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Harley-Davidson Commitment To Great Cancer Survivors. The Pink Label Collection And Gear.

pink-label-ultra-light-half-helmetHarley-Davidson firmly believes that nobody rides alone, on the road or through life. That commitment is behind the Harley-Davidson® Pink Label Collection, a program inspired by the struggles and courage of riders and passengers who’ve been impacted by breast cancer. The 2017 Harley-Davidson® Pink Label Collection is a special product offering of 37 items, each featuring hot-pink trim and a special pink ribbon label or logo that represents the purpose behind the purchase of each item.

At least 3% of the proceeds from sales of the Harley-Davidson® Pink Label Collection is donated to partner organizations offering education and support to breast cancer survivors. Since its launch in 2010, the Harley-Davidson® Pink Label program has donated more than $2 million dollars for the program partners. .

1pink-label-leopard-accent-hoodie-front2pink-label-leopard-accent-hoodie-backStraight from the urban jungle, the new Pink Label Leopard Accent Hoodie (P/N 99129-17VW, from $80.00*) features a pink leopard-print lining in the hood. The cotton/ploy blend burnout fleece is washed for a worn appearance, with contrasting raglan sleeves and raw-edge seams. The Pink label logo is placed on the front kangaroo pocket. Printed graphics are embellished with rhinestones. Offered in XS to 3W sizes.

1pink-label-stitched-fleece-jacket-front2pink-label-stitched-fleece-jacket-backThe new Pink Label Stitched Fleece Jacket (P/N 98579-17VW, from $110.00*) offers a contrast in texture with stitched overlay panels of ripstop front and back. The body is cozy black polyester bonded micro-fleece that’s anti-pilling to look great for the long haul. The extended cuffs have thumbholes to help keep hands warm. The hem is adjustable with a bungee-and-toggle located inside two hand warmer pockets. A Pink Label medallion is affixed to the front hem. Offered in XS to 3W plus Petite and Tall sizes. Continue reading ‘Harley-Davidson Commitment To Great Cancer Survivors. The Pink Label Collection And Gear.’


Exclusive Interview With Billy Lane About The Inaugural Sons Of Speed Board-Track Racing


smyrnaspeedwayI spent this Tuesday afternoon at the shop of Billy Lane in Ormond Beach, Florida for the interview below. As soon as I arrived Billy informed me that unfortunately he had to take the decision to postpone the inaugural Sons Of Speed Race due to the effects of hurricane Matthew (see today’s picture of collapsed stands at the Smyrna Beach Speedway). The race is now scheduled March 17-18 during the 2017 edition of Daytona Bike Week. Ticket holders can keep their tickets for access to the race in March or will be refunded if they don’t intend to participate to the coming edition of Daytona Bike Week.

billy-lane-cyril-huze-1Billy Lane’s inaugural Sons of Speed vintage motorcycle racing, now scheduled in March 2017, will be a major highlight.

Riders astride hand-built chassis holding pre-1925 American v-twin engines are going to fight hard in several heats to advance to the championship round. A great show not to miss in the pure tradition of the 20’s and 30’ board-track racing.

crockerCyril. About 8 years ago, in a private conversation, you told me about your concept of organizing races inspired by early twentieth-century board-track racing on old banked racetracks. Your inaugural Sons Of Speed event that should have happened a few years ago is going to take place in a few days during Daytona Biketoberfest, October 15 (with practice the day before) at the New Smyrna Speedway. During the last 18 months, AMA pro-flat track racing has been successful in attracting a new public to the sport, to the point that AMA is establishing new rules making each event easier to understand by spectators. At the same time Indian has been successfully sponsoring the Scout Sixty Hooligans dirt track racing with about 10 events around the US. And now, with its new FT 750 bike, Indian is returning to the track, ready to challenge Harley-Davidson after a 60-year absence. Although these events are different from yours, you anticipated by quite a few years the trend towards old school and vintage racing. How do you explain this renewed excitement for the sport, and why now?

Billy. The bikes we ride today are all derived from century old racers.  Motorcycles surely would not have advanced as far or as quickly as they have, without board-track and flat-track racing.  I think companies like Harley-Davidson and Indian must each rely on the strength their heritage to compete with modern cycles from abroad- and of course with each other.  Both companies’ heritage is deeply rooted in racing. Flat track is becoming popular because it is relatively inexpensive to do, and it is a lot of fun.  Board track racing has not blossomed, but the bikes themselves are wildly popular.  I believe this is because of the expense of a banked speedway, the frailty, rarity, and high value of the original machines- combined with a lack of information regarding how to keep one running long enough to enjoy it.  But, this will change.  Nothing is more gorgeous than seeing a board track racer on a slant.  You and I did talk about this years ago.  Indian Larry and I talked about it. We both loved the raw, mechanical simplicity of early gasoline engines.  Watching them run is mesmerizing.  Indian Larry would be on the track at Sons of Speed, if he were still physically here.  And, damn, I wish he was. The OEM’s have, for years, mimicked what is happening in the custom & aftermarket world, with a significant amount of lag time…  What is happening with them now is no different.

1913_prymack0009Cyril. We all know in the industry that to find old motors to be rebuilt is relatively easy if you are ready to spend a lot of time looking for them…and a lot of money. And you own quite a few of these pre-1925 American engines. But we also know that it’s much more difficult, and most of the time impossible, to find the original genuine parts to rebuild the bikes where these motors were cradled. So, explain how were built the bikes that will be raced in Smyrna Beach. How many of these bikes did you build yourself?

Billy. It used to be that these early engines were mainly a novelty to most, and only coveted by a small circle of collectors and enthusiasts. The World grew a little smaller, and it got to the point where engines were relatively abundant, and price might be the only reason to pass on one.  Demand, now, is so high that we seldom see a complete, quality engine for sale. There just aren’t that many old engines left to pick.  And those who are holding, are holding on to what they’ve got.  Now, they’re highly priced commodities.  All of this happened in a very short span of time.  Complete bikes, pre-1935, are a rarity.  So many of them were scrapped during the Great Depression and to arm and armor World Wars I & II.  Motorcycle construction was frail, roads were rough, information was scarce, and obsolescence ran in step with time.  Motorcycles didn’t survive, but owners would sometimes keep the engines for use in another machine, as a source for parts, or as a power source for some sort of implement.  Which left us with a surplus of engines and a shortage of motorcycles to put them in.  I’ve solved this problem with Sons of Speed.  Rather than scour the Earth in search of old parts, I decided to make modern versions of the century old motorcycles that used to cradle these amazing engines.  Modern materials and construction allow me to build a lighter, faster, more affordable version of the spectacular board track racers that thrilled crowds from 1909-1930.

1910_hd_0007Cyril. How were chosen the first 8 racers belonging to the inaugural race, and what specific qualities they must own to race on a steeply banked racetrack? Who are they?  And what machines they are going to ride?

Billy. Choosing riders for this inaugural race was complicated.  Diversity in the riders was a must, because motorcycling attracts such a diverse crowd.  I wanted people I know personally, because dependability and trust are built-in. I also sought out enthusiasm for this type of racing.  The biggest challenge was to find motorcycles to race.  Most of the board track racing motorcycles we’ve all seen are highly expensive and collectible static displays, either in books, collections, or in museums.  They will never be run or ridden. I was initially prepared to build twelve complete racers, myself- with my own money, on my own time- and hand pick riders for them.  Too many people, however, were a disappointment and let me down… I regrouped, and we have eight riders ready for the October 15th Sons of Speed race.  Our racers are; (1) Shelly Rossmeyer-Pepe, riding her 1915 Harley-Davidson powered Sons of Speed racer, which I built completely. (2) Warren Lane, riding his 1920 Indian Powerplus, in a Sons of Speed chassis I built for him. (3)  Matt Walksler, riding his 1922 Harley-Davidson 1/2-mile racer 4) Rick Petko, riding his 1919 Indian Powerplus, in a Sons of Speed chassis I built for him (5) Buzz Kanter, riding his 1915 Harley-Davidson powered Sons of Speed racer, which I built completely (6) Jay Allen, riding my 1912 Flying Merkel powered Sons of Speed racer, which I built completely (7) Brittney Olsen, riding her 1923 Harley-Davidson 1/2-mile racer  (8) Me, riding my 1913 OHV Perry Mack powered Sons of Speed racer, which I built completely.  Moving forward, I’d like to open the event up to the public, so that anyone with a suitable machine and riding skills may race in Sons of Speed. Continue reading ‘Exclusive Interview With Billy Lane About The Inaugural Sons Of Speed Board-Track Racing’

Spectro Oils

2016 AMD World Championship Of Bike Building. And The Top Winners Are…(Part 1)

Last Sunday in Cologne, Germany, the competitors participating to the 12th AMD World Championship of Bike Building have voted to elect the new World Champion for the next two years. The overall winner was chosen among those 42 custom motorcycles in the Freestyle class with no fewer than 14 different countries ranked in the top 20. On Thursday I will publish the winners of the other 4 classes, Modified Harley, Cafe Racer, Retro Modified and Street Performance.(studio photography @ Onno Wieringa and Frank Sander, on location @ Horst Roesler for Cyril Huze)

World Champion
1rumbleracer2rumbleracer3rumbleracerSuicide Customs from Japan. It’s the third time that a customizer from Japan has taken the Championship ring home. Named “Rumbler Racer”, the 1000 cc V-twin from Suicide Customs has quite a back story. Crated for dry shipping to Europe several weeks before the show, builder Koh Niwa had tense days and late evenings at the World Championship before managing to get the bike fired up and completing the necessary run test (video verified) to be able to qualify for the competition.

2nd Place
2naumann1naumannSecond place, went to Michael Naumann of Germany for his Ironhead Sportster engined “Simple Iron”.

3rd Place
1kruggermotorcycles2kruggermotorcycles3kruggermotorcyclesThird place went to 2014 World Champion Fred “Krugger” Bertrand from Krugger Motorcycles in Belgium for his S&S Cycle 103” engined “LADD”.

4th Place
1mooreLarry Moore of Witchita, Kansas, taking fourth for his “Kontrolled Kaos”,

5th Place
1north-coast-customNorth Coast Custom taking for “Alcatraz 521”.

Progressive Suspension

2016 Daytona Biketoberfest As Scheduled October 13-16 Despite Hurricane Matthew

cyrilhuzebiketoberfestlogoThere was never plans to cancel the 2016 edition of Biketoberfest in the aftermath of hurricane Matthew. It’s true that as of today, there are still a total of about 60,000 homes and businesses without power in Flagler and Volusia counties, but power is restored at a fast pace. Yard and home material debris are being removed and should have disappeared from the streets when Biketoberfest officially starts on Wednesday October 13. Erosion all along the coast will be the longest reminder of the impact of this hurricane.

But after the storm, the rumble. I am not aware of any event being canceled and as usual the main poles of attraction and of entertainment will be Main Street, Riverfront Park, Daytona International Speedway and Destination Daytona at Interstate 95 and U.S. Highway 1 in Ormond Beach. I just arrived in Daytona to visit some local builders and just arrived vendors, and will split my week time between here and Orlando where I will also report on the AIMExpo.

Throttle Rocker To Easily Maintain Speed

throttlerocker1With a Throttle Rocker riders no longer need to worry about maintaining a “death grip” to hold throttle speed. The Throttle Rocker wraps around the throttle grip of your motorcycle, giving you more control when wearing gloves while riding and reducing hand fatigue and cramping. It can be used even if you have cruise control on your bike.

throttlerocker2Available in two different models, the TR I (P/N 075090) fits grips up to 1-1/4 in. and features a continuous loop with a slight flare downward on the left inside of the paddle. It comes in black and fits the right side of your motorcycle. The TR II (P/Ns 075091 to 075093) fits any size grip and features a hook-and-loop strap with either a slight flare downward to the left or right inside paddle. It comes in black or chrome and fits the left or right side of your motorcycle.

Made in the USA of high-quality polymers and comfortably fit the heel and palm of your hand, allowing you to operate it with a relaxed grip. Retails for $9.95 and can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky | Biker’s Choice dealer.

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

cyril-huze-fast-news-18Indian Motorcycle Planning CKD Operation in India. Bike Prices To Go Down. The first models offered in CKD (Complete Knock Down bikes assembled in India) expected to roll in 2018. The objective is of course to grab a larger market share of the India market in offering premium motorcycles at a more reasonable price.

Heartland USA Under New Ownership. Hearland, known for its E-Z Rear Fender Conversions and accessories for the American V-Twin marketplace for the last 20 years is now under new ownership. Jim Grove, the former owner, has retired from the motorcycle industry, passing the company on to his director of sales and marketing and a V-Twin industry veteran, Lonny Spiva. Spiva has worked for companies such as Bikers Choice, Chrome Chrome, Hard Drive and Renegade Wheels. Grove says, “Lonny was the first choice to carry the Heartland USA brand into the future. In the three plus years that Lonny was here at Heartland, his fingerprints can be found all over this brand. He was instrumental in developing the first Heartland catalog.”

AMA Concerned About Exclusion of Motorcycles In New DOT Safety Plan. The “Road to Zero’ initiative is a coalition focusing on ending road fatalities. This coalition tackling the task of ending road fatalities within 30 years includes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Safety Council. During the announcement of this major initiative, no mention was made of motorcycles or motorcyclists, even though the safety of other vulnerable road users-including pedestrians, bicyclists, even joggers – was mentioned. The U.S. Department of Transportation ignores a significant sector of the nation’s road users, the millions of Americans who choose motorcycles as their favorite form of transportation. Wayne Allard, vice president of government relations for the American Motorcyclist Association, says that AMA must be part of the discussion to ensure that motorcycle safety is also at the forefront of this safety initiative. Continue reading ‘Fast Motorcycle Industry News’

Motorcycle Parts Website

Timeless American. A Selection of Pre-1916 Motorcycles To Celebrate the Golden Era Of Motorcycles.

1timeless0timelessPhotographer and designer Edward “Eddie” Lee, is launching his highly anticipated coffee table book, Timeless American, a Selection of Pre-1916 Motorcycles, now available at Iron Vault Studio. The public was able to meet the photographer at a special launch party for the book on October 8 at the Venice, California headquarters of Deus Ex Machina.

It was a decade ago that Lee was offered the opportunity to document and photograph a large collection of motorcycles. At the time, he was in the midst of a nearly 20-year career in the action sports industry, and noticing the number of beautiful antique motorcycles he realized he couldn’t devote the amount of time he knew he would need for a project that was as unique, collectible and memorable as the bikes themselves.

6timelessAiming to honor the history and craftsmanship of each bike, he finally left action sports behind to focus solely on this dynamic project. Taking more than two years from start to finish, Lee has truly memorialized each bike found within Timeless American’s pages, painstakingly celebrating the story and evolution behind each piece of machinery.

4timeless“After talking to some serious collectors and a handful of guys who really loved these older bikes, I realized that it would be special to do something more specific than just a general book with a random selection of motorcycles,” Lee said. “Being a motorcycle enthusiast, it was important for me to share my views visually, to try and get as much information as possible and share just enough for anyone else to dive deeper, if they wanted to. I think it’s important to know where motorcycles have come from and how they’ve evolved over the years.”

8timelessAfter ten years of visualizing, and nearly three more of hard work and painstaking dedication to detail, Lee completed the 14” x 11”landscape-style collectible edition of Timeless American, a selection of Pre-1916 Motorcycles, which was produced and printed in the United States. The hard cover case bound book has 264 pages, each filled with beautiful imagery of the classic craftsmanship of mostly cruiser bikes, circa 1900 to 1915 – single, V-Twin and four cylinder engines.

9timelessLee showcases 26 manufacturers with 46 motorcycles, displayed in chronological and alphabetical order, including Indian, Harley-Davidson, Excelsior, Thor, Henderson, Flying Merkel, Marsh Metz, Hudson, Pope, Marvel, Reading Standard, Emblem, Cyclone, and more. “In a way, it pays homage to these great pioneers, innovators and engineers who paved the way for us today. It also illustrates the impeccable craftsmanship and skills from some of the restorers, and their dedication to the preservation of these timeless antiques,” Lee said.  More photography after the jump. Continue reading ‘Timeless American. A Selection of Pre-1916 Motorcycles To Celebrate the Golden Era Of Motorcycles.’

New Front Engine Mount Brackets And Stabilizer Links By Arlen Ness

1engine_brkt_linkDressing up your engine belongs to all complete customization jobs. Arlen Ness is launching new Billet Front engine brackets and Stabilizer Links.

Billet Front engine Mount Brackets

For a final touch when customizing your motor. They are CNC machined from forged 6061-T6 billet aluminum and are a direct bolt-on replacement for the dull factory stamped bracket.

They can be used with either Ness billet or stock stabilizer link. Sold with mounting chrome hardware. Offered in 2 designs, 10-gauge or Deep Cut in chrome or black. They fit all 2008-up Harley touring models.

2engine_brkt_linkEngine Stabilizer Links

They are the first only billet aluminum engine stabilizer links on the market. Made out of aerospace quality billet aluminum.

They feature a specifically designed spherical bearing machined with a counter bore for flush mounted hardware. Sold with chrome hardware in 2 designs, 10-Gauge or Deep Cut, in chrome or black anodized finish. Available for 2009-up Harley touring models.

Order at Arlen Ness. Tel. 925-479-6350

Great Sense Of Humor. For Ketchup.

The Best Custom Motorcycles Competing For World Championship At Intermot In Cologne. October 5-9 (Part 2)

00000intermot00intermotIntermot in Cologne, Germany one of the largest international motorcycle shows is featuring an entire hall dedicated to the custom scene. About 100 exhibitors displaying about 450 motorcycles, and center stage the AMD World Championship Of Custom Bike Building where 90 bikes are competing for the championship ring and bragging rights. Custom bike builders themselves are deciding who will be the 12th AMD world winner. Announcement tomorrow Sunday, October 9 at 3 p.m. local time.

This is part 2 of my photographic report showing some of the creations, most appearing for the 1st time on the custom stage (photography bikes in studio copyright Frank Sander, all others on location in Cologne copyright Horst Roesler both for Cyril Huze)
Many more custom bikes after the jump. Continue reading ‘The Best Custom Motorcycles Competing For World Championship At Intermot In Cologne. October 5-9 (Part 2)’

The Ride

If necessary, to incite you to ride this weekend… Sponsored by Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum (“bold and smooth as hell” is one of their slogans!), three UK bike building teams set off on their bikes around England on different routes, competing in challenges to ultimately be crowned champions of The Ride 2016.

Tucker Rocky | Biker’s Choice Welcomes Eric Cable As President

eric_cagleTucker Rocky | Biker’s Choice today announced that Eric Cagle has joined the company as President.

Coming from a 25+ year career with Caterpillar Inc. and Neovia Logistics, Cagle brings to his role expertise developed while assisting automotive, construction and industrial equipment, and high-tech companies in developing and improving parts logistics operations and sales.

Tucker Rocky has developed one of the most compelling portfolios of brands in all of powersports. Industry heavyweights such as Answer, MSR®, ProTaper®, Speed and Strength®, BikeMaster®, Firstgear®, River Road™, QuadBoss® and Twin Power. Biker’s Choice focuses strictly on the American V-Twin motorcycle market.

Cagle will be based at Tucker Rocky’s Fort Worth headquarters.

Correct Trail Built Right Into The Lower Legs When Using A 23” Front Wheel On A Harley Tourer

leading-axle-legs-on-the-road-3Battistinis USA teamed up with leading suspension and fork manufacturer American Suspension to develop and build a new style set of lower legs. taking its flair from the 70’s Motocross Inspired era. These ”Leading Axle legs’ feature an axle that is offset over 1 1/2” forward and around 1/2” lower to give a perfect trail when fitting a 23” front wheel into any touring bike.

A true bolt on part, the “Leading Axle™ fork legs simply replace the stock lower legs without the need to remove the fairing, trees or altering frame geometry. The “Leading Axle™ fork legs has the corrected trail built right into the legs. The “Leading Axle™ fork legs re-utilize stock brakes, fender and all fork internals. These legs can be installed in under two hours, limiting downtime and labor cost. Continue reading ‘Correct Trail Built Right Into The Lower Legs When Using A 23” Front Wheel On A Harley Tourer’

Cabarello Seat For Harley Tourers

caballero-for-dressersOffered in smooth or with diamond or flame stitching for 08-17 FLHT, FLHR, FLTR, FLHX and FLHTCUTG models, this seat feature a molded, flexible urethane foam interior for comfort and an ABS thermoformed seat base to achieve a perfect fit, with carpeted bottom and rubber bumpers for added paint protection.

It is wrapped around the sides with automotive grade vinyl and features Solar Reflective Leather in the seating area to keep it cool. Sold with all mounting hardware. Made in the USA. MSRP $316.95 for smooth, $338.95 for flame stitch and $345.95 for diamond stitch. Contact your local Drag Specialties dealer or more info at Drag Specialties.

JIMS® Sportster Primary Lock Bar

5520-xl-primary-lock-bar-toolThis tool locks the primary drive on Sportster models to facilitate crankshaft sprocket nut removal and installation, along with clutch service.  Designed to fit between the engine sprocket and clutch sprocket on 2004-present Sportster XL1200 models.

JIMS No. 5520 is made in the USA, features JIMS® lifetime tool warranty, and has a suggested retail price of $36.50.  For more info, contact, visit JIMS USA or call (805) 482-6913.

The Best Custom Motorcycles Competing For World Championship At Intermot In Cologne. October 5-9 (Part 1)

0intermotcustom54019intermotcustom54020intermotcustom540With around 1,000 manufacturers from around the world and over 200,000 trade visitors, motorcycle enthusiasts and media representatives from more than 100 countries, INTERMOT in Cologne, Germany is an essential event for the entire motorcycle industry. Five days where visitors come to see products launch, are talking engine size and horsepower. The international customizing scene has been integrated into the event in a standalone show-within-a-show format under the name INTERMOT Customized. About 100 bikes from 26 countries are entering the AMD World Championship expecting to win the 18-carat gold, diamonds and black onyx World Champion Of Bike Building ring handcrafted in England by Alabaster & Wilson. Before to be set up at the custom bikes display where they will be judged during the next 4 days (each builder judge his competitors), some of them made a pit stop at the photography studio installed on location. Some eye candy for all of you (photography copyright Onno “Berserk”  Wieringa for Cyril Huze)

17intermotcustom54026intermotcustom54024intermotcustom54025intermotcustom54027intermotcustom54033intermotcustom54034intermotcustom54011intermotcustom54022intermorcustom54023intermotcustom54012intermotcustom54013intermotcustom54037intermotcustom540More custom Motorcycles After The Jump. Continue reading ‘The Best Custom Motorcycles Competing For World Championship At Intermot In Cologne. October 5-9 (Part 1)’

Joke Of The week

cyril-huze-jokeTwo guys grow up together but after college one moves to Michigan, the other to Florida.  They agree to meet every ten years in Vero Beach and play golf.

At age 30,  they finish their round of golf and go to lunch.
“Where you wanna go?”
“Well, you know, they got the broads, with the big racks, and the tight shorts, and the legs …”

Ten years later at age 40 they play.
“Where you wanna go?”
“Well, you know, they got cold beer and the big screen TVs and everybody has a little action on the games.”

Ten years later at age 50 they play
“Where you wanna go?”
“The food is pretty good and there is plenty of parking.”
”OK.” Continue reading ‘Joke Of The week’

New Men’s Harley-Davidson Midway Distressed Leather Jacket

1Midway-Distressed-Leather-Jacket2Midway-Distressed-Leather-JacketThe new Men’s Midway Distressed Leather Jacket (P/N 98108-16VM, $475.00) is cut from distressed vintage cowhide, offering a classic, worn-in look that speaks of a life on the road. Two front vertical vents and two back exit vents offer adjustable airflow for comfort in warm weather. This jacket features a slightly pre-curved sleeves, and power-stretch waist that moves with the rider, plus body armor pockets at elbows and shoulders (armor sold separately).

Polyester-mesh body lining and polyester taffeta sleeve lining glides over street clothes. Other features include one horizontal interior pocket and one zipper vertical pocket with media port, two over-sized zipper utility exterior pockets, and for added visibility in low light, 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material in piping. Available in S to 5XL and Tall sizes.

Harley-Davidson MotorClothes apparel is available at more than 750 authorized retail locations in the United States and online. *Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), excluding taxes and shipping. Prices at local dealerships may vary.

Saddlebag Filler Panels for 2014-2016 Harley Road King And Electra Glide Models

filler1filler2filler3Filling the gap between the saddlebags and the rear fender to hide the exposed rear support brackets is one of the first customization jobs done on Harley Tourers.

You can opt for a set of full custom bags where the filler is built-in, but also implying a paint job of these new bags. Or you can go the much less inexpensive route, using bolt-on filler panels.

These ones are made of durable injection-molded ABS panels covering the wide-open gaps for a flush, ultra clean appearance. Saddlebag Filer Panels are available in chrome or gloss black finish.

Gloss black versions can be easily prepped and repainted in order to match your factory or custom color paint job. The included metal brackets offer secure installation and hassle-free removal for any required maintenance work.

They are very simple to install and fit ’14-’17 FLHTCU/L, FLHTK/U, FLHTKSE, FLTRU, FLTRUSE & FLHR. P/N 6980 for Chrome. P/N 6981 for Gloss Black. MSRP: $79.99. At Kuryakyn Filler Panels.

Flashback. 1902 Harry Geer Motorcycle.

1902harrygeerThe Harry Geer company from St Louis, Missouri specialized in motors and castings for air ships, then diversified into motorcycles in 1902. Only about 150 units of this 4 hp, 140 lbs Blue Bird model advertised at the time with a speed of 5 to 50 mph. Currently exhibited at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa. (photo @ Doug Mitchel)

Guinness World Record For Longest Parade Of Indian Motorcycles. $171,000 Raised For School Supplies By Indian Of The Twin Cities.

indianmn1indianmn3indianmn4indianmn5indianmn6Last August 20, Indian Motorcycle Of The Twin Cities n St Paul, MN set an official record with the Guinness Book Of World Records for the Longest Parade of Indian Motorcycles in the brand history. At the same time, $171,000 (twice the amount of last year’s event) were raised for school supplies for Children and also for the Shadow Warrior Project helmed by Mark Geist. The event however didn’t go perfect with lots of rain, but determined riders saddled up anyway and completed the course to set the record. Celebrities who participated to the event included Danny Trejo aka “Machate”,  Emilio Rivera, Rusty Coones and Max Martinez, all from the “Sons of Anarchy” tv series. The 2017 Indian Motorcycle Of The Twin Cities event will be one week long with more festivities, from August 15 to 21.

The Round-The-World Spark Plug Holder

1spark-plug-holder2spark-plug-holderSpark plugs are the business end of the ignition system. And when they begin to fail at igniting the air/fuel mixture you may end up on the side of the road in a remote location with no new spark plugs to be found.

You can avoid the frustration carrying this Round-The-Clock (RTR) Spark Plug coming complete with a cold-forged, 304 stainless steel multi-tool which allows you to swap out your spark plugs without having any other tools on hand.

It mount at the top or bottom of any license plate, or on the backside of your license plate bracket as long as there is room. Simply unbolt your license plate, bolt the RTW Spark Plug Holder in place and thread in a spare pair of spark plugs. The wrench multi-tool includes a spark plug gapper, an inch and metric ruler, bottle opener, a straight screwdriver blade and 1/4″ hex driver(spark plugs not included)

Continue reading ‘The Round-The-World Spark Plug Holder’

Slide City. Triumph Motorcycles Drifting

Two turbocharged Triumph Street Triple Rs custom-built by Garage 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Two stunt riders, Ernie Vigil and Nick Apex Brocha piloting these bikes with accuracy, inches from each other or just millimeters from the wall. Watch the tail happy bikes…

Last Stunt. Europe’s Top Harley-Davidson Stuntman Retires.

1stuntLast weekend, German Harley-Davidson Stunt Professional Rainer Schwarz performed his last “official” burnout and pyro show in front of a massive crowd at Rick’s Motorcycles/Harley-Davidson Baden-Baden, closing the annual Rick’s Motorcycle days and a 20-year stunt career. Rainer performed in all major motorcycle events in Europe and Japan. While his stunt performances are still in high demand, Rainer Schwarz claims age as the main reason for his retirement (add large insurance bills…) “I never had any real serious crashes, but at the age of 45, I feel it is time to retire and leave the scene for the “young guns” which sure will come. His “real” job is farmer. Thank you Rainer for the 20 years of Harley spectacular demonstrations (photography @ Horst Roesler)

The Snipe. A Brand New Yamaha SR400 With Timeless Appeal

1snipe1bissnipe2snipe3snipeOwner of custom shop Old Empire Motorcycles Alec sharp will work on all types of bikes, without any particular style, but always pursuing the same objective. Build customs that can’t be associated with the trend of a specific period, that you will love to look at today, in 10, 20 or 30 years, etc., that will always keep their timeless appeal. This custom project was commissioned by a client looking for today’s reliability in an “Old Empire” cosmetic package. So, contrary to most of his other creations built on old donor bikes, the shop decided to work from a brand new SR400, privileging spending time improving the aesthetics and upgrading the components rather than restoring worn or broken parts or looking for period correct ones.

9snipe8snipe4snipe5snipeAs with all great full blown custom motorcycles, the job started with stripping the bike to the bare frame and getting rid of all non-essentials. Only running gear, wheels, forks and intake system were kept for improvements. Frame modification was limited to carefully removing the rear frame rails at a specific point, then modeling with foam the two frame extensions that integrate the rear high sider led lights within. These lights were machined from aluminum and pinned in. A very minimalistic setup, but lights you can see a mile off. Continue reading ‘The Snipe. A Brand New Yamaha SR400 With Timeless Appeal’

Clutch Kits Now Available from Twin Power

clutchkitTwin Power just added a selection of new Clutch Kits to their growing line of aftermarket parts and accessories for V-Twin motorcycles. Made in the USA for Twin Power, these clutch kits offer riders an affordable option that provides stellar performance. “We are excited to add these clutch kits to the Twin Power line. They offer smooth engagement, stock-like fit, and increased service life at a great price point,” says James Simonelli, Brand Manager for Twin Power. Continue reading ‘Clutch Kits Now Available from Twin Power’



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