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Bringing Back To Life Antique Motorcycles. The Keating Wheel Company.

Zipper's Kits For New Bikes

Harley-Davidson Powered Toyota Prius.

I didn’t publish this feature on April’s fool day, so, I guarantee that this one-of-a-kind Harley—Davidson powered Toyota Prius really exists. Proof? It’s for sale on eBay (best offer at time of publication was $1375) although it’s no more running because of a massive breakdown… I understand that some don’t like hybrid electric cars. But […]

Spectro Oils

S&S Cycle Delivers All The Power You Need. Even If It’s For Singing. Ask Rockin’ Jasmine Cain.

S&S Cycle comes to the rescue of the Jasmine Cain’s band…

Progressive Suspension

Follow Your Dream Metzeler Contest. Indian Larry Now Building The Custom Motorcycle Frame.

On March 11, I announced the “Follow Your Dream Contest” where 2 iconic brands, Metzeler and builder Indian Larry, come together to build a priceless custom motorcycle, uniquely built with input from fans via the METZELER USA Facebook® Page. As promised, you can be part of the customization process, watch the building process all evolve […]

Bell Helmets 60th Anniversary. What It Takes To Make A Safer Motorcycle Helmet.

Since 1954, Bell the leader and largest head protection company in the world, has for goal to create a helmet that has the ability to absorb and dissipate energy at every level of velocity (in the US, 50% of the motorcycle population doesn’t wear a helmet.) Over 50 Bell engineers, designers and testing professionals work […]

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc.

Women Driven To Ride

On january 5th, I reported on the upcoming “Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit”, an all new 3-day event to broaden the skills, knowledge and experiences of women motorcycle riders, to be held in Denver, Colorado May 2 to 4, 2014. At summit opening, on Friday afternoon, participants will screen a new documentary that explores the unstoppable […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

Pinstripe Me A Helmet

It’s always a pleasure to watch a talented Pinstriper swing his sword and see him accomplish beautiful, improvised artwork pieces. Because it’s Sunday and to relax, let’s all admire Master Striper Skratch (under contract with Bell for several motorcycle and bicycle helmets) pinstriping a helmet in just a few minutes (this one in less than […]

B-Rocket Concept Motorcycle Video Teaser

UK Shaw Harley-Davidson will unveil the “B-Rocket” at the 2014 Swiss Baselworld Show on Wednesday March 26, 2014. Waiting for the reveal, below is a video teaser.

Fall TV

Daytona Premiere Of “Why We Ride”

Yesterday Thursday evening March 13,  Director Bryan Carroll and film producers received VIP’s of the industry for the Daytona Bike Week premiere of “Why We Ride” presented by the American Motorcyclist Association. This impressive documentary shows today’s motorcycling in a very positive and inspiring light. It’s a celebration of the motorcycling community, demonstrating the passion […]

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Iconic Brand METZELER And Indian Larry Motorcycles Offer You The Chance To Win A Once In A Lifetime Dream Ride.

METZELER, the first name in quality motorcycle tires since 1892 is kicking off the 2014 riding season in partnership with legendary custom bike shop Indian Larry Motorcycles. The two iconic brands have come together to build a priceless custom motorcycle, uniquely built with input from motorcycle fans via the METZELER USA Facebook® page. The entire […]

Auto Parts Warehouse

An Indian Motorcycle Crew Member And Rider’s Permanent Commitment

Lonnie Hannah, Sr. Layout Designer for Indian Motorcyclei is part of the Polaris team that built the all-new 2014 Indian® Chief® from the ground up. Although he is a very long time Harley-Davidson rider, he mentioned to the Indian crew that he wanted to get an Indian logo tattooed on his arm to show his […]

From Ace Cafe To Madras Cafe

Royal Enfield, a cult brand in India, has built its reputation around adventure riding and eating up miles on the rough and difficult roads of the Himalaya or of the Rajasthan . During the last 3 years, the subsidiary of Eicher Motors Limited could have sold many more bikes around the world if production had […]

Award Winning Documentary “Why We Ride” Goes Worldwide On iTunes And Amazon

Producer/Director Bryan H. Carroll and Producer James Walker are pleased to announce that Why We Ride is now available for audiences worldwide on digital platforms. For the first time, fans from across six continents will be able to share in the documentary that has brought the motorcycle community together in a celebration of what it […]

Randy Grubb’s Decopods. Art Deco Cool And Hilarious.

See A Harley-Davidson Being Stolen Under The Watch Of A Surveillance Camera

4 a.m. Just need to yank the bike to break the steering lock. Thanks to the video proof that this Harley-Davidson was really stolen, not hidden, Progressive Insurance sent a check of $13,203.34 to the owner. Motorcycle still not recovered… 

Garage Custom Culture

Douglas Guillot is a French movie Director whose work has been featured a couple of times in my website {“Wheels & Waves” And “South Siders”) He sent me his most recent short film about a small shop in southwest France (Biarritz) named Bixente Moto. His objective: to translate in images and sound the authentic atmosphere […]

RYNO Microcycle

One-wheel transportation always elicits a primal response. The RYNO Microcycle is not the first offering of small, sleek one-wheel vehicles supposed to make motorized personal transportation enjoyable and practical…if you are not apprehensive at the idea of riding a self-balancing machine. The RYNO keeps you from falling by helping you balance forward and backward, but […]

Watch A Video Of The New Harley-Davidson Street 750 Model Ice Racing At Aspen X Games.

What a great idea from Harley-Davidson to attract youngsters to the brand and specifically to its new Harley Street model. The Milwaukee company became one of the Aspen X Games new sponsor and is teaming up with ESPN to feature motorcycle ice racing as an exhibition sport. Following Harley-Davidson’s customer-centric approach, fans will help decide […]

How It Is Made. Progressive Suspension Shocks.

In 1 min 36 s, from concept to completion, Progressive Suspension shows you its manufacturing process. The shock featured is the 440 Series model using a technology dubbed “Frequency Sensing Technology” (FST) for its unique ability to dynamically adjust while you ride.

Glint. A Short Movie To Incite Others To Build And Ride Their Own Unique Motorcycle.

A young shop specialized in custom Sportsters and parts desire a promo short film. Builder Guillaume Drapier from Comete Motorcycles contact his friend Mathieu Maury, a self taught photographer with a passion for images but who never shot a movie. No budget, but the same desire to express the freedom, the magic that you feel, […]

2014 Mission Motorcycles Mission RS. 150 mph. Jay Leno Got The Answers To Your Questions.

Mission Motorcycles recently delivered its pre-production limited edition Mission RS sport bike to Jay Leno’s Garage. 40 units only to be delivered summer 2014 with prices from $59,000 to $75,000. 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds. 10.50 seconds to run the quarter mile. Top speed 150 mph with a single speed reduction gear liquid-cooled […]

Video Of The Month. Running Ice Truck.

I have experienced (fortunately just little bit) Canada’s coldest temperatures. And if you live there, you don’t want to be betrayed by your car or truck battery. So, what do you do when you are a Canadian business trying to convince that the battery you sell, the MotoMaster Eliminator, will still be alive when you […]

India Bike Week 2014 Will Take Place January 17-18

Because of the motorcycle business getting so huge in India, I have a growing number of readers and subscribers from this country following my daily news. For them, I announce the 2014 edition of Bike week. Only 3500 riders participated in 2013, but it’s asy to forecast that the crowd is going to increase exponentially […]

8 Bikers Rocking The Colorado Rockies.

Last August, Chris Garee and 7 of his friends went for a trip in the Colorado rockies. 8 guys with 8 bikes (7 Harleys and a brand new Indian Chieftain) riding through sunshine, rain and even snow. Independence Pass to Aspen, Estes Park, Mt. Evans and the highest paved road in North America. Chris sent […]

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