Tattoodo. World’s First Social Marketplace For Tattoo Designs.

tattoodoLooking for a tattoo, want to submit your idea and see how some of the best tattoo designers would execute it? Think of Tattoodo as a social network where you can watch your tattoo come to life.

Some of the best visual artists from all over the world will compete to get your business. You decide the price (tattoo starting at $60) and choose the design you prefer. Adter buying the design you can still pick the tattoo shop you want, or ask for a recommendation for one near where you live.

To start your own design contest. 1- First make a design brief that describes what kind of tattoo you want. Then choose one of the suggested online packages. 2- Collaborate with the artists who will now submit their designs and compete with each other. 3- Choose your favorite tattoo design and reward the artist. Then, get inked. At Tattoodo.

Cyril Huze