Skull Art To Suck Air

I am not in dragons, vampires, pirates, ghosts, bones and skulls. Until I saw this beautifully sculpted “Air Sucker”. I think it’s killer and would love to use it, proof again that I should never say NEVER to any style.  It is offered by a Japanese shop called “Bull Original”! Available for HD carbs and S&S B,  E & G. Now if you want one you will have to order directly from the shop in Japan but they speak a little bit of English and I am nice enough to give you their email: Some other interesting Jap. stuff (clothing, parts and bikes) in their quite messy website. Bull Original.

1 Response to “Skull Art To Suck Air”

  1. 1 Jeff & Robbie Jun 30th, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    Jeez… not another ugly skull!

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Cyril Huze