Custom Ducati Scramblers Unveiled At Verona Motor Bike Expo (January 23-24-25)

1scramblerdemrmartini2scramblerdeusexmachina3scramblerUsing a marketing strategy that most motorcycles manufacturers use to promote their new releases, Ducati has asked 3 Italian custom builders to show their skills on the new Scrambler models (Classic, Full Throttle and Urban Enduro.) Unveiled yesterday Friday 23rd at the Verona Motor Bike Expo, these custom creations have for objectives to show how far Scrambler buyers can go to  it their own.

1- Shop Mr Martini, Verona, Italy. Builder went the Café Racer inspiration route with a new rear and front kit created for this project. A new performance rear suspension, relocated foot pegs and a new custom made high exhaust system contribute to the street racer attitude.

2- Shop Deus Ex Machina , Bologna, Italy. The shop turned the Scrambler into a dirt track racer with a complete bodywork makeover: a one-piece tail section and a weird front fascia framing a rectangular headlight and a front fender whose purpose is only styling and not road debris or mud protection. A shorty exhaust with silencer and a bigger front rotor are supposed to mean racer. Deus creation is named “Hondo Grattan” in reference to the first horse to win 21 races at Harold Park Paceway, near Sydney Australia.

3- Shop Officine Mermaid Milan, Italy. Builder Dario Mastroianni trashed all parts that would not be necessary to ride in the mud. A new set of gold rim and hub enduro wheels (21” front, 18” rear), steel sbrushed fenders and a sinister black say what this “Scratch” Gambler is all about.

2 Responses to “Custom Ducati Scramblers Unveiled At Verona Motor Bike Expo (January 23-24-25)”

  1. 1 James just another Kiwi Jan 24th, 2015 at 3:05 pm

    Cool bikes, but can’t get my head around the shape of the swing arm. Especially as these are retro

  2. 2 Andrew Jan 24th, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    I usually like creations from Deus, I think they rarely miss the beat – but in this case they didn’t just miss the beat, they missed the whole tune!

    Actually… it would be more accurate to say that I liked Deus when they were one shop in Sydney, but these days with franchises in Bali, LA and now in Italy they are starting to spread too thin – and with so many different people involved, they’re starting to lose their identity.

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