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Norton Motorcycles. A Solid Come Back Story?

In 2008, entrepreneur Start Garner bought legendary British motorcycle manufacturer Norton. Buying norton took only 4 days from decision to deal completion. Garner got all the bike parts, 4 prototype bikes and all intellectual property rights. Reportly for a price in the single millions from a group of Americans (Norton had 3 different owners between […]


Bonneville Vanishing? Not In Brian Darwas’ New Hot Rod Documentary.

It’s no secret that the salt levels at Bonneville are being rapidly depleted through mineral mining in the area. Brian Darwas wanted to show the hard work, dedication, and passion that goes into not only building a car for Speedwell, but the lengths the drivers go to to get their cars out to the salt […]

Spectro Oils

Riding On The Most Dangerous Road

In Nepal, an Annapurna 2-way road between Besisahar and Manang with the reputation to be the most dangerous in the world. People with vertigo issues should not think about trying to ride it.

Progressive Suspension

New Pirelli Night Dragon GT Tire For Cruiser And Touring Motorcycles. 20% More Mileage.

Pirelli has launched NIGHT DRAGON GT into the US market, a new tire for cruiser/touring/ motorcycles, offering the same performance of the NIGHT DRAGON, but with 20% more mileage. Using an advanced “Full Carbon Black” compound and new carcass materials, the NIGHT DRAGON GT provides an even longer lasting ride. The new NIGHT DRAGON GT […]

Sarah Lezito. Best Woman Stunt Rider.

The All-New Antics Of Full Throttle Saloon’s Michael Ballard On TV. Will Announce If Whether Of Not He Plans To Rebuild After Devastating Fire.

Beginning Tuesday, December 1 at 10/9c, 4 all-new episodes about the Sturgis Full Throttle Saloon will run on a new TV network I never heard about called Destination America. Destination America defines itself as an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by Discovery Communications. The channel features lifestyle, historical and travel […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

2015 Orlando AIMExpo Overview By TC Bros

At the October AIMExpo, I met for the 1st time Tyler and Tim Cobb, the brothers at TC Bros who where displaying their latest custom parts. They got the good idea to shoot this short video to highlight some of the great new things happening at this show.

Harley-Davidson Asks You To Burn Your Clothes And To Reconnect With Your Inner Child.

This Harley-Davidson commercial produced in Germany won Advertising Cannes Festival “Lions Young Director Award” for Best Web Film on behalf of director Andreas Bruns. In 2 1/2 minutes, the film is telling the story of a white collar executive who strives to reconnect with his inner child. Working late, staring at office building bleak lights, the […]

New Triumph Bonneville Models To Be Unveiled October 28, 2015. Teaser Video.

The Triumph Bonneville. With 50 years of heritage, one of the most famous names in motorcycling. The new “Bonnies” are coming with everything that comes with modern engineering. It is rumored that the three 2016 models are getting larger size engines (current offering is 865 cc), tweaked for new European regulations and maybe liquid cooled. […]

Indian Scout “Black Hills Beast” Custom Motorcycle

You saw it unveiled in Sturgis and in my Sturgis Postcards Reports. This custom Indian Scout built by Doug Siddens and Nick Jaquez of forum Indian Motorcycles got a strong reception with several hundreds of attendees taking picture of themselves standing by it. The Black Hills Beast, based on a new 2015 Indian Scout, was customized […]

Chinese Biker Detained After clocking 147 mph In Beijing Speed Stunt

Around Beijing, there is a 21-mile ring road. Aboard a Yamaha YZF R1, this biker is riding at 147 mph (237 km/h) which is more than 3 times the legal speed limit. Very proud, he posted a video of his stunt on  YouTube, and as expected ended up in jail…

Home Built By A 14-Year Boy

He lives with his father in a warehouse/workshop. He is only 14 years old. He turns wrenches and heads with his first custom motorcycles. We need many more like him. Watch.

Infento Constructible Rides. Building from The Ground Up With Your Child And Giving Him/Her Technical Skills.

How many of you are riding because a parent was riding? How many of you are tinkering with motorcycles because a father, neighbor, etc showed you how to? Infento Constructible Rides is a fun way to give your child a technical skill for the future with the world’s first constructible rides. 3 unique kits and […]

Riding A Dirt Bike On The Iconic Waves Of Tahiti. Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream.

Dressed for FMX, Robbie “Maddo” Maddison’s rides his dirt bike on the powerful and iconic waves of the Pacific Ocean in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Surfing with a dirt bike? Awesome.

Most Motorcycles Driven Over The body While Laying On A Bed of Nails

For your entertainment. Unearthed from The Guinness World Records video library. With a time limit of 2 minutes, Australian Chayne Hultgren, aka The Space Cowboy, set a record for most motorcycles driven over his body while laying on a bed of nails, enduring the weight of 20 motorcycles for the TV broadcast.

River Crossing In Russian Ural Sidecars

A sidecar isn’t like any other vehicle and Ural sidecars are not like any other sidecars. Watch these 2 tough Russians crossing a raging river. Then explain to me how these completely under water Ural sidecars can continue to run…I guess it’s one of the ways a brand becomes iconic!

75th Sturgis Rally E-Guide

Rally and party smarter with a 104-page downloadable E-Guide of the must-do 75 things in and around Sturgis. This comprehensive guide (hangouts, routes, parties, events and more) by Biker Incite is delivered in the ubiquitous Adobe PDF format so it can work anywhere on your smart phone, online or offline. Download (about 1 minute) for […]

Custom Motorcycle Builder Taber Nash

The Latest From Indian Motorcycle. The Black Bullet Scout. Soon To Race At The Bonneville Salts.

I say it right away. On the top of my list of the most beautiful custom motorcycles I have seen so far in 2015. This custom Indian Scout was built by Jeb Scolman, the same hot-rod artisan builder responsible for the Spirit of Munro that was built to celebrate the launch of the ThunderStroke111 in […]

How Custom Chrome Europe Promotes Its 2015 Bolt-On And Ride Bikes

A good film production by Custom Chrome Europe. Competitors, follow this good example…

Harley Heaven Shooting. Bikes And Girls…

Behind the scenes at a photo shoot for Harley Heaven (owner Rainer Bächli) near Zurich, the Switzerland biggest authorized Harley-Davidson dealer. Beat Baschung set up a studio to shoot 2 models – Julia and Karo – posing with the latest Bächli’s custom creations. Enjoy…  

Surviving A Head-On Collision With A Truck

He is extremely lucky to be alive after colliding head-on with a truck. His helmet Go-Pro camera captured his terrifying crash. The video shows Jesse Lopez enjoying his ride near Glendora on April 1st. His adventure comes to a quick end when he collides with an oncoming truck on a blind curve in the road. […]

Freedom Rock Parody. 2015 Sturgis Buffalo Chip Band Lineup.

A Gorgeous Custom Panhead Final Assembly. Exciting.

If you love the old days styling, I bet you dream of building/riding a custom powered by the extremely beautiful Panhead engine. The engine replaced the Knucklehead engine in 1948 and was manufactured until 1965 when it was replaced by the Shovelhead. The fact that the “Captain America” chopper used by Peter Fonda in the […]

Victory Motorcycle 156 Practice Crash At Pike’s Peak. But On Starting Line On June 28th.

The Victory Motorcycles Project 156 suffered a setback on Saturday June 13th in a practice accident on the Pikes Peak race course. Cycle World Editor and Project 156 rider Don Canet did not suffer any serious injuries, and was immediately up from the crash. However the motorcycle was damaged enough to require a complete strip-down […]

8 Amazing Vehicles That No Longer Exist

Blending information with entertainment, this film takes a look at 8 incredible inventions to move your body. They have been abandoned but some may come back…




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