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Neo-Fusion 5-Spoke Powertrain Dress Up Series. Consistency Creates Style.

1kensFrom Ken Nagai, the master in coordinated custom parts for your motorcycle, the Neo-Fusion 5-Spoke Powertrain Dress Up Series will please those obsessed with style consistency and beautiful details.

Nagai, lead designer and owner of the Ken’s Factory, offers this set of 3 head-turning powertrain dress up products:

A newly detailed 5-Spoke Derby Cover (5 holes in polished or black/machine cut)) to match with a brand new 5-spoke intake (for CV, EFI, Super E or G carburetors, in polished or black/machine cut) and with another brand new 5-spoke Points Cover (also sold polished or in black/machine cut)

For all those who love to show coordinated attention to details on their motorcycles. A noble merit on any custom. Order online at Ken’s Factory USA. or call 562-597-5666 for more info.


Fast Motorcycle Industry News


Discovery’s Miniseries “Harley And The Davidsons” Delivered 4.4 Million Viewers. It was the most watched single-network cable miniseries in 3.5 years (since “The Bible”) This was also Discovery’s highest-rated rookie series ever among 25-54. Airing 3 consecutive nights from September 5-7, HARLEY AND THE DAVIDSONS was the #1 cable program across P/M25-54 (excluding sports) and M18-49 all three nights. Discovery scored an impressive 2.23 P25-54 rating with 4.36 M Total viewers P2+ on Monday, September 5 in L+3. The miniseries held strong with 2.17 P25-54 (4.41 M Total viewers) on Tuesday, September 6 and 2.11 P25-54 (4.41 M Total viewers) on September 7.

Royal Enfield Opened Its North American Headquarters And First Store in Milwaukee. Although installed in the same Third Ward neighborhood than Harley-Davidson, the 115 years old company based in India doesn’t try to compete with the American manufacturer. State tax incentives and a motorcycle friendly city are the main reasons for choosing Milwaukee. In the US, Royal Enfield will sell models in the $5,000 to $6,000 price range, hoping to appeal to the millennials generation.

Harley-Davidson Declares $0.35 Quarterly Dividend, A 2.7% Yield. Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) declared a quarterly dividend of $0.35 per share, or $1.4 annualized. The dividend will be payable on September 23, 2016, to stockholders of record on September 13, 2016, with an ex-dividend date of September 9, 2016. The annual yield on the dividend is 2.7 percent.

Spectro Oils

Kuryakyn’s New Sprint Scout Collection Designed By John Shope

1scoutseriesThe very successful Indian Scout and Scout Sixty are powerful middleweight cruisers offering platforms begging to be customized for an even more aggressive stance. John Shope of Dirty Bird Concepts designed a “Sprint Scout” line of custom parts produced by Kuryakyn and featured on a custom Indian Scout introduced during the last Sturgis rally.

2scoutseries3scoutseriesAmong these parts, a rear fender chopped and sculpted for a racier look that feeds off the tight lines created by the bolt-on Sprint Front Fender, Café Fairing, and Chin Spoiler. Factory belt and countershaft sprocket covers were cut and modified for a rugged semi-exposed appearance. Satin black Kuryakyn Heavy Industry footpegs and mirror, along with a custom engraved derby cover, powder coated factory covers, dirt track-style bars and wrapped head pipes with Crusher Maverick Slip-Ons all contribute to the Sprint Scout’s aggressively styled demeanor. Kuryakyn also incorporated a few prototype parts for the Scout that will soon be in production and available in early 2017. All parts and info at Kuryakyn Shope Signature Series.

Progressive Suspension

2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 5 Results.

cb1Wednesday’s ride was incredible for those who were roadworthy. Morning’s sunlight filtered through a slight mist and smokey mountain glens that made for the kind of moments to dream of.

Temps were cool, which also pleased the ancient engines.

The highlight of the day was the trip across the Wabash bridge which caused a few palpitations due to the antiquated condition of the warped and wobbly trestle.

A few cloud bursts followed the group and most arrived for the block party in Cape Girardeau with soggy butts and water logged socks, but none of that did anything to dampen spirits.

cb2It was 2014 when last we saw the locals and the reunion was a fun festival.

Oldies played over the loud speakers and the local car show gave folks a trip down memory lane.

Today riders will head to Springfield, Missouri for the evening stop.

Results after stage 5 after the jump. Continue reading ‘2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 5 Results.’

Custom Seat For Harley Slim Model. The Wall By Corbin.

1corbin4A 7” high vertical back support explains the name of this new custom seat for the Harley Slim model. This raised tail section is what you need if you love to do some aggressive riding… The tail of the Wall saddle is padded and upholstered to provide for short trips. Although this is built with the same quality foam material as the rider’s area, the shaping is designed primarily for looks and rider back support. When taking a passenger make sure you tell them to hold on tight!

2corbin43corbin4This seat features a low profile with a platform conceive to disperse rider weight evenly and eliminate hot spots. It is dished in the center to eliminate pressure on the tail bone. The nose of the saddle is sculpted narrow to provide for good ground reach. Genuine leather seating panels in your choice of color. The Wall seat installs on your bike using a tongue in the front and a single bolt into your fender at the rear. Made in the USA. At Corbin Seats.

Should I Run A 10 Micron Or A 30 Micron Oil Filter? By S&S Cycle.

oilfilter“A micron rating is given to show the efficiency of the oil filter (one micron is a millionth of a meter). This leads consumers to believe that the 10 micron filter must be better for their bike. Here is where it can get confusing. Though the 10 micron filter may have a higher filtration rating it does not allow the oil to return to the tank as fast.

With this in mind, the 10 micron filter was developed for use with the Twin Cam style engine, which has a different oiling system that allows oil to be forced through a more restrictive oil filter. The reason for the tighter filtration was explained by the manufacture as necessary to assure all of the smaller passages, in the Twin Cam style engine, would stay clear of debris. Continue reading ‘Should I Run A 10 Micron Or A 30 Micron Oil Filter? By S&S Cycle.’

Motorcycle Parts Website

Metzeler Tires and Indian Larry Motorcycles Raffling Off Famous Metzeler Custom Bike to Benefit Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation

metzelerbikeMetzeler Tires and Indian Larry Motorcycles  will be holding a raffle to benefit the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation, a charity established to help fight Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). One lucky winner will receive an incredible prize: the world-famous Indian Larry custom METZELER custom bike that is used in METZELER’S “follow your dream” contest. The bike will be fitted with ME 888 Marathon Ultra front and rear tires that are specifically designed for mileage, performance and handling.

metzelerbikebis“In the last few years, METZELER has been an amazing partner in donating towards the battle against ALD. The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation is honored and grateful for the support we have received from METZELER,” said Aidan’s mother and founder of the foundation, Elisa Seeger. “The donation of this motorcycle and the proceeds from it will not only help so many affected families, but raise awareness and get us closer to our mission of National ALD Newborn Screening.”

Raffle tickets will go on sale at the Indian Larry Block Party on September 17, 2016. Once the tickets are on sale, the custom METZELER motorcycle will go on the road for several events, selling raffle tickets at each one. The events include Aidan’s Ride California October 8; Biketoberfest October 14–16; Aidan’s Ride Virginia October 23rd; and The New York Motorcycle Show December 9–11. More events are in the works for 2017, and tickets will also be available to purchase online. METZELER and Indian Larry Motorcycles will announce the winner at the 2017 Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™. Continue reading ‘Metzeler Tires and Indian Larry Motorcycles Raffling Off Famous Metzeler Custom Bike to Benefit Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation’

Ask The Road. A Short Film Created By Metzeler At To Motorcycle Film festival In New York

From Milan to the Big Apple Via “Wheels and Waves”. A tire brand, 3 photographers and a special motorcycle are among the protagonists. A trip that lasted a year, which had no fear of sudden climate changes: from its debut at Deus Ex Machina store in Milan, across the official launch at Breuberg, in Germany, until the experience of “Wheels and Waves”, painted by three photographers-guests until the arrival in New York. The history of ROADTEC™ 01, the latest sport-touring tire from METZELER, is the subject of the short film that will be presented at Motorcycle Film Festival in Brooklyn, which will run until tomorrow September 17th. Below is the trailer.

Baritone Slip-Ons. A New Tune For Your Exhaust.

1Baritone-Chrome-10-10052Baritone-Chrome-10-1005Firebrand’s new Baritone Slip-Ons were inspired by the shape of a classic microphone. Available in show quality chrome or black ceramic mufflers and with your choice of chrome, black or contrast cut billet end caps. The Baritone 4” Slip-on’s fit all Harley Touring models including Tri-Glides and those with extended and skirted bags (Freewheeler specific version also available).

Additionally the end caps can be rotated to 4 different positions, allowing for even more customization. Equipped with 2.5 inch perforated core baffles wrapped in dual density packing, Engineered to produce a deep bass tone and increased performance in both stock and modified engines. Made in the USA by Firebrand. Chrome versions start at $799.95, Black start at $849.95.

2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 4 Results.

13(With the contribution of Felicia Morgan) Tuesday morning’s starting line in Chillicothe, Ohio saw 70 Motorcycle Cannonball riders anxious to hit the wind and change their ranks on the score sheet of daily miles across these great United States. Seeing the country one State Route at a time is exciting enough, but on the back of a 100-year old motorcycle is simply an experience unto itself. Not too many people can brag about having made a coast-to-coast trip on two wheels, let alone on a century old motorcycle and every rider on this  run is well aware of the historical significance of the undertaking.

02New Jersey resident, Jon Szalay sat in a gas station parking lot oiling parts on his 1913 Thor when he told us that he was crossing America “one quart of oil at a time” as his bike sat with a puddle of oil underneath it. “Yep, this is the USS Motorcycle Cannonball Valdez,” he quipped as his friend and fellow rider from the Thor Losers team, Doug Feinsod, made adjustments to his own 1913 Thor.  Both the 1904 Rex and the 1913 Shaw struggled with the hills and eventually came off the road before crossing from Ohio into Indiana. Continue reading ‘2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 4 Results.’

Postcards From 19th European Bike Week In Faaker-See Austria

0000faak5400faak540000faak540Last weekend, the 19th edition of the European Bike Week attracted be crowds of bikers around Lake Faak in Austria. In addition to the traditional entertainment and to rows of vendors, 2 major bike shows organized by Harley-Davidson and Custom Chrome Europe. These 2 ride-in shows are the highlights of the week and were blessed by great weather. In the CCE show, surprise guests and judges were Paul Sr and Michael Teutul, something to please the “theme bikes” builders who entered the competition… Motor Bike Expo Verona, one of the largest European events, did pick two of the top bikes and invited them to the 2017 edition where Custom Chrome Europe will run its next major bike show. I hope to be able to feature some of the winners more in details during the coming weeks. List of those awarded after the jump. Waiting for these close up features, a few postcards from Austria. (photos @ H. Roesler)
Results Custom Chrome Europe International Ride-In Bike Show Series In Faak after the jump Continue reading ‘Postcards From 19th European Bike Week In Faaker-See Austria’

2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 3 Results.

0-stage31-stage32-stage33-stage3More disaster plagued the Motorcycle Cannonball riders as they covered another 218-miles of their 3,304 transcontinental ride across America.

Even the sweep trucks are groaning under the pressure and one gave up entirely along the backroads of West Virginia.

German rider #61 lost his engine when the cylinder top blew off.

A whopping 25 riders finished off the day with zero points, which included both Sharon and Scott Jacobs who remain at the hospital in Maryland awaiting Scott’s shoulder surgery after his crash.

By day’s end in Chillicothe, Ohio just 27 riders still have a perfect score, but the route is taking the pack through some amazing country and riders are enjoying the ride. As long at the ancient machinery holds out…

Ranking after stage 3 after the jump. Continue reading ‘2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 3 Results.’

Racks For Harley Touring Models

metalsportrackmetalsportrackbisA rack for your tour pack and maybe a set for your saddlebags may be very very practical for your vacation long ride. Metalsport has you covered to hold your extra luggages and accessories. Both the tour pack and side bags racks are offered in chrome or black. Tour Rack rack is $285.35. Same price for the saddlebag rack. (patent pending) At Metal Sport

2015 Motor Vehicle Crash Data. Increase In Motorcyclist Fatalities.

motorcycleaccidentThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) released 2015 data concerning motor vehicle crashes and fatalities. This data also included information on motorcyclist fatalities. The data comes from NHTSA’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) as well as the National Automotive Sampling System and General Estimates System. The information provides an overall measure of highway safety, and aids in guiding policy solutions for federal and state lawmakers as well as provides a basis to evaluate the effectiveness of motor vehicle safety standards and highway safety programs.

In 2015, the nation saw an overall upward trend in vehicle crashes and fatalities across all segments of the population. Overall, there was a 7.2 percent increase which is the largest percentage increase in almost 50 years. Increases in fatalities were seen in all types of vehicles and roadway users including SUVs, vans, trucks, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. Specifically, motorcyclists’ fatalities in 2015 had an increase of 8.3%, the largest since 2012.

There were other statistics, specific to motorcycles that are of note:

• While the proportion of people killed ‘inside the vehicle’ (which includes drivers and passengers of cars, trucks, etc.) has declined by roughly 15% over the last decade, the proportion of people killed ‘outside the vehicle’ (which includes motorcyclists, pedestrians, etc.) has increased by roughly 15% over the last ten years.
• There were increases in motorcyclist fatalities in every age group except those 19 and under which saw fewer fatalities in 2015 than in 2014.
• Data showed that crashes due to ‘human choice’ specifically distracted driving, increased by almost 9%.
• Interestingly, there was a half percentage point drop in motorcyclists who had been involved in fatal crashes due to alcohol-impairment. This may suggest that some of the recent motorcycle and alcohol awareness programs could be starting to take effect. Continue reading ‘2015 Motor Vehicle Crash Data. Increase In Motorcyclist Fatalities.’

2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 2 Results.

1cb2cb3cb4cbYesterday September 11, rider #93, Scott Jacobs crashed his 1915 H-D after hitting gravel on the pavement along the route. He will need surgery and his wife Sharon is at his side (photo of Sharon & Scott before start). Riders pull out of Morgantown WV on day 3. There are only 30 riders left in contention with perfect scores. 18 motorcycles were delivered at day’s end for the hosted party at Triple S H-D in Morgantown, WV. Weather was perfect and scenery was incredible through the Appalachian mountains. Results after the jump. Continue reading ‘2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Stage 2 Results.’

Brough Superior Renaissance. Introducing The 2016 Brough SS100.

1-BroughSuperiorSS1002bis-BroughSuperiorSS1002-BroughSuperiorSS100They are born again brands. Triumph, Norton, Indian, MV Augusta among others. And now Brough Superior. The renaissance can be the effort of a few men or of a big corporation. It doesn’t matter. As motorcycle lovers we can only wish them success. After 3 years of designing, of prototyping, of road testing, of jumping all the hurdles of homologation, of sourcing vendors, of organizing the assembling workshop and of training technicians, the new Brough Superior SS100 is ready for serial production to continue George Brough’s legacy.

Brough Superior’s history starts in 1923 with the first Brough SS100 launched in 1924. SS stands for Super Sports and 100 for the warranted top miles per hour speed the model could reach. Just imagine what it meant to ride a motorcycle at 100 MPH almost one century ago. Brough Superior motorcycles were bought by many celebrities like the Colonel T E Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia who owned seven Broughs (one never delivered) and who died in 1935 riding one, and George Bernard Shaw, the famous Irish critic and playwright, critic, polemicist and Nobel prize winner. Dubbed The Rolls Royce of motorcycles the SS100 formed the backbone of the Brough Superior lineup (19 models). Victim of World War II austerity and of lack of materials to manufacture, George Brough’s Nottingham, UK factory closed in 1940. Continue reading ‘Brough Superior Renaissance. Introducing The 2016 Brough SS100.’

2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Grand Start In Atlantic City And Stage 1.

0cannonball1cannonball(with the contribution of Felicia Morgan) The 2016 event marks the fourth Motorcycle Cannonball race since 2010. The first ride required pre-1915 cycles; in 2012 the cutoff was 1929, while the 2014 ride called for pre-1936 cycles. This year the transcontinental ride is reserved to pre-1917 machines and is named the coast to coast Race Of The Century. 3304 miles in 16 days from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Carlsbad, California, the 2016 Cannonball is again a grueling test of grit and mettle for each rider and machine.

2cannonball3cannonball8cannonballYesterday Saturday September 10, The Atlantic City boardwalk was choked with onlookers as 90 antique motorcycles gathered for the Grand Start of the Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Race. Marques such as Harley-Davidson, Indian, Thor, Henderson and others set off for the journey that would take them from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the shining seas of the California to finish on September 25th.

9cannonballRiders on their pre-1917 motorcycles were safely escorted through the congested downtown Atlantic City traffic by local motor police, then spent the day traveling through the eastern states of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland before finishing for the night in York, Pennsylvania. By day’s end, the group logged 228 very difficult miles.

Between the oppressive heat accompanied by 88% humidity and the challenging terrain, both riders and machines were truly tested during the first day of the endurance run. Of the 90 riders who took to the course, 63 finished with a perfect score, another 27 received a “Did Not Finish” and one was Disqualified. One motorcycle caught fire, several had catastrophic engine failure, and several were trailered to the end point. By daylight, many of those machines will be roadworthy again after their riders and crew spend the night making repairs. Stage 1 results after the jump. Continue reading ‘2016 Cannonball Race Of The Century. Grand Start In Atlantic City And Stage 1.’

The Nash Baguette Tool Bag

baggettOn the road you can’t avoid mechanical issues, but you can prevent aggravation when you carry the most common tools.

The Baguette Tool Bag is exactly what you need for those unpredictable and annoying situations. Looking good thanks to its unique shape, small enough to not alter the look of any bike, but big enough for the most essential tools you may need.

Offered in black, natural or brown leather with nickel, black or brass buckle and rivets. Each side, right or left mount $160. $150 if you order both sides. At Nash Motorcycle Company.

Cast Aluminum Gas Caps For 1986-Up Harley-Davidson Models

1lowbrowcast2lowbrowcast4lowbrowcast3lowbrowcastCasting is the original and most widely used method of forming aluminum into products. This process is back in force to produce motorcycle parts, especially when you want to give your bike a retro vibe.

These 2 Lowbrow gas cap models, the Competition and the Tri-Bar Spinner replace the quite boring Harley factory gas cap on 1986 and later Harley-Davidson models and use the same threaded bung.

A smart feature of these vented cast aluminum gas caps is the ratcheting mechanism, which allows you to tighten the cap and then rotate it back right to the spot you want it to stay, keeping the design in line with your bike.

The soft and supple gasket will ensure no gas will spill from your tank while out riding, no matter how tight the curves. Both style gas caps are available in polished aluminum or the ever popular black. Continue reading ‘Cast Aluminum Gas Caps For 1986-Up Harley-Davidson Models’

2016 AIMExpo Championship Of The Americas

In 2015, the AIMExpo created The Championship of the Americas, a world class bike show focused on builders from all. This year again (October 13-16 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando) the winner will get a coveted entry, plus expenses, to represent the Americas win the 2018 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building during Intermit in Cologne, Germany. This year again (in Orlando October 13-16), the Championship will showcase the creativity of custom bike builders from as far north as Greenland all the way to the tip of South America.

The show will feature 4 classes based on different platforms as opposed to catering to the style de jour.
• Free Style. Which poses absolutely no restrictions on the builder.
• Retro Custom. Restricts the builder to pre-1984 drivetrains
• Street Custom. One of the most popular platforms – limits builders to major OEM engine and chassis configurations
• Performance Custom. Does not have to be street legal and allows full competition motorcycles to compete

Whether you are a professional builder or simply delight in personalizing your machine to reflect you, you are invited you to register and join at this year’s AIMExpo Championship Of The Americas.

Exile Cycles 20th Anniversary Party. Aiding the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

exile20partyI can’t believe that it’s already 10 years ago that I joined Russell Mitchell and crew in Los Angeles to celebrate Exile Cycles 10th anniversary. The 20th anniversary bash will take place on Sunday October 9th 2016 from 11am to 5pm at the old Western Town inside Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills, California. This is an awesome venue in the beautiful Santa Monica mountains just a mile or so from the world-famous Rock Store and minutes from the Malibu coast-line. There will be live music, bike show, vendors, craft beers, food-trucks and good-times. The Event is free, but, as usual, Exile Cycles will be accepting donations to aid the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Free Vendor Space. There is plenty of free vendor space so bring a table, bring a booth, bring a rig – whatever you like. Bring a bike, or just bring yourself! Either which way, Russell Mitchell will love you join him.

Product Donations Are Welcomed. If you can’t be there, but can find it in your heart to donate something for Exile Cycles raffle or auction, then please send it to the address below. Even just a couple of T-shirts will show you care. The LLS is such a great cause and any and every donation will be very gratefully received. If you are interested in exhibiting, or just have questions, then please drop a line at or call 818 706 1230

Pre-Launch Of Baker Grudge Box Transmission Builder’s Kit. Tougher Than Tough.

bakergrudgebox1bakergrudgebox4Baker Drivetrain is announcing the launch of the new Grudge Box Builder’s Kit described as “a more durable than Harley stock 6-speed transmission, tightly tuned and tough under late model power of 2007 and later Softail & Touring models and 2006 and later Dyna models (a Strip version is also available.) No case modifications are required for installation.

Cruise at 85mph with the overdrive 6th gear; lowering RPM on the highway for improved fuel economy, reduced vibration and less wear and tear on the rider. All versions have a .92 overdrive 6th gear (250 RPM reduction). The new generation OVERDRIVE can handle over 200+HP! Finishes available for gear case, top cover, door in raw, wrinkle black, polished and chrome. Continue reading ‘Pre-Launch Of Baker Grudge Box Transmission Builder’s Kit. Tougher Than Tough.’

First Customized Indian Scout With Kuryakyn By John Shope Sprint Line

1Scout2Scout33Scout4ScoutDue to its popular success, lots of Indian Scouts are sitting in custom builders’ shops for radical makeovers. And a lot of owners with more limited customization budgets are craving for custom parts they can bolt-on themselves on their ride. Hence a plethora of new custom parts sought after as much abroad where the Scout is sold than in the US. Kuryakyn is marketing its just released Sprint Line by “Dirty Bird” John Shope and already found a European distributor (Custom Chrome Europe) and individual buyers.

5Scout6ScoutWhen Kuryakyn received a call from CCE East Europe Sales Rep Marcel Masaryk who just bought a brand new Scout, no hesitation from its President Holger Mohr. He ordered the full Scout Sprint line to be shipped the same day to Croatia where Masaryk is based. What you see here is the result of the bolt-on makeover accomplished in one week, painting of body parts included. Continue reading ‘First Customized Indian Scout With Kuryakyn By John Shope Sprint Line’

RCX Exhaust 4.5” Slip-on Mufflers For 2017 Harley Touring Models

rcx116-whitebkgRC Components has just released the new RCX Exhaust 4.5” Slip-on Mufflers for 2017 HD Touring models. These new mufflers are truly unique in design while offering an incredibly deep and smooth exhaust tone. Each muffler features a full length 4.5″ diameter muffler body with a precision tuned 3 inch stepped core baffle. This unique baffle design transitions from a 2.5 inch louvered core into a wrapped 3 inch perforated baffle, which works to produce a deep smooth rumble while providing you with increased horsepower and torque.

The RCX 4.5” mufflers have been engineered and tested to maintain the proper air/fuel ratio with no modifications required. Customize the look of these new mufflers with your choice of 10 unique RCX Exhaust tips. Each muffler is available in chrome or a rich ceramic black finish. Made in the U.S.A. | Lifetime Warranty Visit RC Components or call 800-360-0915 to speak to a sales associate. MSRP $669.95

New Fairing Mounted Mirrors From Bahn™

21597_1350x900_RGB_72DPIConceived for use on Harley-Davidson® Rushmore batwing fairings, these new Bahn mirrors not only add style but also, and more importantly, maximize your field of visionth asks to their wider profile than stock.

The contoured mirror heads are forged from premium 6061 aluminum and meet DOT-compliant size standards at 5’’ wide x 3-1/8’’ tall. A machined stainless steel ball and nylon socket provides smooth pivoting for easy adjustability and precise, firm positioning.

Available in black anodized “Tuxedo” finish, Bahn Fairing Mounted Mirrors are direct replacements for ’14-’16 Street Glides, and include a drill template for installation on ’14-’16 Electra Glide and Tri Glide models. MSRP: $189.99 • P/N 1814 – Bahn Fairing Mounted Mirrors, Tuxedo.

Postcards From Croatia Bike Week

000faak54000faak5400faak540Yes, there is a Croatia Bike Week and it has been running during the last 22 years! After the horrible war of independence that effectively ended in August 1995 with a decisive victory of Croatia, this small country of 4.25 million at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean has fully recovered and is now one of the preferred riding destination of many Austrian, Italian, Greek & German bikers. Kudos to Boris Pratnekar, publisher of Biker’s World” the only Balkan-State Custom Motorcycles magazine for organizing the Croatia Bike Week and to Custom Chrome Europe stepping in as the sponsor for prizes and trophies awarded to the bike show winners.

0faak261x3071faak261x307To be mentioned: Charlie Beaton of “No Nonsense Choppers” and his son won both “Best Chopper” and “Best of Show”. The criteria “clean bike” was not an issue for the judges because the bikes were ridden about 7000 miles (12,000 km) on a trip  through all Europe and on the route to Croatia. Charlie’s short comment: “I didn’t expect that!” The winner of the “Best Harley” trophy got awarded not just for his bike but for the fact that he was coming from Rock River/Illinois! Croatia Bike Week is held in the city of Pula whose surrounding region is known for its mild climate, smooth sea, and unspoiled nature. A few (try few) postcards, but now you know that this event exists. (photos @ H. Roesler)





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