Custom Shops In Texas Looking To Hire Painters, Fabricators And Machinists

hiringGood Morning Cyril. “We would like to let you know about our ever growing company at Misfit Baggers and let you be the first to be aware that we are hiring for several positions within our company. We are looking to hire in Plano, Texas for the following positions: Fabricators and machinists. We will be reviewing resumes at I will continue to send you product and company updates as we grow. Thanks again for your support and I look forward to meeting you in person in Sturgis in August.” Sincerely, Dylan Hoey.

Cyril. “The person I am seeking for a full time Painter/Airbrush artist to work with me at Desperado Motorcycles and Jeff Nicklus Customs will be able to start a project from bare sheet metal and take the project through to completion in a timely manner. Jeff Nicklus Desperado Motorcycles is located in a northern suburb of Houston Texas. Before I receive 100 emails….. NO, I am not interested in shipping my parts to anyone for paint. If you are willing to work from 8am – 4:30pm daily M-F and you are capable of leaving the drama and your personal problems at home please send your resume, to my attention, at Jeff Nicklus:

Cyril Huze