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Most Motorcycles Driven Over The body While Laying On A Bed of Nails

For your entertainment. Unearthed from The Guinness World Records video library. With a time limit of 2 minutes, Australian Chayne Hultgren, aka The Space Cowboy, set a record for most motorcycles driven over his body while laying on a bed of nails, enduring the weight of 20 motorcycles for the TV broadcast.


River Crossing In Russian Ural Sidecars

A sidecar isn’t like any other vehicle and Ural sidecars are not like any other sidecars. Watch these 2 tough Russians crossing a raging river. Then explain to me how these completely under water Ural sidecars can continue to run…I guess it’s one of the ways a brand becomes iconic!

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75th Sturgis Rally E-Guide

Rally and party smarter with a 104-page downloadable E-Guide of the must-do 75 things in and around Sturgis. This comprehensive guide (hangouts, routes, parties, events and more) by Biker Incite is delivered in the ubiquitous Adobe PDF format so it can work anywhere on your smart phone, online or offline. Download (about 1 minute) for […]

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Custom Motorcycle Builder Taber Nash

The Latest From Indian Motorcycle. The Black Bullet Scout. Soon To Race At The Bonneville Salts.

I say it right away. On the top of my list of the most beautiful custom motorcycles I have seen so far in 2015. This custom Indian Scout was built by Jeb Scolman, the same hot-rod artisan builder responsible for the Spirit of Munro that was built to celebrate the launch of the ThunderStroke111 in […]

How Custom Chrome Europe Promotes Its 2015 Bolt-On And Ride Bikes

A good film production by Custom Chrome Europe. Competitors, follow this good example…

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Harley Heaven Shooting. Bikes And Girls…

Behind the scenes at a photo shoot for Harley Heaven (owner Rainer Bächli) near Zurich, the Switzerland biggest authorized Harley-Davidson dealer. Beat Baschung set up a studio to shoot 2 models – Julia and Karo – posing with the latest Bächli’s custom creations. Enjoy…  

Surviving A Head-On Collision With A Truck

He is extremely lucky to be alive after colliding head-on with a truck. His helmet Go-Pro camera captured his terrifying crash. The video shows Jesse Lopez enjoying his ride near Glendora on April 1st. His adventure comes to a quick end when he collides with an oncoming truck on a blind curve in the road. […]

Freedom Rock Parody. 2015 Sturgis Buffalo Chip Band Lineup.

A Gorgeous Custom Panhead Final Assembly. Exciting.

If you love the old days styling, I bet you dream of building/riding a custom powered by the extremely beautiful Panhead engine. The engine replaced the Knucklehead engine in 1948 and was manufactured until 1965 when it was replaced by the Shovelhead. The fact that the “Captain America” chopper used by Peter Fonda in the […]

Victory Motorcycle 156 Practice Crash At Pike’s Peak. But On Starting Line On June 28th.

The Victory Motorcycles Project 156 suffered a setback on Saturday June 13th in a practice accident on the Pikes Peak race course. Cycle World Editor and Project 156 rider Don Canet did not suffer any serious injuries, and was immediately up from the crash. However the motorcycle was damaged enough to require a complete strip-down […]

8 Amazing Vehicles That No Longer Exist

Blending information with entertainment, this film takes a look at 8 incredible inventions to move your body. They have been abandoned but some may come back…

Faster Sons. A Beautiful Short Film Featuring Shinya Kimura Building An MT-07.

During these last years, Yamaha has pioneered the sport/heritage motorcycle segment and encourages bikers and pro builders to customize their factory motorcycles with a retro flair. In this 1st of a series short film featuring Shinya Kimura rebuilding an MT-07, the manufacturer pays a tribute to all “Faster Sons”.

Unrestored 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead In Jay Leno’s Garage

A well-worn machine proud of its scars and age, this 1936 Harley Knucklehead was not run since 1952. Brought back to life with only a light tune-up, not a restoration. Only a pair of new tires, a flushed crankcase, a new coil and greased bearings. An honest and beautiful bike too happy to be ridden […]

The Big Woody. A Concoction You might Want To Get Your Hands On During The 75th Sturgis Rally.

Only available at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip during the 75th Rally. The recipe? Jagermeister Spice, Lentucky Bourbon and Honey.

Hollister Rally July 3-5, 2015. Special “Biker Bob” Memorial Ride-In Bike Show.

Among many other activities during the Hollister Rally, “The Birthplace Of The American Biker”, a Ride-In-Bike Showily be dedicated to recently departed friend, radio personality Biker Bob Warford. “Bob started this bike show for us years ago and has been running it ever since. His dedication and time generously given to Corbin and the bike […]

Jay Leno’s 1925 Brough Superior SS100

Only 69 were produced. T-E. Lawrence owned 7 of them. Jay Leno presents and rides his. A little bit of history to enrich your motorcycle culture.

Motorcycle Surfing At 50 MPH

Standing on your motorcycle while riding is called motorcycle surfing. I don’t recommend you try it. But it’s such a beautiful movie you all will enjoy. Film and music by Scott Winn.

Race To The Clouds. Victory Racing Project 156. Part 2.

The Project 156 Victory prototype race engine. Maximum power for extreme conditions at Pikes Peak. Watch Part 2 of the Project 156 build as VictoryRacing, Roland Sands Design & Cycle World bring you a prototype built for 156 corners of fury and an epic race to the clouds.

The Inspiring Story Behind The Sturgis Rally Deserves To Be made Into A Major Documentary Film. Please Help.

The film makers encourage everyone to pledge at least $5 to help produce a new Motorcycle movie about Sturgis named “I AM STURGIS”. In hopes of galvanizing viewers to donate on any level to their Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to produce this new Film, a free on-line screening of “WHY We RIDE” is […]

Race To The Clouds. Victory Racing and Roland Sands Design Build Project 156.

Victory Racing and Roland Sands Design take on the challenge of building a 100% hand-built road racing bike with a prototype Victory engine. Together they plan to race the bike at Pikes Peak (Race to the Clouds), America’s most challenging road race with 156 corners up a 14,000ft (4,267m) mountain.

Triumph Motorcycles America Is Airing A National Television Commercial

It’s the first Triumph national television campaign in the US since 2013. The “Voices” commercial begins in the streets of Los Angeles, Calif., and closes on an open, expansive salt flats, signifying the historical ties of the Bonneville motorcycle to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah where the bike earned its namesake. Named “Voices” the […]

There Is A Guinness World Record For Everything. Including One For The Number Of Motorcycle Jumps Between 2 Containers…

A stunt showdown between two riders from Spain and Italy. In the video below, David Cobos (Spain) and Luca Cotone (Italy) fight it out for the most jumps on trial motorcycles between 2 containers in 2 minutes. Their arms hurt and my head spins.  On the set of  Italian TV show “Lo Show dei Record”.

From Ice To Fire. Frozen Victory Motorcycle Fires Up After 4 years In An Ice Block

In 2011 Victory Motorcycles Sweden froze a 2002 V92 TC to be exhibited at the Sweden Ice Hotel.The bike was defrosted this year and delivered to a shop called Stonetown Custom. After only 1 hour of workshop time (oil change, fresh fuel and a new battery BUT without needing new spark plugs or any other […]

Las Vegas Bikefest 2015



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