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Polaris Unveils The 2015 Slingshot

Watch The Features And Benefits. What do you think?

Zipper's Kits For New Bikes

Copper Mike Demonstrates His Newly Designed Hideaway Pegs For Harleys

At Gravesend Cycles, Michael Cole, dubbed “Copper Mike” by his industry peers (you guessed why), challenges himself every day to conceive bikes and parts fusionning vintage design and contemporary functions. On the very practical side, he just created these Hideaway pegs. In 2 minutes, a video presentation and installation demonstration. Pegs not listed yet on […]

Spectro Oils

The Polaris Slingshot Is Coming This Sunday July 27. Last Teaser Video Before Launch.

Progressive Suspension

Man Carries Motorcycle Up a Ladder On His Head. Only In India

In Indian, motorcycles are not transported in trailers but most often on top of buses. How Indians do load their motorcycles (usually of the light weight category, but for sure above 100 lbs)? Putting on a head pillow, climbing a ladder with the bike on their noggin. A demonstration …


The Polaris Slingshot Is Coming July 27th. 3rd Video Teaser.

A young Woman Explains Why She Rides.

“Why I ride” (no relation with the recent documentary “Why We Ride” is a new online video series featuring bikers from across the country explaining their thrill for riding. In this segment, a young woman named Leslie Padoll from Brooklyn, NY, despite gender stereotypes and other social challenges, has found solace in riding her motorcycle. With […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

The Slingshot By Polaris. To Be Revealed July 27th.

With the slogan “Ignite Your Senses”, Polaris is about to launch The Slingshot on July 27th. The company states that “The Slingshot connects both driver and passenger to the sights, sounds, and smells of the open road. It will make you feel the rush of pavement under your seat and in your chest.” Via 2 teaser […]

Brothers Of The Weird

Shot in & around Ventura, California these brothers split their spare time between riding motorcycles and surfing waves. A culture where man builds with his own hands and the only thing that counts is living in the moment. It is produced to promote a website and brand called Desillusion paying tribute to today’s youth.

Harley Street 750 And 500. The Street Is Where I …

An Introduction To Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle Project By President And COO Matt Levatich

In New York City, an introduction to the LiveWire electric motorcycle project by Matt Levatich, President & Chief Operating Officer of Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Biker Battleground Phoenix. Sneak Peek Video. Tonight On History At 10E/9C

8 Hours To Turn An Ugly Harley FXR Into A Club Style Bike

A1 Cycles, an independent custom shop in West Palm Palm Beach challenged itself to be able to turn in 8 hours a really ugly (I saw it…) 1989 FXR into a Club style bike. The guys at the shop ride FXR’s and just wanted to prove themselves they could do it. To be truthful, it […]

Why We Ride Wins “Best Documentary” At New Media Film Festival

Why We Ride, the number 1 motorcycle movie in America today, was in competition at the 5th Annual New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles, held June 10-11. Director/Producer Bryan H. Carroll, writer Chris Hampel, and one of the film’s stars Alonzo Bodden attended and participated in a Q&A following a special screening of the […]

Sound Of Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle Has Been Improved

Thanks to your feedback, in just a couple of days, Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle sound has been improved. At least in this video…

S&S Cycle Proven Performance®. The Final Episode. Break Free.

Don’t miss the conclusion of the S&S Proven Performance® video series. In this third and final episode, S&S Cycle main man is running out of time in his quest to Break Free from the repression of the “Stock Corps”. We witness his unwavering resolve to improve the performance of his motorcycle despite the eminent threat […]

Harley-Davidson Reveals Project Livewire. The First Electric Bike You Will Like?

Not yet for sale, Harley-Davidson invites consumers to ride, react and shape the future of this new electric motorcycle. See it, hear it, feel it.  H-D Invites is bringing innovation to the street and is inviting everybody to ride and tell them what you think. A 2014 U.S. tour – kicking off with a journey […]

Harley-Davidson. Big Reveal Tomorrow June 19, 2014.

A Harley-Davidson teaser video to build anticipation before tomorrow’s announcement. Their latest innovation on Route 66? What did you see? What did you hear? The big reveal is tomorrow morning June 19. What do you think it can be? Tell me your guess in “comments”

How It Is Made. V-Twin Motorcycle Engine.

Yes, it looks very easy when built on an assembly line. Much less when you have to do it using shop tools and your bare hands…

Tonight. Velocity’s “What’s In The Barn” Lends A Hand To The Home Depot Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project

On Velocity’s “What’s In The Barn” episode premiering tonight June 17 at 10 PM ET/PT, host Dale Walksler goes on the hunt for a WWII military bike to help raise funds and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project in conjunction with The Home Depot Foundation. Dale’s search takes him on a 1,400 mile roundtrip journey […]

Do You Take Electric Motorcycles Seriously?

Electric motorcycles have come a very long way and are now taken very seriously even by the most traditionalist bikers. On the famous and arduous Isle Of Man TT course, Zero winner John Mc Guinness set a new lap record for electric motorcycles, with a time falling under 20 minutes (19’ 17.30) very close to […]

A New Chapter For The Classic Motorcycle Documentary ‘On Any Sunday’

In 1971, movie director Bruce Brown released “On Any Sunday”, at the time a revolutionary documentary featuring the world of motorcycle racing and responsible for introducing to the sport a generation of Americans. In it, Steve McQueen who was nominated for a best documentary Oscar. Due this Fall in theaters and more than 40 years later, […]

What’s In The Barn. All-New Season Premieres Tonight Tuesday June 10th at 10 PM On Velocity

America’s barns and backyards are filled with treasures of motorcycling history and icons of American industry, two wheeled relics that provide a window into our deep love of engines, speed and the beauty of the open road. On Tuesday, June 10 at 10 and 10:30 PM ET/PT Velocity is inviting viewers back on the road […]

Watch For The Flying Motorcycle Front Of You

It happened 2 during the Memorial Day weekend. KW Parrish was riding at the Beaverun private motor complex in Pennsylvania. One of the two riders in front of him topples off his bike after hitting another rider. A split second later the fallen racer’s bike launches at Parrish , hitting him with full force into […]

S&S Cycle. Don’t Settle For Stock.

This is the second episode of the S&S Cycle Proven Performance video series “Don’t Settle For Stock.” In the first episode you witnessed life in the “Stockyard”, dull, monotonous, and stifling, with a repressive regime a man who has chosen not to settle…In this second video, he finds out that he is not alone, and […]




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