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Joke Of The week

cyril-huze-joke44 - CopyNavy pilot walks into a bar and takes a seat next to a very attractive woman.  He gives her a quick glance then casually looks at his new Apple Watch for a moment. The woman notices this and asks, “Is your date running late?”

No,” he replies, “I just got this state-of-the-art Apple watch, and I was just testing it.”  The intrigued woman says, “A state-of-the-art watch? What’s so special about it?”  The pilot says, “It uses alpha waves to talk to me telepathically.”  The lady says, “What’s it telling you now?” Well, it says you’re not wearing any panties.”

The woman giggles and replies, “Well it must be broken because I am wearing panties!” The pilot smirks, taps his watch and says, “Darn thing’s an hour fast.”

And that, my friends………is  Confidence!


Best Of Show At The 2015 Los Angeles Calendar Motorcycle & Music Show

Hiroyuki-HirataLast July 25th during the one-day event in Calabasas, California Japanese custom bike builder Hiroyuki Hirata from B&B Custom Factory in Hiroshima, Japan was voted the Best Of Show winner with “Zero Fighter”. It is based on a 1990 Harley FLHTC fully modified to the theme of “Japanese Culture”. Hiroyuki Hirata is now a 2-time LA Calendar Best of Show winner (1st time in 2011) . With his custom bike he is photographed surrounded ny Fast Date Calendar Kittens Sara, Apple, Helena and Alena.

Spectro Oils

Ethanol 15. The American Motorcycle Association And The Renewable Fuels Association Accuse Each Other Of Misinformation.

1ethanolE15 is shorthand for gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol. E15 fuel has been certified for sale in the United States and is showing up at gas stations. The reason it’s a big deal is that ethanol is fairly corrosive to rubber and certain metals, so it can cause damage to vital components. Ethanol also attracts and bonds with water from the air, and that water can separate out inside the tank due to phase separation. If your vehicle sits for long periods between use, the moisture settles to the bottom of the tank and can potentially clog in-tank pumps and filters. Damage is also possible in fuel lines, injectors, seals, gaskets, and valve seats as well as carburetors on older engines. I publish below the point of view and arguments of both the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) and of The Renewable Fuels Association (RFS) accusing each other of misinformation.

The Accusation From AMA

“Stop the decade of E15 misinformation. The first 10 years under the Renewable Fuel Standard, established in 2005, represent a decade of misinformation from the ethanol lobby concerning safe fuel for your motorcycle. To protect your access to safe fuel, urge your representative to cosponsor the RFS Reform Act of 2015 (H.R. 704). The American Motorcyclist Association needs your help to pass this bill. You can send a prewritten email to your representative immediately by following the “Take Action” option and entering your information. The AMA encourages riders to personalize their message by drawing on their own personal riding experiences.

2ethanolIn an effort to prohibit the spread of E15 fuel, which contains up to 15 percent ethanol by volume, the AMA supports H.R. 704, sponsored by U.S. Reps. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and Peter Welch’s (D-Vt.). The bipartisan bill would amend the Renewable Fuel Standard to recognize market conditions and realities. It also would prohibit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from allowing any station to sell gasoline containing more than 10 percent ethanol by volume and require those already selling it to stop. In other words, the sale of E15 will not be permitted if this legislation becomes law.
The AMA has repeatedly expressed concerns to government officials and federal lawmakers about possible damage to motorcycle and all-terrain-vehicle fuel systems and engines from the inadvertent use of E15. Allowing the higher ethanol blends to become more readily available greatly increases the chance of misfueling. Continue reading ‘Ethanol 15. The American Motorcycle Association And The Renewable Fuels Association Accuse Each Other Of Misinformation.’

Progressive Suspension

2015 European Bike Week And Custom Chrome Europe Bike Show In Faker See, Austria. September 8-13.

1FaakThe picturesque Lake Faak in Carinthia, Austria will once again be brought to life with the rumble of V-Twins during the 18th European Bike Week And Custom Chrome Europe Bike Show. It’s Europe air biggest open and free motorcycle event attracting around 100,000 bikers to enjoy six days of music, shopping, ride-outs and terrific camaraderie.

3FaakThe center of activity is the Village where Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory, custom shops and vendors will display their 2016 models and new custom parts All 2015 Custom Chrome Europe ”Bolt On and Ride” bikes and a selection of their custom parts will be displayed during the event. On Saturday, the Custom Chrome Europe Bike Show with have dozens of custom builders compete for the best bespoke creations. At the same time CCE’s VIP guests will answer to product and tech questions.Activities update at Custom Chrome Europe2Faak

Did You Know? Harley-Davidson Is Looking For More Dealer Diversity.

hd-dealerHarley-Davidson is working to broaden its appeal to a more culturally diverse clientele with models easier to afford if you are young and easier to ride if you are female.

But the mostly old white men, dominantly owners of Harley dealerships in the US, don’t match very well with the combined growing population of minorities and diversity of those who are today riding a motorcycle.

Recently John Nowicki, Harley’s manager of dealer development, declared that he would like to attract to the brand more culturally diverse and younger applicants. There are 694 Harley dealerships and secondary retail locations. 19 are currently available.

Sons Of Speed Board Track Racing To Debut In March During The 75th Daytona Bike week

billylanebikeBoard Track racing was a motorsport popular in the United States during the 1910s and 1920s. Competition was conducted on circular or oval race courses with surfaces composed of wooden planks called motordrome. Co-founded by bike builder Billy Lane, Sons Of Speed is inspired by these races. Featuring stripped-down bikes with pre-1925 American V-Twin engines and a steeply banked racetrack, the inaugural Sons Of Speed races will take place at New Smyrna Speedway during the 75th Anniversary of Daytona Bike Week in March 2016.

billy-lane-bike-bisRaces will feature up to 9 riders in several different heats, and winners of the heats will advance to a championship round.

Each racer will sit astride identical hand-built racing chassis holding pre-1925 1000cc American V-Twin engines, and most racers will customize their machines by fabricating handlebars, exhaust, fenders, foot pegs, and fuel/oil tanks. Continue reading ‘Sons Of Speed Board Track Racing To Debut In March During The 75th Daytona Bike week’

Motorcycle Parts Website

Chrome or Gloss Black Vent Trim Replacement For Project RUSHMORE Batwing Fairing

1Splitstream-Vent-Trim-ChromeDress up the distinctive splitstream fairing vent on a Harley-Davidson® Touring motorcycle influenced by Project RUSHMORE with a chrome or gloss black Splitstream Vent Trim (P/N 61300505 Chrome, P/N 61300461DH Gloss Black; $74.95) from Harley-Davidson®.

Designed to replace the Original Equipment satin-black soft vent trim on 2014-later Harley-Davidson Electra Glide®, Street Glide®, Ultra Limited and Tri Glide® models with batwing fairing, this new trim is the complement to available chrome or gloss black windshield trim kits. For more information, vis it the Harley Online Store.

Royal Enfield To Set Up Showrooms In The US

1electrabulletRoyal Enfield, originally, a British motorcycle company and now a subsidiary of Eicher Motors based in India is targeting in North America the mid-size market segment between the Harley Davidsons and Indians on the one end and the regular 200 cc bikes on the other. To implement this strategy, Royal Enfield has already set up a distribution subsidiary (the first outside India) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Current distributor Classic Motor Works located in Minnesota will no longer distribute Royal Enfield motorcycles by the end of 2015. The subsidiary will directly sell to dealers and even to customers as well as directly conduct all market development and support activities such as marketing, service, after sales etc for the brand in North America.

RE1During the next 18 months the company also plans to open several Royal Enfield showrooms in key metropolitan areas across the US. The models sold will include the Bullet 500cc, Classic 500cc and the Continental GT 535cc cafe racer, priced between $4,995 and $5,995. Manufacturing will remain in Chennai, where Royal Enfield motorcycles have been manufactured since 1955. An appealing alternative in the mid-size segment of motorcycles between 200 & 550 cc, more than 300,000 “modern classic motorcycles with timeless appeal” Royal Enfields have been sold around the world in 2014. In 2015, the company aims to produce 450,000 motorcycles to support its growth strategy globally.

All-Female Biker Gathering At The London Ace Cafe Attracts 618 Participants. A World Record.

AceLadiesRidersEvery day there are more and more riding ladies. Many are first-time motorcyclists or made the transition from the back of a bike to the front. establishing themselves as independent and strong women who want to pursue the ideals of adventure, companionship and freedom of the road. To raise awareness of motorcycle and gear manufacturers to the specific needs of women riders, an event at the London Ace Cafe had for objective to gather the world’s largest all-female meeting. 618 ladies showed up with their motorcycles, easily beating the former record set in Australia in 2014 with 221 women. In London at the Ace, the oldest female rider was 73.

Official. 2015 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Cancelled.

bonnevilleThe AMA Land Speed Grand Championship is officially cancelled. The email from Delvene Manning, Event Manager/Owner (photos @ H. Roesler)

“Over the past year, we have all been working towards the goal of racing motorcycles at the Bonneville Salt Flats. As the event management, it is always our intent to run the premier motorcycle land speed racing event, the AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, at Bonneville. However, we are always beholden to mother nature to provide us with good conditions in the environment that we all dedicate our time and resources to. Last year we were able to hold an event when conditions were stacked against us. This year, the conditions have been improving but not at the pace needed. We have assessed the conditions and we are unable to sustain the minimum standards for a premier event. Due to this, we are cancelling the 2015 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, AMA Land Speed Grand Championship.

bonnevillebisIt’s been an extremely difficult decision to make, and one we have not taken lightly. Our dedicated team has put in countless hours to evaluate the options for course layouts, the quality of the course, pit locations, salt flats on/off accessibility, course volume sustainability, and the impact on salt flats resources.  Although we are cancelling, other events are still scheduled for this season. Our decision does not affect the ability for other events to proceed. Continue reading ‘Official. 2015 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Cancelled.’

A Very cool 400 Commuter Thumper

Osprey1Osprey2Osprey3Youngsters in the business of custom building need cheap donor motorcycles. First to be able to auto finance their builds, second to find clients their age who can afford to buy their makeovers. A plethora of little unloved bikes are available for this purpose, especially in the category of low cc commuter bikes of the 80’s. Like this salvageable 1980 Suzuki GN400 that you could buy today for about $300 to turn it in a very short time into a fun and very economical bike to roam your city streets. In 1980, the GN400 listed for $1499 and for this price was giving you a 190 mile range at , 72 mpg. Numbers still very attractive today. Just add a more refined look and this little bike is very desirable, for both young blue collars to hipsters.

Osprey4Osprey5In this transformation “Osprey” keeps the spirit of what was its original factory inspiration, the SP Enduro motorcycle, with a very flat seat and short handlebars. The original 400 single engine was spruce up, “rescotching” the cases and blacking out the barrel and head. Carburetor was blasted and given a K&N air filter for better and deeper breathing. Continue reading ‘A Very cool 400 Commuter Thumper’

New RCX 3.0” Mufflers For The Indian Scout.

RCX_ScoutIf you think that the factory Indian Scout exhaust is too heavy looking for a mid-size motorcycle, you may like the new RCX 3.0″ Slip-on Mufflers from RC Components. Each muffler features a full length 3.0″ diameter muffler body with a precision tuned 2″ louvered core baffle. This unique baffle design works to produce great back pressure while producing a deep and aggressive exhaust tone. Customize the look of these new mufflers with your choice of 8 different exhaust tip designs. Mufflers are also available in chrome or a rich ceramic black finish. Made in the U.S.A. MSRP $379.00 by RC Components. 270-842-9527.

Try Your Tattoo For 2 Weeks Before Getting Inked

tattooNot ready to take the permanent plunge for a certain tattoo design? Before you head to the tattoo parlor and spend some of your hard earned cash for ink you may regret, you may want to try one of the over 300 designs proposed by Inkbox.

Inkbox is a fruit-based tattoo that lasts two weeks, and only takes 10 minutes to apply. It doesn’t look like a fake child tattoo and you can proudly wear in public. It is fruit based, applied without pain, and after 2 weeks of demo you decide if you want to go to the tattoo gun. See in the video below how it is applied.

Picture Of The Week. 1911 Flying Merkel

1911flyingmerkel1Joe Merkel started to design motorcycle engines in 1902 and built his first motorcycle in 1903 using his own 316 cc single cylinder engine. He created his own company in 1908 under the name of Light Manufacturing and Foundry Company and produced motorcycles (single and two-ylinder engines) under the trademark “Merkel Light” It was acquired in 1911 and motorcycles were produced under the “Flying Merkel” brand when the bikes began to win races with a 1000 cc engine in the frame. The Flying Merkel achieved its iconic status through the shape of its tank and the shiny orange body paint. The company closed in 1915. Image captured at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, IA by Doug Mitchel.

For Sale In Bulk Manufacturer Closeouts Of Motorcycle Parts From The 1940’s to Today. About $25 Million At Wholesale Catalog Prices.

DixieLFrom a press release. Liquid Asset Partners has been retained by Dixie Distributing and Dixie International (Dixie) to solicit bids for all the Assets of Dixie in bulk. The famous Dixie was similar to a modern day, buying all the major manufacturer closeouts from 1940 until the 2000’s. Pickers from across America would love the historical inventory of antique motorcycle parts Dixie has, all in like-new condition.

DixieSMBackground: Dixie was founded in the 1940’s as a major distributor of closeout motorcycle & manufacturer parts for American, European and Japanese motorcycles. Purchasing companies in bulk and enormous overstocks direct from manufactures and banks, they amassed one of the largest inventories of motorcycle parts in the world, which they sold through a vast network of dealers and customers across the world in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and beyond. The current inventory value is estimated at over $25million at catalog prices. In recent years, the company has moved locations and faced challenges for inventory management and modernization to keep pace with the growing online sales business. The current sale of the company is a once in a lifetime opportunity for investors, competitors and business owners to purchase a complete business with a huge inventory in bulk. The future opportunities are endless. Continue reading ‘For Sale In Bulk Manufacturer Closeouts Of Motorcycle Parts From The 1940’s to Today. About $25 Million At Wholesale Catalog Prices.’

Customizing A Harley Street Model

1Street-500Harley-Davidson’s line of affordable 500 and 750 Street models targets millennials, women and other first-time riders. And the manufacturer wants to inspire personalization. Delivered with a full dose of Dark Custom™ attitude, the Street is a blank page of American steel ready for every rider to fill in. And to get that project started, Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories offers a wide array of accessories that enhance the style, fit, function and performance of the Street 500 and 750 models. For inspiration on customizing check out the custom Street motorcycles the H-D dealers are creating to be the Custom King of the United States.

2Street-5003Street-500Adding performance to the Street motorcycle may start with the Screamin’ Eagle® Nightstick Slip-On Muffler (P/N 64900220, $349.95). Featuring a high-flow design with external stainless steel diffusion discs and a domed end cap, the Nightstick muffler produces a fatter engine torque curve than the Original Equipment exhaust for stronger acceleration away from lights and a mid-range power boost that will leave slow-moving traffic in the rear-view mirror. You can complete the exhaust system with a jet black Screamin’ Eagle Buckshot Exhaust Shield Kit (P/N 65400167, $149.95) with front and rear shields perforated to expose the head pipes for a tough, high-performance look.

4Street-5005Street-500To help pack more air into the Street Revolution X™ powertrain, there is the Screamin’ Eagle Performance Air Cleaner Kit (P/N 29400197, $79.95). It has a washable high-flow, oiled cotton media element that fits under the Original Equipment air cleaner shell. The kit also includes a Screamin’ Eagle air cleaner medallion and all required hardware. Continue reading ‘Customizing A Harley Street Model’

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

cyril-Huze-fast-newsDuring The 75th Sturgis Rally, Record Sales At Black Hills Harley Davidson. Last year Black Hills Harley Davidson sold a record 376 bikes in a two week span during the rally. This year they would have sold 525 bikes! Nearly 75% of bikes sold this year include a trade. The top selling bike at Black Hills Harley Davidson is the Street Glide Special, but the toughest bike to get is the Harley Davidson Trike.

Triumph Confirms Posponement Of Land Speed Record Attempt. In the light of Guy Martin’s crash at Ulster Grand Prix last week, and the injuries he sustained, the Triumph Land Speed Record team has confirmed its decision to postpone the planned attempt until 2016 so that the Lincolnshire racer can be fully fit for the record run. Triumph has released the following statement: “We’re obviously concerned with the news that Guy has sustained injuries as a result of his crash in last week’s Dundrod 150 race. While in true form, Guy has signed himself out of hospital this week, we all feel that given his injuries it won’t be possible to complete the required testing prior to attempting to take the record this year. “Guy is a unique talent and having such a pilot for our Rocket motorcycle is absolutely central to our attempt. We wish him a full and speedy recovery and will confirm a new date for our 2016 bid as soon as we can.”

Ducati CEO Aims To Protect Motorcycle Brand Aura As Sales Spike. Since a surprise takeover in 2012 by German automaker Volkswagen, Italian sports motorcycle maker Ducati has enjoyed an era of much-needed financial stability that it has ridden to record sales. During the first half of the year, the company increased sales by 22 percent to a record 32,600 motorcycles. Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali is focused on protecting the aura of exclusivity surrounding the brand, which is best known for its success on global racing circuits and for this purpose doesn’t intend to flood the market. This year’s sales include 9,000 deliveries of the Scrambler, a new retro-styled bike aimed at customers who may not have traditionally considered buying a Ducati. Some enthusiasts have been critical of the laid-back Scrambler — complete with its own yellow logo and line of clothing and accessories — as a departure from Ducati’s racing roots. Continue reading ‘Fast Motorcycle Industry News’

The Top 1 Ack Attack Streamliner Motorcycle Will Race In Bonneville To Defend Their Land Speed Record Title And Attempt 400 MPH

Quality of salt permitting, the Top 1 Ack Attack team will compete at the world famous Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, in Utah on August 29 to September 3, 2015. Mike Akatiff, the engineer who built the Ack Attack, and his crew are excited to get back out on the Bonneville Salt Flats to be the first motorcycle to break the 400 mph speed barrier (their current LSR record is 376 mph) The streamliner motorcycle is powered by two turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa engines, which generate a thousand horsepower, and Mickey Thompson LSR tires. Motion Systems’ ball drive actuators are used to deploy and retract “training wheels” for the start and end of the record setting runs and rear stabilizing flaps to provide safety during the coast down period at the end of the run.

Roller Bag For Modern Motorcyclist

1kuryakynbag2kuryakynbag3kuryakynbagThe all-new XKürsion™ XW5.5 Roller Bag (P/N 5276) is the ultimate road-trip bag and the largest option available within the XKürsion luggage lineup. The removable interior divider provides the option of one large packing space or individual upper and lower compartments with separate access points. Thermoformed side compartments provide room for additional cargo and also include side-mounted pockets to keep smaller items easily accessible.

Interior padded electronics pockets in multiple sizes can hold a variety of devices, including cell phones, tablets and laptops up to 17”. When you reach your destination, the sturdy, retractable handle and smooth-rolling wheels offer easy transport off the bike.

Like all XKürsion bags, the XW5.5 is constructed with premium UV-rated, weather-resistant 1200 denier Maxtura material to withstand the harshest of elements. Custom thermoformed construction with integrated internal support structures ensure durability and shape retention, regardless of payload. The newest member of the XKürsion luggage line retails for $349.99 and comes with a one-year warranty. Continue reading ‘Roller Bag For Modern Motorcyclist’

Key Scratches On Your Gas Tank Or Dash. The KodaKey Prevents Them.

1kodakey2kodakeyThe KodaKey keeps up to 6 keys on your key ring and prevents key scratches on the gas tank/dash on sport bikes and cruisers. Your keys are wrapped in a specially designed genuine leather pouch with a secure magnetic snap.

Postcards From The 75th Sturgis Rally (Part 3)

These are the last pictures I publish about the Black Hills event, until next year of course… Always somewhat sad when a big rally ends. (photos @H. Roesler for C. Huze)


Norton Unveiled Plans For A 200HP, 1200cc, V4-Powered Superbike.

1norton2nortonIt’s a big surprise in the motorcycle industry. Norton is contemplating manufacturing a V4-powered superbike to compete with the Ducati 1299 Panigale and the Superleggera IS. Norton’s Head of Design, Simon Skinner says that “It has been something we’ve wanted to do as a brand since 2009. When I first started with Norton we had very early discussions talking about V4 and the type of bikes we wanted to do. But we had to get the business right first.” (the Norton company was re-launched in 2008)

The 1200 cc fuel-injected, liquid-cooled V4 powerplant will deliver 200+ hp and will incorporate a MotoGP-derived engineering solutions. Ricardo Motorcycles is in charge of developing the motor. Frame will use aerospace aluminum welded and polished at the Norton plant, with body and wheels made out of carbon fiber. Projected specifications after the jump. Continue reading ‘Norton Unveiled Plans For A 200HP, 1200cc, V4-Powered Superbike.’

MagnaFlow Bandit And Legacy Exhausts For Harley Softail, Dyna, Sportster

MagnaflowBanditThe Bandit (top picture) delivers upgraded power designed to performs. The cutting edge contrast design of the exposed muffler tips and MF logo bands in gloss black and brushed stainless steel finishes will instantly transform the look of your bike. Durable Magna-Black coated, stainless steel 1 ¾” head pipes will not blue or fade and come equipped with 12mm & 18mm O2 sensor ports for maximum tuning options. Bold 2 ½” full coverage heat shields. The Hi-Flow stainless steel, maintenance free, louver core baffles supply performance gains over stock and deliver deep, Hot Rod sound quality. Available in show chrome or deep black finishes. Made in the USA by MagnaFlow. MSRP: Chrome: $399.95. Black: $449.95.

MagnaflowLegacyThe Legacy (bottom picture) The Innovative precision channeled, gloss black end caps rotate so you can choose your own custom style on this performance driven full system. Durable Magna-Black coated, stainless steel 1 ¾” head pipes will not rust, fade or blue. The Legacy Classic comes equipped with 12mm & 18mm O2 sensor ports for maximum tuning options. The 2 ½”. Hi-Flow maintenance free, louver core baffles delivering power and performance gains over stock. Enjoy a deep, rich, dynamic sound quality. Made in the USA by MagnaFlow. MSRP: Chrome: $489.95 Black: $559.95

Harley Davidson Weddings In Las Vegas

Some want to start their married life surrounded by family friends and lots of Harley Davidson motorcycles. If you feel like like this, you can do it during a big rally (think Sturgis or Daytona), or any day of the year thanks to Las Vegas Harley-Davidson dealer. The one of a kind Las Vegas wedding venue is situated inside the new Harley Davidson store on the Strip.  Overlooking a showroom full of America’s favorite motorcycles, Las Vegas Harley Davidson Weddings claims that it’s the perfect wedding or vow renewal venue for the ultimate Harley Davidson fan.

With seating for 45 guests and ample standing room for larger groups, this Harley Davidson themed wedding venue is furnished with leather and chrome pews and an orange Harley Davidson runner for our biker brides to make their grand entrance. Three wedding or vow renewal packages are offered to suit any budget.  With no limits on your guest count, Photography is an important part of your special day.  All of our talented staff are passionate and experienced wedding photographers who will capture your ceremony and then take you on a photo tour of the Harley Davidson store to capture your love for each other and all things Harley Davidson. Continue reading ‘Harley Davidson Weddings In Las Vegas’

Las Vegas Bikefest 2015



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