Postcards From The 13th Edition Of Germany Magic Show In Ruedesheim

magic00The time of a long weekend, the Germany Ruedesheim Magic Show in the Rhine Valley looks a lot like our Laconia event. In this city, there are memories of Elvis Presley who was stationed not too far away in Frieberg and who shot several scenes of the “GI Blues movie in Ruedeshelm.” A parade, vendors, stunts, rock n’ roll, lots of beer and of course a bike show to which participated A+ custom builders, organized and photographed by friend of the industry Horst Roesler. Proud winners can see their names after the jump.

magic4magic4bismagic6magic7magic12Magicmagic2magic3 magic9magic8Magic000MAGIC BIKE SHOW 2014 RESULTS

Best Antique/Classic/Youngtimer
1. FXST 1984 Softail, Jorg Teichmann
2. “Virus”, Michael Naumann
3. “Wild Seventies”, Bike Parts Factory

Best Sportster-Engine
1. “Relax”, Eberhard
2. Old School Sporty, Sven Knispel
3. “Little Red”, Maniac Mechanix

Best “Old School”
1. Sportster Old School, Eric Wedema/Niederlande
2. “Wild Seventies”, Bike Parts Factory
3. “Wanderratte”, Jorg Teichmann

Modified Harley
1. “Wild Seventies”, Bike Parts Factory
2. HD Dyna Street Bob, Anete Bayer
3. “Loretta”, Andrea Rizzi

1. “Hustler”, Helmut Meyer, built by Fred Kodlin
2.  “Undertaker”, Jürgen Schmid
3.  Alex Shannon/Schottland

1. “Virus”, Michael Naumann
2. Evo Chopper, Tony Stephenson/Schottland
3. “Avalange”, Gifty Z.

Best of Show
1. “Virus”, Michael Naumann
2. “Hustler”, Helmut Meyer, built by Fred Kodlin
3. “Wild Seventies”, Bike Parts Factory

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  1. 1 Shifter Jun 28th, 2014 at 9:02 am

    At the top, spitting flames, it’s builder Fred Kodlin.

  2. 2 A1 MIKE Jun 28th, 2014 at 10:04 am


  3. 3 paparay Jun 29th, 2014 at 10:38 am

    one of the builders on the new biker build off build a bike similar to that skinny tire bike 2 weeks ago not sure if I like it might take some getting used to

  4. 4 Jay Horton's Private Shop Jun 30th, 2014 at 7:40 am


    More information on the skinny-tired Shovel, please. Thanks. Later Jay

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