New Women’s Chase Lightweight Waterproof Leather Jacket

Womens1Womens2It is constructed from lightweight, abrasion-resistant cowhide leather with a waterproof membrane to keep you dry. Zippered sleeve and back vents add custom airflow cooling, while pockets at the elbows, shoulders and back accept accessory body armor for added protection. Pre-curved sleeves, powers-stretch panels and snap waist tabs deliver maximum comfort and versatility, and the three zippered pockets offer easily-accessible storage. Available in XS – 3W sizes. The Chase Lightweight Waterproof Leather Jacket is available now at most Harley-Davidson dealerships and online at Harley Online Store

3 Responses to “New Women’s Chase Lightweight Waterproof Leather Jacket”

  1. 1 Blackmax Jun 1st, 2013 at 10:30 am

    Another shining example! Say what you want about the Motor Company
    but the Motor Clothes dixision is a winner, that makes the BEST riding apparel ANYWHERE!!
    (Just wish they made more of it here in the USA)

  2. 2 derya Jun 2nd, 2013 at 5:47 am

    They look great!

  3. 3 Kirk Perry Jun 5th, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    Today, we can assume that the USA/CHINA garment industry is divided into two (2) categories; Old China (OC) and New China (NC). Examples for comparison, and everyone’s education, are well illustrated in the Eisenhower (Ike) shop jacket construction.

    An example of Old China, is WearGuard’s (Aramark Corp.) “Ike jacket”:
    OC jobbers (contract clothing manufacturers) provide everything: thread, material, brass zipper, and buttons. Each one of those items is Chinese “designed” from China resources.
    At most, the USA manufacturer would contribute only the interior label (which may or may not be made in the USA with USA cotton or poly/blend).
    The problem, is though the zipper may be brass, it’s of China design and most likely will be a copy of the industry standard YKK, but with some design corners cut.
    Result: The end-stop at the bottom of the zipper was only held in place utilizing one (1) brass spike, which was ripped from it’s mooring during the first wash-cycle.
    And the fit was sloppy. Sleeves where on the short-side and the bonded polyurethane foam-to-fabric lining caused the interior to be stiff and the jacket “rode up” in back like Frankensteins’ vest.
    “New China” is actually USA/China. In this case DIckie’s has provided China everything:
    The fabric could be from China, but it’s USA treated for water-repellency. The zipper is brass, branded with Dickies®, but and at bottom-zipper pull stop it’s manufacturer YKK is stamped in tiny letters.
    The patterns are USA and the jacket fits size perfect. A “medium” has 35-5/8″ sleeves that don’t pull back in a handlebar reach, and 3″ cuffs so shortening the sleeve length is not a problem. It has an inside open-map pocket and enough interior labels to make you feel it was made in the USA.
    So, since we know most everything is made in China, how about the manufacturer’s letting up know whether your products are Old China or New China. It would save a lot of money on UPS/FedEx return shipping fees. Just tell us.
    Make up your on designations if you don’t like OC and NC, because these two garments are price about the same.

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