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Next Sturgis Stop. Buffalo Chip Gas Station.

If you ride in and around Sturgis during the rally, you know that it may not be easy to quickly fuel up your motorcycle when you are close to downtown. In an overall effort to educate motorcyclists on ethanol, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has donated a permanent fueling station to the Buffalo Chip Campground. This year riders (and drivers) traveling around Sturgis, will have the ability to fuel 24 hours a day at the Chip with 93 octane, 10% ethanol.

“Every motorcycle manufacturer that sells product in the United States endorses the use of up to 10% ethanol, and we know this will be a great addition to the area during the annual rally, and the rest of the year.” says Robert White, RFA vice president of Industry Relations. “Motorcycle owners are typically looking for high octane, and ethanol helps provide that,” “The Buffalo Chip is the only location in the area that offers 93 octane. The 93 is achieved by adding 10% ethanol to standard 91 octane premium, and thanks to the cost savings of ethanol, 93 octane is actually cheaper than 91 octane.”


Custom Sportster Tracker

When you spend most of your youth re-drawing on paper the 2 and 4-wheel world, you may become obsessive with everything motorcycle racing. And if you have access to professional competition as a race team mechanic for Ducati and later as a team coordinator for Suzuki, probability is extremely high that one day you will open your own custom shop…to build all kind of racers.

After a couple of chance encounters with AMA Grand National Champion Kenny Roberts and a trip to Daytona to live watch flat track racing, Yann Le-Douche decided that it was time to open his own business – Breizh Coast Kustoms – back home in Brittany. As a first project, of course a Tracker built with a secret dream: not only to be shown as a shop built reference but also to be raced in one of the Hooligans events currently getting a big regain of popularity both in the US and Europe.

“Showing and racing. It’s a good time to go in this direction” says Yann. “In Europe like in the US, the vintage racing spirit is blowing hard, with more and more racing events on rejuvenated tracks where amateur riders with big balls and using small performance tricks create exciting shows for spectators.” Continue reading ‘Custom Sportster Tracker’

New PM Wire Spoke Wheels

  • Spoke wheels have never been, will never go out of style. They are even extremely popular, right now.

So Performance Machine went beyond fancy forged wheel designs and created new Spoked Wire Wheels mixing the classic style of spokes with modern CNC machining on rims.

The Merc Wire Wheel (top) serves nostalgia two ways. The ribbed concentric lines machined around the diameter of the smooth rim lip are paired with a set of classic spokes that are reminiscent of the Hot Rod era. Subtle and stylish, the Merc is timeless.

Finishes in chrome, contrast cut platinum, black ops. Matching discs and belt pulleys and chain sprockets.

The Spoked Wire wheel (bottom) is a perfect blend of classic spoke styling and modern CNC-machined rim detail. The aluminum hoop, integrated hub and stainless steel spokes keep these wheels lightweight, yet strong.

Finishes in chrome, contrast cut platinum, black ops. Matching discs and belt pulleys and chain sprockets. At Performance Machine.

Progressive Suspension

American Flat Track. Indian Motorcycle Jared Mees Bounces Back To Retake Points Lead

American Flat Track was back in action following a two-week hiatus for the Rolling Wheels Half-Mile presented by Old Carriage House Apartments, and it was a long two weeks indeed for Jared Mees.

Last time out, at the Lima Half-Mile presented by Indian Motorcycle, Mees failed to make the Main Event — a race he promoted himself — after twice jumping the start during his Semi race. Adding insult to injury, he lost his AFT Twins presented by Vance & Hines championship lead in the process to rival Bryan Smith (No. 1 Indian Motorcycle Racing backed by Allstate Scout FTR750).

On Saturday night, in front of another packed house at Rolling Wheels Raceway Park, Mees took out all of those pent-up frustrations on the field. He obliterated all challengers aboard his No. 9 Indian Motorcycle Rogers Racing Scout FTR750 en route to claiming his fifth checkered flag of the 2017 campaign with a near five-second margin of victory. Continue reading ‘American Flat Track. Indian Motorcycle Jared Mees Bounces Back To Retake Points Lead’

5th Annual Sturgis FXR And Dyna Show Is Sunday August 6th.

Last year The FXR Show had over 100 FXR’s and 30 Dyna’s registered to enter this bike show. Quite possibly the largest single motorcycle show of the 2016 Sturgis Rally. The 2017 Sturgis Rally will mark the 5th Annual Sturgis FXR Show. The first three years of the show were held in historic Sturgis City Park and the fourth at the Sturgis Dragway. This year, the 2017 FXR Show will be held at the Legendary Buffalo Chip at the Crossroads venue.

The show format will be much the same as it has been for the first four years. However as last year Harley Dyna motorcycles will be added to the event. The show organizers give out awards for the Top 10 of the show based on popular vote as voted on by the show entrants. There is a people’s choice award as well so everyone can be involved. The FXR Show 1st Place Best of Show is also crowned. All the awards consist of quality motorcycle parts and merchandise donated my many of the motorcycle industries best companies. Continue reading ‘5th Annual Sturgis FXR And Dyna Show Is Sunday August 6th.’

Spirit of Sturgis Antique Motorcycle Races on Historic Sturgis Half-Mile Aug. 7

The organizers of the Spirit of Sturgis Vintage Motorcycle Festival are excited to announce the second annual antique motorcycle races during the 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Antique motorcycles are set to race August 7 at the Historic Sturgis Half Mile Race Track in Sturgis, SD

Pappy Hoel, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally’s forefather, will have his vision for motorcycling in the Black Hills honored with three national half-mile championship races and an authentic dirt drag race open to Pre-1970’s vintage motorcycles, all based at the very same track where it all began back in 1938.

“From touring the beautiful Black Hills on an old bike, to watching the thrillingly fast and exciting vintage racers compete for the Spirit of Sturgis championship title, Sturgis, a world renowned motorcycle town was built upon a multifaceted weekend of motorcycle racing. It’s a blessing to be flat track racing old bikes, still to this day, on a grassroots half-mile race track that directly played a major part in the history of Sturgis, South Dakota,” states Brittney Olsen, antique motorcycle racer and co-founder of 20th Century Racing.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum proudly kicks off the rally this year with the Pappy Hoel Speed Classic Pro races on Friday, Aug. 4 and their national vintage races on Aug. 5 at the Meade County Fairgrounds located at 1802 Ballpark Road, the same location as the Spirit of Sturgis Festival. Proceeds from the museum’s races and event will go directly to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum building fund. On Monday, August 4, the vintage festival commences with the prestigious Spirit of Sturgis Antique Motorcycle Races hosted by 20th Century Racing and in conjunction with Steve Race Racing. The opening ceremonies begin at 4 p.m. sharp. Witness before your own eyes the fastest, oldest motorcycles racing in Sturgis with board trackers from the early 1900’s to the ‘20s as well as Class C hand-shift racers from the ‘30s and the flying vintage twins from the ‘70s & ‘80s! Fans are invited to an after party and vintage bike show immediately following the antique races on Monday evening at 7 p.m. at the historical Sturgis Half Mile. Come join the top finishing champions and their historic racing machines alongside some of our country’s most beautiful antique and vintage motorcycles at The Spirit of Sturgis After Party and Show. Continue reading ‘Spirit of Sturgis Antique Motorcycle Races on Historic Sturgis Half-Mile Aug. 7’

Motorcycle Parts Website

Mustang Introduces Deluxe Super Touring for 1997-07 FL. More Room For The Driver. 

Early FL requested a stylish touring seat that allowed them to sit back further, so Mustang re-designed their top-selling Deluxe Super Touring style seat to fit 1997-07 FL models.  Engineered to provide truly uncompromising comfort for both riders and their passengers, the one-piece seat features a unique custom stitch pattern on high quality expanded vinyl, styled along the lines of state-of-the-art automotive interior designs.

Mustang’s new Super Deluxe Touring seat allows the driver to comfortably sit back an extra full inch as compared to the stock seat.  The 19” wide front bucket angles the body for long-distance comfort and provides ample lumbar support. For all-day back support, add the matching driver backrest kit for a fully adjustable and easily removable backrest that can be folded and stored. Continue reading ‘Mustang Introduces Deluxe Super Touring for 1997-07 FL. More Room For The Driver. ‘

Joke Of The Week

A blonde city girl named Amy married a Colorado rancher. One morning, on his way out to check on the cows, the rancher says to Amy: “The insemination man is coming over to impregnate one of our cows today, so I drove a nail into the 2 by 4 just above where the cow’s stall is in the barn.  Please show him where the cow is when he gets here, OK?”

The rancher leaves for the fields.  After a while, the artificial insemination man arrives and knocks on the front door. Amy takes him down to the barn. They walk along the row of cows and when Amy sees the nail. She tells him, “This is the one right here.” The man, assuming he is dealing with an air head blond, asks, “Tell me lady, cause I’m dying to know. Wow would yOU know that this is the right cow to be bred?”

“That’s simple,” she said. “By the nail that’s over its stall” she explains very confidently. Laughing rudely at her, the man says, “And what is the nail for?” The blond turns to walk away and says sweetly over her shoulder, “I guess it’s to hang your pants on.”

It’s nice to see a blond winning once in a while…

High Performance Intake By Cobra USA

In an ultra-modern 85,000 square-foot complex in California, the Cobra team designs and fabricates all sorts of performance accessories for the major motorcycle brands and models.

For Harleys, an important upgrade is to optimize engine air flow for maximum power. This air intake kit utilizes a Cobra-designed K&N air filter, machined aluminum venturi and a variety of covers. The intake pictured below consists of a laser formed steel cover, stainless steel mesh insert, and a chrome plated finish. All intake kits are available in black as well. MSRP: $220.95. Cobra Engineering.

Flashback. 1969 Norton Commando 750S.

It’s one of the most famous British bikes produced by Norton-Villiers from 1967 until 1977. Despite the Norton Commando being a pre-unit construction (meaning where the engine and gearbox are separate components with their own oil reservoirs) and numerous design problems addressed over the years, although some persisted until the end of production, the Commando was popular all over the word. Even Norton’s chairman Dennis Poore, expressed publicly his surprise at the Commando’s remarkable success. 5 ears in a row, from 1968 to 1972 Motor Cycle News gave it the award of “Machine of the Year” (photo @ Doug Mitchel 630.605.6276)

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

Vice President Pence May Address The Motorcycle Industry At AIMExpo In September. It helps that VP Pence is an avid motorcyclist who recently has been seen astride his Harley-Davidson. He even just named his new dog ‘Harley’. And it was national news when Harley-Davidson’s executive team had been invited to the White House in January, with the Vice President more publicly associated as being a rider. Bob Althoff, dealer principal at A.D. Farrow Harley-Davidson in Columbus, and a local partner of AIMExpo, penned a compelling letter explaining the impact Mr. Pence could have by addressing the nation’s retailers at the industry’s big trade show, and sent it off to the office of the Vice President. About a month after sending the letter off, Bob heard from the VP’s schedulers, who told him that it was being considered, which was a very positive response compared to a ‘No’.

Flat Track Racing Is In The Midst Of A Renaissance. New simpler rules, the storied Harley versus Indian rivalry. big-name sponsors, and a TV broadcast deal with NBC Sports, all contribute to the the renewed interest for the sport. The inaugural season of American Flat Track passed the halfway point and at every race someone wearing Indian Motorcycle racing leathers was on the podium. Four times this season, Indian had swept the podium entirely, with its riders Jared Mees, Brad Baker, and Bryan Smith being too much for everyone else to handle. The American Flat Track season sees racers competing on four different types of track. One of the changes from the old AMA Pro Flat Track days is that racers now have to ride the same type of bike throughout the season, whereas previously they would use different bikes for different tracks.

For The First time Ever BMW Motorrad USA Offering Demo Rides On Soon-To-Be-Released K 1600 B Bagger. BMW has chosen the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® to debut the BMW K 1600 B “Bagger” Ten of the highly anticipated new bikes will be shipped to the Buffalo Chip for the exclusive demo ride opportunity, along with a full stable of new innovative BMW motorcycle models. BMW Motorrad representatives will be on hand at the Buffalo Chip’s free-access CrossRoads to show off all of the new bikes and assist with demo rides Friday, Aug. 4 through Saturday, Aug. 11. The K 1600 B features a new lower rear section with a significantly lower seat, a more elongated look and updated side bags. Its six-cylinder engine has serious muscle, pulling around 160 horsepower, and its high-tech options include reverse assist, hill start control, adaptive turning lights and more.

In 2030 Vietnam Will Ban All Motorcycles In Its Capital Of Hanoi The city of Hanoi has over 7.5 million people that it counts as inhabitants, and between them these citizens own more than 5 million motorcycles and half a million cars. In addition to the city progressively developing public transportation and vehicles being banned from certain locations at certain times from 2017 to 2029, Hanoi intends to ban in 2030 all motorcycles to circulate in its capital.

Why Is The World’s Fastest Motorcycle Bound For Bolivia?

For six years the TOP 1 ACK ATTACK team has returned to the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats hoping to exceed their own land speed record of 376.363 mph (605.697 km/h), and for six years they have seen the salt flooded and shrinking. If the builder Mike Akatiff and pilot Rocky Robinson were going to reset the record books, they needed better salt.

This need for speed resulted in the fastest motorcycle in history being bound for Bolivia for the Top Of The World Land Speed Challenge August 3-8, 2017.

“Mike Akatiff and the TOP 1 oil company want to be the first 400mph motorcycle, so they approached us about three years ago and asked if I was interested in going to Bolivia,” says Mike Cook. “Hell yeah!” After organizing the Land Speed Shootout at Bonneville for more than a decade, LSR racing legend Mike Cook knows more about what it takes to set a record than any man alive. He will be handling logistics and timing/FIM coordination in Bolivia, just as he does in Bonneville. Cook and TOP 1 execs went to Bolivia back in March to survey the salt to find a suitable place to lay out a course and grease the skids for TOP 1 to take over the Salar de Uyuni salt with the Bolivian brass. Continue reading ‘Why Is The World’s Fastest Motorcycle Bound For Bolivia?’

26th European HOG Rally & Swiss Harley Days in Lugano, Switzerland. June 29-July 2.

The beautiful southern Switzerland city of Lugano hosted the 26th Annual European H.O.G. Rally and Harley Days with unfortunately some bad weather that you don’t expect when you ride in July south of the alps. Nevertheless, thousands of Harley-Davidson riders, the Swiss Harley dealers and obviously a lot of Northern-Italy based customizers attended one of the biggest Harley-Davidson events in Europe.

The complete Lugano lakeside promenade and the town center were converted into Harley-only territories with riders entertained by a bike show, bands and an exceptional daily air show program sponsored by watch maker Breitling and featuring “The Wingwalker Girls”. Best of Show and Radical Class trophy winner went to “Legend” by Gallery Motorcycles of Mirko Perugini. His “J” motor has been extracted from one of those military Harleys which were used on the French-American battlefield in 1918 and the following occupation of western Germany. Second place in “Radical” went to Asso Special Bikes with their unique turbocharged Bagger. (photos @ H. Roesler)

NBC Sports To Televise 18 Flat Track Races Throughout This Summer And Fall.

“Pro flat track is the one of the world’s most intense forms of motorcycle racing, but the incredible racing is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Michael Lock, CEO of American Flat Track. “The story of American Flat Track is rich with history and the sport has personalities that are true American heroes. Over the coming weeks, we look forward to introducing a new generation of fans to America’s original extreme sport.”

All 18 races on the 2017 American Flat Track schedule will be televised on NBCSN in a series of weekly primetime telecasts The network announced today the premiere airdates for the 18 one-hour shows, beginning with coverage of the season-opening Harley-Davidson DAYTONA TT presented by Politis and Matovina at Daytona International Speedway on Monday, July 3, at 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT.

NBCSN’s American Flat Track television schedule is as follows:

Play-by-play announcer Jason Weigandt is the resident expert for motorcycle racing at NBC Sports and brings a depth of knowledge and personality to the shows. Joining Weigandt in the booth is veteran Superbike racer and multi-time American Flat Track race winner Larry Pegram. Rounding out the team is Heather DeBeaux, who enters her second season as pit reporter for American Flat Track. No stranger to dirt track racing, DeBeaux has also covered the NASCAR K&N Pro Series for NBC Sports.
In addition to the 18 primetime premieres, NBCSN will present weekday encore telecasts of each one-hour show.  Fans Choice TV,  a cornerstone of American Flat Track’s digital strategy, will continue provide live streaming coverage for every round of the 2017 season, and NBC and the NBC Sports app will provide streaming coverage alongside NBCSN’s premiere telecasts.

Joke Of The week

Farmer Jack.

Jack once lived on a quiet rural highway but as time went by, the traffic slowly built up and got so heavy and so fast that his free range chickens were being run ove, at a rate of three to six a week.

So Farmer Jack called the local police station to complain. “You’ve got to do something about all these people driving so fast and killing all my chickens,” he said to the local police officer. “What do you want me to do?” asked the policeman. “I don’t care, just do something about those crazy drivers!”

So the next day the policeman had the Council erect a sign that said: SCHOOL CROSSING. Three days later Farmer Jack called the policeman and said, “You’ve still got to do something about
these drivers. The ‘school crossing’ sign seems to make them go even faster!”

So again, they put up a new sign: SLOW: CHILDREN AT PLAY. That really sped them up. So Farmer Jack called and said, “Your signs are no good. Can I put up my own sign?” In order to get Farmer Jack off his back he said “Sure. Put up your own sign.” Continue reading ‘Joke Of The week’

July 4th. Happy Independence Day.

The Thiverval. The Krugger Treatment Applied To The Ducati XDiavel.

During these last years, Freddie Bertrand from Krugger Motorcycles, has evolved from being a super great custom builder – he is twice AMD world Champion Of Custom Bike Building in 2010 and 2014- to becoming a design and development consultant offering his services to professionals and major motorcycle manufacturers.

The reason? Freddie is not only able to design and build unusual and beautiful bikes but also can re-imagine the best and most successful factory models without affecting their cutting-edge electronics and technology.

A good example is this “Thiverval” Ducati, the result of Freddie Bertrand boasting the original Ducati XDiavel design without altering the technical content and performance that is typical of the Ducati brand. Originally, Ducati conceived the XDiavel as an “Italian culture” performance Cruiser offering exciting riding at both relaxed slow or high speed. A bike conceived to project the concept of a Cruiser into modern times. Continue reading ‘The Thiverval. The Krugger Treatment Applied To The Ducati XDiavel.’

New Fat Front Fender For Harley Bagger Fitted With Front Wide Tire

Pickard USA developed the “Meat Head”, currently the only true bolt-on fat front tire kit for Harley Touring Models 2013 and down.

Other Harley wide tire kits require special cut fork cans, triple trees, and a fender with the sides notched out so the tire will have adequate clearance.

The “Meat Head” saves hundreds of dollars by eliminating all the time and labor spent disassembling the front end for a fat tire conversion.

Retail price: $499. For more info go to Pickard USA or call Nick Nickon 972-231-1290

S&S Cycle Returns To The 2017 AIMExpo

The American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo)  , the Powersports Expo, will be open to credentialed trade and media professionals on September 21-22, then to the General Public on September 23-24 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. AIMExpo is the single most important event of its type in the North American market and serve as the catalyst to bring together industry, press, dealers and consumers in a single arena that creates a grand stage for motorcycling and Powersports

S&S Cycle is proud to be a part of the AIMExpo 5th edition states VP Marketing David Zemla. AIMExpo is modeled after the massive European motorcycle shows and features several dealer only days before opening to the public. “AIMExpo is excited to have S&S back as part of our new Custom Culture area featuring the best in high performance V-Twin parts. They are a perfect compliment to our Championship of the Americas and our Skidmark Community Garage builders lounge” says Bob Kay, Custom Culture Director, MIC Events.  Look for S&S Cycle in Booth 2260 in the newly expanded floor plan.

Thought Of The Day




“We must take risks today to learn lessons for tomorrow”

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook)

Limited Edition Of 50 Indian Scout FTR750 Now Available

The new Indian Scout FTR750 was purpose-built to revolutionize Flat Track Racing. But the motorcycle industry and Indian fans alike were unsure as to what to expect. The Scout FTR750, which won the first eight races of the season and has captured 22 of 27 podiums this season, has been running in a class of its own and has clearly established a reputation as the most dominant race-bike FTR has ever seen.

To celebrate Indian’s return to the sport, and the dominant performance by the Indian Wrecking Crew, Indian Motorcycle is offering a limited-edition, individually-numbered Scout FTR750. Fans and collectors can now purchase one of these stunning machines as part of a limited run of 50 bikes being sold by Indian this year. In addition to collecting a piece of flat track racing history, buyers will receive an once-in-a-lifetime riding experience with their favorite Wrecking Crew rider.

With such a limited run, Indian is also allowing customers to customize their FTR750 with a variety of options including: selecting their own number (on a first-come, first-serve basis) from bikes 1-50, choose from a variety of custom finishes, optional installment of a front brake.

Along with the bike, buyers will also be given a one-of-a-kind VIP viewing experience at an American Flat Track event where they will have access to the racing pits and a meet and greet with the team. The following morning, the VIP guest will receive their one-on-one flat track riding lesson with a Wrecking Crew rider.

For riders, this is an opportunity to own a bike that represents the highest level of design and performance the industry has to offer. And for collectors this is the chance to own a piece of history as only 50 of these bikes will be manufactured for the public this year.

The Indian Scout FTR750 is priced $50,000. To Reserve your Indian Scout FTR750 Package, contact:

Financing A Custom Motorcycle? Builder Jeff Nicklus Announces Financial Services Package.

From A PR. Everyone who knows anything about motorcycles knows there is nothing on earth like a hand built motorcycle, particularly one made in the USA by a Master Bike Builder. But owning a custom production bike has traditionally been a big investment decision – it was cash or no bike. So being able to finance the purchase of a handcrafted head-turner is big news.

On July 5, 2017, Jeff Nicklus of Desperado Motorcycles, will be introducing a brand new financing program that will bring ownership of a Desperado Motorcycle within the reach of anyone with good credit (650 FICO Score or better). As Jeff says: “We have been making custom motorcycles for over 22 years, but we have never had a financing option for buyers. That has always held back a segment of our potential customer base and kept them in mass-production models. I thought it was about time that changed.”

Desperado Motorcycles will be offering a financing package, which is nationally available, through Rider Financial Group of Ohio. Rider understands the buyers of custom motorcycles and knows the lasting value of a Desperado Motorcycle. If that were not enough, for Texas residents, I have connected with my good friend Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas and his Allstate Insurance Agency to provide motorcycle insurance. It just does not get much better than this”, Nicklus said. Continue reading ‘Financing A Custom Motorcycle? Builder Jeff Nicklus Announces Financial Services Package.’

New Guinness World Record For Longest Motorcycle Burn-Out. 2.8 Miles On A Harley Street Rod 750.

On May 20th, in the city of Rzeszów, southeast Poland, a new burn-out world record was set. The record was broken on A Harley Street Rod by Maciej Bielicki, leading Polish stunter who performs tall his ricks on Harley-Davidson models.

The event was organized by GOC Harley-Davidson Rzeszów, the biggest Harley-Davidson dealership in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe and Game Over Cycles (GOC), custom bike manufacturer and owner of H-D Rzeszów dealership.

New record stands at 4,5 km (2,8 mi) and was set at first attempt. The previous record was set last year in the US when on a 1200 cc engine the distance covered was 3,7 km (2,3 mi).

South Paw Motorcycle By Deux Ex Machina

The Honda VTR 250 is not normally associated with flat track racing. Until now, thanks to a transformation made by Deus Ex Machina. South Paw is the result of works based on a series of 1:1 sketches with body shaped by hand before being formed in a carbon fiber, woven glass and epoxy to mimic modern flat track racers.

The front end of the bike is left mostly untouched, but the modification of the rest of the bike is overly complicated. To simplify, the rear was replaced by a cantilevered fuel cell formed from a mix of carbon fiber with woven glass and epoxy resin. This new tail end serves as a subframe and base for the seat himself upholstered in graphite alcantara with a neat burnt orange accent stitch matching the paint job.

South Paw rolls on a pait of 17” Excel alloy racing wheels (4.5 inch in the rear and 3” up front) laced to Honda hubs and wrapped with Metzeler Sportec M7 RR tires. Braking is via an uprated 320mm front disc and a mix of Nissin and Brembo components. If you had any doubt of its intention as a flat track racer, a combination aluminum number board and LED headlight signs the front of the bike, Exhaust headers are stainless steel paired to silencer cans. Speedo is from MotoGadget. Unveiled at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show.

Indian Motorcycle Racing Crew To Make X Games Debut On July 13

After 6 decades without racing, Indian Motorcycle made this year a very successful return to Flat Track Racing. And now the Indian Motorcycle crew announces it will make its X Games debut in Minneapolis on July 13. Legendary Road Racer Larry Pegram will Join Jared Mees, Bryan Smith & Brad Baker aboard the Indian Scout FTR750 at the X Games. “It’s been an incredible season thus far, vastly exceeded our expectations, and having the opportunity to compete in the X Games in front of our hometown of Minneapolis is truly special,” said Reid Wilson, Indian Motorcycle Marketing Director. “In addition to being our first time at X Games, this will be the first time we have four Indian Scout FTR750 race bikes in the field. Continue reading ‘Indian Motorcycle Racing Crew To Make X Games Debut On July 13’

Cosmo Connected. Convert Any Helmet Into A Smart Helmet.

The Cosmo is a $ 119, 150 grams device rear brake light shinings bright red to indicate the deceleration of a motorcycle driver. The manufacturer states an extremely accurate advanced accelerometer & gyrometer technology to ensure quick readings.

In addition, thanks to a smartphone integrated application, seconds after your helmet hits the ground, the Cosmo will automatically notify emergency responders as well as your preselected contacts.

Curved to fit any motorcycle helmet, attached to the back and functioning as an attached brake light, it increases any motorcyclist’s safety and visibility on the road. At Cosmo Kickstarter Campaign

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