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Very Sleek Snow Speeder

1snoped2snopedThose playing with the snow on 2 wheels will love this solo seat snowmobile (Snow Speeder?) that you can ride with the same posture you ride your motorcycle.

The Snoped is a very sleek, light weight, all black, high tech looking aluminum machine equipped with a 90 cc motor and Chrysler Sno-Runner track.

A bodywork exposing bolts and screws, LED vertical headlight and taillight, a comfortable seat for hours of slide, make this sled the king of the trails, for short or day and night long distance snow rides. No words yet about production and price. SNOPED. (photos @ Dean Van Dis, Brian Kelly)


Polaris Reports 2016 First Quarter Results. Motorcycle Segment Sales +18%. Indian Motorcycles +50%.

Polaris7-1Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE:PII) today reported first quarter net income of $46.9 million, or $0.71 per diluted share, for the quarter ended March 31, 2016 compared to $88.6 million, or $1.30 per diluted share reported in the first quarter of 2015, in-line with Company expectations. Sales for the first quarter 2016 totaled $983.0 million, down five percent compared to last year’s first quarter sales of $1,033.3 million.

Motorcycle segment sales (Victory®, Indian Motorcycle® and Slingshot®), including their respective PG&A related sales, increased 18 percent in the 2016 first quarter to $188.2 million primarily due to continued strong retail sales for Indian® motorcycle up over 50%. North American consumer retail demand for the Polaris motorcycle segment, was up 8 percent during the 2016 first quarter while the overall motorcycle industry retail sales, 900cc and above was about flat in the 2016 first quarter.


During the 2016 first quarter, the Company began retailing two new additions to its Victory and Indian motorcycle line-up with the introduction of the Octane™, Victory motorcycles’ first mid-sized cruiser and the new Indian Springfield™, named after the birthplace of Indian Motorcycle. Slingshot also broadened its color options with its 2016 model introduction including the new Limited Edition White Pearl SL. Product availability for Victory, Indian Motorcycle® and Slingshot® improved considerably in the 2016 first quarter and dealer inventories are essentially at targeted stocking levels at quarter-end.

While the powersports industry was slightly better than anticipated in the 2016 first quarter, the Company is keeping its guidance range unchanged for the full year 2016 with earnings expected to be in the range of $6.20 to $6.80 per diluted share with sales in the range of down two percent to up three percent over 2015 due to the persistent unpredictability around overall economic trends and more specifically powersports industry trends for the remainder of 2016. Continue reading ‘Polaris Reports 2016 First Quarter Results. Motorcycle Segment Sales +18%. Indian Motorcycles +50%.’

Spectro Oils

A Custom Victory Octane In 72 hours By The Ness Team


It took a long weekend for the Ness team to create this custom Octane. Objective? To demonstrate that in just 72 hours it’s possible to add some serious attitude (yours) to the new muscular model from Victory.

5Octane8OctaneZach Ness told me: “We first ripped the sheet metal off and shot a candy blue over the existing Victory titanium paint job.  We fabricated some modular handlebars, a 2 into 1 header with a Arlen Ness by Magnaflow F Bomb exhaust. We also installed some of our off-the-shelf accessories that are available for Octane such as our Knockout wheels, Torque Box air filter kit, Big Shot tuner. We also added some prototype billet covers, grips, foot pegs, power LED turn signals and a 14″ oversized front brake rotor kit.  Many more options coming soon for the Octane. We are on the gas!”

67OctaneNess is about to launch a full line of custom parts specific to the Octane. Below are some of the few products used on this project.

  • – Arlen Ness Modular Handlebars
    – Arlen Ness Smooth Fusion Grips
    – Arlen Ness by MagnaFlow F-Bomb Muffler w/     one-off headers
    – Arlen Ness Knock Out Wheels
    – Arlen Ness Big Brake front rotor kit (14″ Rotor w/ billet caliper bracket)
    – Arlen Ness Turn Signals
    – Arlen Ness Forged Billet Mirrors
    – Prototype billet engine covers & fender rails.
Progressive Suspension

J.W. Speaker Launches Their 2nd Dynamically “Adaptive” Motorcycle Headlight

8690-38690-18690-2J.W. Speaker Corporation, a leading U.S.-based lighting firm specializing in innovative LED solutions for OEMs and the aftermarket.

Last February I reported on J.W. Speaker launching their the world’s first dynamically adaptive LED motorcycle headlight in a 7” round configuration. Consumer demand for this same adaptive technology in 5.75″ round size drove J.W. Speaker to develop the new Model 8690 A Series.

The Model 8690 A Series headlight uses the same advanced electronics and on-board sensors as the Model 8790, enabling the headlight to carefully calculate bank angles and automatically control a light array to direct the light up or down as the motorcycle leans. As a result, the Model 8690 A Series headlight fills in the void of light to the left or right of the motorcycle, providing additional illumination and enhancing visibility while cornering. Heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum housing and state-of-the-art LEDs not only deliver premium performance, but also give a bike a truly unique look! Continue reading ‘J.W. Speaker Launches Their 2nd Dynamically “Adaptive” Motorcycle Headlight’

Sturgis Buffalo Chip 35th Anniversary Sweepstakes

BC-1One lucky winner will receive 10 nights of concerts and camping for two at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Campground, a $500 travel voucher, a $250 Hot Leathers shopping spree, and a custom painted helmet. Winner will be notified June 22, 2016 via email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to winning notification. No response will result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner. Enter the contest HERE.

Joke Of The Week

cyril-huze-jokeA first-grade teacher, Ms. Brooks, was having trouble with one of her more precocious students. The teacher asked, “Harry, what exactly is your problem?” Harry answered, “I’m too smart for the 1st grade.  My sister is in the 3rd grade and I’m smarter than she is!  I think I should be in the 3rd grade, too!”

Ms. Brooks finally had enough; she took Harry to the principal’s office.  While Harry waited in the outer office, the teacher explained the situation to the principal.  The principal told Ms. Brooks he would give the boy a test.  If he failed to answer any of his questions he was to go back to the 1stgrade and behave. She agreed. Harry was brought in and the conditions were explained to him and he happily agreed to take the test.

Principal:  “What is 3 x 3?”. Harry:  “9.”

Principal:  “What is 6 x 6?”. Harry:  “36.”

And so it went with every question the principal thought a bright 3rd grader should know.

The principal looks at Ms. Brooks and tells her, “Y’know, I reckon Harry can go to the 3rdgrade.” But Ms. Brooks is still skeptical of the little bugger and says to the principal “Not so fast, let me ask him a few questions.” The principal and Harry both agree.

Ms. Brooks asks, “What does a cow have four of that I have only two of?”

Harry, after a moment:  “Legs.”

Ms. Brooks:  “What is in your pants that you have but I do not have?”

The principal wondered why would she ask such a question! Continue reading ‘Joke Of The Week’

Motorcycle Parts Website

Harley Reports First-Quarter Earnings. Beating Estimates On International Sales. US Retail Sales Slightly Down.

HD1logohdFirst-quarter net income declined to $250.49 million from last year’s $269.85 million. Earnings per share, however, increased 7.1 percent to $1.36 from $1.27 last year, owing to lower share count. On average, 19 analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expected earnings of $1.30 per share for the quarter. Consolidated revenue increased to $1.75 billion from $1.67 billion in last year’s first quarter.

logohdMotorcycles and related products revenues went up to $1.58 billion from prior year’s $1.51 billion. Analysts expect revenues of $1.50 billion. Harley-Davidson worldwide retail motorcycle sales in the first quarter were up 1.4 percent to 57,458, driven by a 4.5 percent increase in international markets. Retail motorcycle sales in the U.S. fell slightly by 0.5% as a result of increased competition. Latin America sales tumbled 26.5%, Harley-Davidson sold 57,458 motorcycles during the first quarter, including 35,326 in the U.S. Units grew 8.8% in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

logohdLooking ahead, Harley-Davidson expects to ship 82,500 to 87,500 motorcycles in the second quarter, compared to 85,172 motorcycles shipped in the year-ago period. The company continues to expect it will ship 269,000 to 274,000 motorcycles in 2016, an approximate 1 to 3 percent increase from 2015. “The increased marketing and new product investments are beginning to take hold and we anticipate continued progress across our focus areas as we dial in and ramp-up our approach,” said Chief Executive Matt Levatich. Continue reading ‘Harley Reports First-Quarter Earnings. Beating Estimates On International Sales. US Retail Sales Slightly Down.’

Caught On Video. Dog Nearly Kills 2 Bikers

On the road, bikers face many dangers. And it’s not only car drivers. In these 2 frightening videos, a dog runs across. One biker hits the dog and falls. The following rider lays down his bike to avoid him, and as he is sliding on the road across the middle lane he finds himself in the path of an upcoming semi truck. Thanks to an incredible reflex, he is able to avoid being hit by the semi. Accidents happen so fast…Watch these 2 videos shot from different angles.

New Barnett Scorpion Billet Clutch Basket For 2007-16 Harley Big Twins

1Barnett-321-30-02012-Scorpion-Basket2Barnett-321-30-02012-Scorpion-BasketGot a broken clutch basket on your 2007 or later Harley Davidson Big Twin? The fix is in with the latest Barnett Scorpion clutch basket. This billet basket is the highest quality and most cost effective replacement for your broken stock basket. Precision machined from tough 2024-T3 billet aluminum and hard anodized, this basket is superior in quality and durability to the stock basket. To install, simply remove the stock basket from the ring gear/primary sprocket and bolt on the new Barnett Scorpion basket. All hardware and instructions are included and, like all Barnett products, it’s proudly made in the USA. MSRP: $399 (Part # 321-30-02012) To order, contact your local dealer or order online at Barnett Clutches.

Harley-Davidson Unveils The Sportster Roadster. Blacked-Out Styling, Inverted 43 mm Front Suspension, Two-Up Seat, Slotted Black Exhaust. Starting At $11,199.

HarleyRoadsterHarley-Davidson Unveils The Sportster Roadster with a look reminiscent of a garage-built custom with blacked-out styling details, slammed bars, chopped rear fender, race-inspired graphics, a finned timer cover, slotted black exhaust shields and more… The new Roadster features a minimalist, fastback design inspired by classic racing motorcycles

“Since its introduction in 1957, the Harley-Davidson Sportster has proved capable of constant reinvention, and the Roadster writes a new chapter in that story,” said Harley-Davidson Director of Styling Brad Richards. “We’ve watched our customers take the Sportster in so many different directions. The Roadster is a mash-up of styling genres, but the intent was to build a rider’s motorcycle, a Sportster that’s lean and powerful and connects the rider to the road.”

As the newest member of the Dark Custom lineup, the Roadster combines modern performance and retro-inspired styling with premium suspension components, an air-cooled 1200cc V-Twin engine that delivers a strong pulse of mid-range torque and a profile reminiscent of vintage racing motorcycles from the 1950s and 1960s.

“We wanted to give the Roadster some DNA from the high-performance KHR models of the mid-50s, and later Sportsters tuned for the drag strip,” said Richards. “Those bikes had fenders cut to the struts, the small fuel tank, and were stripped to their bare essentials to achieve a singular performance purpose.” Continue reading ‘Harley-Davidson Unveils The Sportster Roadster. Blacked-Out Styling, Inverted 43 mm Front Suspension, Two-Up Seat, Slotted Black Exhaust. Starting At $11,199.’

A Custom Sportster Named “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”!

11chicken22chicken33chicken“Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”! It may be the weirdest name ever given to a custom motorcycle. This saying is used (very rarely) when one is excited to have won something. The legend tells that years ago every casino in Las Vegas had a three-piece chicken dinner with a potato and a veggie for $1.79. A standard casino bet back then was $2, hence when you won a bet you had enough for a chicken dinner!” So, the call of glorious victory rang out like that: “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”…

4Shawsportster5ShawsportsterUK Shaw Harley-Davidson custom division “Shaw Speed And Custom” is participating in the “The Custom Kings” contest where Harley-Davidson ask its dealers to get their hands dirty transforming a stock Sportster into a killer custom. And of course the shop expect to be called a winner in this match-up, although probably not with an announcement of the type “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner”

4bisShawsportster7ShawsportsterSteven Willis, dealer principal at Shaw Harley-Davidson mentioned to me that too many custom projects cost the price of 2 or 3 factory bikes and that his objective was to demonstrate to his clients what can be achieved on an Iron Sportster 883 with a modest budget. The crew in charge of the project just tried to make the bike look different with very subtle changes. It was not about creating something never seen before, but more about bringing touches of several current popular trends like the retro movement, the street racer and brat styles. A custom bike that needs to be appreciated on thought, build quality, stance and ride ability rather than glitz and glamour. Continue reading ‘A Custom Sportster Named “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”!’

Milano Resin And Aluminum Grips

2Ottogrip1OttogripI like very much these “Milano” grips marrying resin inserts with billet aluminum. The resin insert is made out of billet resin with each grip set offering a unique color tone that can’t be duplicated. Ergonomic shape and comfortable to the touch. For the aluminum part of the grip you can choose between chrome, brass and smooth or wrinkled black anodizing. Made in Italy by Ottodicuori Italy.

Vintage Boardtrack Motorcycle Racing

Crusher Street Sleeper III Air Cleaner for Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 99-16

crusher1Think of the all-new Street Sleeper® III Air Cleaner from Crusher® as a heavy-breathing wolf in sheep’s clothing. The high-flow intake kits deliver significantly enhanced airflow to all ’99-’16 Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam motors, while lurking discreetly under the factory air cleaner cover for a deceiving stock appearance.

Street Sleeper III Air Cleaner kits include a Crusher-designed lifetime-warrantied K&N® filter element that’s washable and reusable. Full perimeter and outer-end breathing provides unrestricted airflow for greatly improved performance versus the stock filter element. A unique internal crankcase breather design eliminates the need for external hoses or fittings for a clean appearance. The cast aluminum back plate features a large, curved entry to the throttle body for smooth and precise air delivery to the motor. Continue reading ‘Crusher Street Sleeper III Air Cleaner for Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 99-16’

Joke Of The Week

cyril-huze-jokeA man was walking down the street when he was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless man who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner. The man took out his wallet, extracted ten dollars and asked:

“If I give you this money, will you buy some beer with it instead of dinner?” “No, I had to stop drinking years ago,” the homeless man replied. “Will you spend this on green fees at a golf course instead of food?” the man asked. “Are you NUTS!” replied the homeless man. “I haven’t played golf in 20 years!”

“Well,” said the man, “I’m not going to give you money. Instead, I’m going to take you home for a hot shower and a terrific dinner cooked by my wife.” The homeless man was astounded. “Won’t your wife be furious with you for doing that? The man replied, “That’s okay. It’s important for her to see what a man looks like after he has given up drinking and golf.”

Indian Motorcycle Is Giving Away Art

indianmotorcycleartOn Saturday April 16, customers who test drive an Indian motorcycle at their local dealership can leave with a handcrafted piece of Indian Motorcycle art, a limited edition Chief Dark Horse poster created by LA artist Mathew Curran (while supplies last). Indian and agency Saatchi & Saatchi agency Team One asked stencil artist Matthew Curran to create the pieces, which are made with the signature Indian Red paint and feature Indian’s Chief Dark Horse motorcycle.

“It’s a great tie to the brand and a great tie to our history, and it’s something that our owners will value. It also lends itself to the handcrafted nature and the heritage of our bikes” said Reid Wilson, director of marketing for Indian Motorcycle. It gives our dealers a great opportunity to talk to new customers and bring new people into the brand.”

See in the video below Curran at work stenciling and painting the prints. The video was posted on Indian’s social channels and emailed to its mailing lists, and individual dealers were given assets to promote the effort on their social channels.

From The Sinister Bad Boy Collection Wheels

roadglidecopper1A new Sinister Wheel model joined the Bad Boy Collection. CNC in-house machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum Rotary forged Billet and available in chrome, copper, black & machined and custom Colors of your Choice. Like the rest of the Bad Boy lineup, all stock and custom sizes available from 16” to 32” including ABS (add $50). Paint upgrade is available for $325 (16” thru 23”), and $400 (26”, 30” and 32”). Matching pulleys from 11.5” to 18” (61T to 70T) and sprockets 48T and 51T. At Sinister Wheels.

Hal’s Harley-Davidson Wins “King Of Customs” Dealer Competition

1HalsSixty North America Harley dealers fought out hard to get a Harley accolade and the bragging rights of being 2016 Harley North America “King Of Customs” Hal’s Harley-Davidson of New Berlin, Wisconsin under the lead of Bud Curtis is the chosen winner with this Sportster 883 Super Low. Named “General Mayhem” it’s a modern day dual-sport bike that can conquer city streets and rural roads alike. “Our vision was a modern day dual-sport bike with an edgy, minimalist look that would appeal to millennials, hooligan riders or the young at heart,” said Bud Curtis, team lead at Hal’s Harley-Davidson. “We are proud to have built the General Mayhem, our take on a Sportster that we hope can be enjoyed by the masses.”

2Hals3HalsIt features a dual headlight to provide protection in a rugged environment, a 1200cc engine conversion with tuned exhaust to optimize performance, a fabricated tank with padded inserts that allows the rider to connect with the road, a chain conversion, a custom mini fairing, taller wheels and many genuine black H-D aftermarket parts.  Continue reading ‘Hal’s Harley-Davidson Wins “King Of Customs” Dealer Competition’

Harley Touring Performance Upgrade. The Kraus ST Inverted Front End.

krausinverted1Suspension is one of the most important performance upgrades that can be made to a Harley. The improvements in stability, traction control and brake-dive directly affect handleability and translate to rider enjoyment and safety. Front forks on a motorcycle need to be as rigid as possible to function as effective suspension parts. They also need to be as light as possible.

krausinverted2Satya Kraus of Kraus Motor co. explains: “Most of the stress applied to forks occurs just below the bottom triple tree. When you pull the brake lever you are “braking the wheel” and the bike slows because the front wheel is attached to the front suspension. The momentum of the bike transmits through the forks, trying to push the front wheel. An inherent advantage of inverted forks is their weight, they’re lighter than conventional front ends. A steel fork tube is the heaviest part of a traditional fork assembly.

By design, inverted forks have shorter and thinner walled fork tubes. This results in less steering inertia and more responsive handling feel. One more benefit, inverted front ends deliver better compression and rebound dampening than conventional designs. Oh and one more big benefit when you compare invented front ends against conventional front (tube & slider) ends is their strength.” Continue reading ‘Harley Touring Performance Upgrade. The Kraus ST Inverted Front End.’

My Bike Backfires During De-Acceleration After I Installed Aftermarket Exhaust. Can The backfiring Be Minimized Or Eliminated?

backfiringBackfiring (or more accurately “afterfire”) is caused by unburned fuel/air mixture being ignited by the heat of the muffler. When the throttle is closed during de-acceleration and the transmission is in gear, the engine continues to rotate at a faster rpm relative to the throttle position.

As a result of this engine rotation, more air/fuel mix is pulled through the carburetor or injector throttle body (dependent upon it’s ECM program). This mixture can then build up in the hot muffler and ignite. The bang heard is the sound of this fuel igniting after the throttle has been closed while de-accelerating. Continue reading ‘My Bike Backfires During De-Acceleration After I Installed Aftermarket Exhaust. Can The backfiring Be Minimized Or Eliminated?’

Road Rage On A Florida Highway. Bikers Versus Car Driver.

The road rage incident happened on the Courtney Campbell Causeway near Tampa. One motorcyclist donning a GoPro helmet camera captured the frightening incident when three bikers and a BMW driver confronted one another. The footage starts showing one biker passing the BMW car. Later two bikers can be seen boxing in the BMW at a stoplight. A verbal argument turns into a physical confrontation. The car driver is knocked down by the bikers and a passenger woman in the Mercedes points a gun at the bikers… Watch the entire video below.

Sportster Oil Tank Side Covers

sportstersidecoverssportstersidecoversbisAdd a touch of retro with a set of ribbed oil tank side covers.

They fit on all Harley Sportster models from 2004 to 2013.

Offered in many different finitions, from polish to chrome, from black to many other anodizing colors. MSRP 248 euros for the set. At Custom Chrome Europe or Greasy Coast Facebook.

Flashback. 1961 G-12 Matchless.

1961MatchlessG12Promo03272016Defunct Matchless Motorcycles was created in 1889 by the Collier brothers (they won the first Isle of Man TT Tourist Trophy race in 1907) and is one of the oldest British manufacturers on record. During many years, khaki enamel applied to the gas tank was the only option and the brand color trademark. The featured 1961 G-12 model featured here is a 2-cylinder 646-cc (35 hp) vertical twin that could not compete in term of performance with similar Triumph and BSA 124 models. Sales were poor, a prelude to Matchless (company name “Associated Motorcycles”) failing  and becoming part of a new company, called Norton-Villiers in 1966. (Photo @ Doug Mitchel)

Motion Sensing Smart Self-Canceling Turn Signal For Your Motorcycle

safeturn1safeturn2Smart Turn System is the first self canceling turn signal system for motorcycles that is able to accurately turn off the signal at the completion of a maneuver. As the system makes use of motion sensor technology it is able to reliably determine whether a rider has changed a lane, exited a roundabout or simply completed a turn at a crossroad – the turn signal is always canceled as the maneuver is completed.

A patented system collects movement data of the motorcycle and uses an algorithm to determine what kind of a maneuver is taking place – once it is finished, the system completes its job by canceling the turn signal.

The idea was born from a misfortunate situation that could easily have turned into one of disastrous consequences – “I was riding around with turn signals left on after a completion of a maneuver and a very attentive car driver cut me off from the side road – his assumption of me intending to make a right turn at the crossroad was soundly based on what he was able to see: a blinking turn signal.” says Miha Kovač, the CEO of the company. As he discovered that there is no reliable solution for this problem on the market, he started gathering a larger team of experts to address this problem and prepare an operational prototype of a turn signal cancellation device. Video after the jump. Continue reading ‘Motion Sensing Smart Self-Canceling Turn Signal For Your Motorcycle’

A Better Foundation. S&S Announces Short Block Replacement Assemblies For 1984-99 Big Twins.

ss1SS2S&S Cycle has released a pair of short block engine assemblies designed to replace the tired bottom end on your 1984 through 1999 Carbureted and Fuel Injected 80″ Evolution big twin. Replace your entire stock lower end with an S&S Short Block assembly! A rock solid S&S flywheel assembly, installed in a set of bullet proof S&S Super Stock® crankcases. A stock replacement fitment with the added bonus of relocated oil pick up for better scavenging. Compatible with factory primary and gear covers, these short blocks are the ideal replacement for stock or high performance builds.

SS3“S&S Short Blocks are a solid, bolt-in solution for a bottom end that is no longer rebuildable” explains S&S Marketing Manager, Patrick Garvin. S&S Short Block engines are built using the same premium quality, U.S. made components that are used in S&S complete performance engines, assuring you of superior performance and long, trouble free engine life.

Stock 3 ½ ” bore and 4 ¼ ” stroke. Premium quality U.S. made S&S components. Compatible with all stock and most aftermarket parts. Full one year parts warranty. Includes certificate of origin for new crankcases. For more information, visit S&S Cycle Short Block Replacement.

8th Annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering Is May 14, 2016

1QuailGatheringWith more than 300 motorcycles on display, The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, features one of the world’s finest and rarest collections of vintage and modern motorcycles sponsored by leading manufacturers and top lifestyle, retail, and beverage companies ─ all hosted on the stunning green grasses of Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel, California. The Quail Motorcycle Gathering celebrates the Evolution of the Motorcycle, honoring both pre- and post-war eras of the world’s finest sports and racing bikes. Indulge in a weekend surrounded by the finest sports and racing motorcycles from around the world at the 8th annual The Quail Motorcycle Gathering at Quail Lodge & Golf Club on May 14, 2016. Event features displays by leading manufacturers, dealerships and accessory and lifestyle vendors, culinary pavilions, brew tents, live entertainment and much more. Continue reading ‘8th Annual Quail Motorcycle Gathering Is May 14, 2016’




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