Paid By Allstate Insurance To Ride All Over The US To Spread Motorcycle Awareness

AllstateNate Hudson is currently in the middle of a 17,000-mile ride all over the US with gas money (and a little bit more, I suppose) paid by Allstate Insurance to spread motorcycle safety for riders and awareness from car drivers. He visits the Department Of Motor Vehicles office in every state’s capital, where he hand delivers a request that the authorities consider including motorcycle awareness in both the driver’s license exam and the state’s drivers’ education curriculum. Insurance companies don’t have a great image and Allstate must be congratulated for such initiative, much more efficient for the cause of motorcycling that any tv commercial advertising low rates…

Hudson’s posts and pictures  about “The Ride Of Awareness” are published on social media channels, from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook. An efficient and credible user-generated content reaching online many more bikers than any tv spot or print magazine ad. Hudson rides a tricked out Indian Roadmaster donated by Indian Motorcycle painted in Allstate blue with logo and trim. Any photo of his bike, therefore, becomes a social-media ad for Allstate. Nate Hudson is the co-owner of “British-American Motorcycle Club”, a bike shop in Long Beach, California.

2 Responses to “Paid By Allstate Insurance To Ride All Over The US To Spread Motorcycle Awareness”

  1. 1 jammer Jun 26th, 2015 at 11:58 am

    Years ago Allstate dropped me as a customer because I rode a motorcycle. I can’t in good faith go back to them for that reason. Not insurable then, but now since I am a market account I am insurable. huh…

  2. 2 B. D. Jul 1st, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    I’m with ya, I have a long memory, too.

    It’s funny how the same establishments that refused me service or parking only because I rod a motorcycle are now welcoming riders and selling t-shirts during local bike weeks.

    Sorry, these are the same pricks who didn’t want my business back then, so why would I ever spend a dime of my money with them now?

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