders or questions call John at Hardtail Choppers or call 360-750-6780

Cyril Huze