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Jokes Of The Week

1. Law of Mechanical Repair
After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you’ll have to pee.
2. Law of Gravity
Any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible place in the universe.
3. Law of Probability
The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.

4. Law of Random Numbers
If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal; someone always answers.

5. Variation Law
If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will always move faster than the one you are in now.
6. Law of the Bath
When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone will ring.
7. Law of Close Encounters
The probability of meeting someone you know INCREASES dramatically when you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.
8. Law of the Result
When you try to prove to someone that a machine won’t work, IT WILL!!! Continue reading ‘Jokes Of The Week’


Attention To All Custom Bike Builders. Team America Seeks A New Member.

The famous international Intermot trade show in Cologne, Germany will once again host the 2018 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building The 2017 Championship of the Americas @ AIMExpo in Columbus. Ohio ((September 21-24) presents the last opportunity on this side of the big pond to earn expense money and a pre-paid entry into this prestigious AMD World Championship of custom bike building.

This is your chance to join Jordan Dickinson and Jesse Basset already slated for Team America 2018. Just go to AIMExpo, then click on register and scroll down to Championship of the Americas. You can enter right up to Wednesday September 20th at 5pm. Once again this year’s winner of the Free Style class will get $7500 in expense to send him and his bike to Intermot in Cologne, Germany.

In addition, regarding the 3 other classes (Retro Custom, Street Custom and Performance Custom) free secure trailer parking for builders has been arranged for builders competing in the Hot Bike Tour or the Cherokee Blue Ridge Run so they can drop their trailers off in Columbus and not have to tow them back and forth. The AIMExpo has “marshalling” yard in Columbus just 8 minutes from the Columbus Convention Center with free trailer parking during the event. Continue reading ‘Attention To All Custom Bike Builders. Team America Seeks A New Member.’

Flashback. 1907 Crouch Motorcycle.

The Crouch motorcycle brand was active between 1903 and 1909 among at least 300 other motorcycle manufacturers. The company slogan? “The Most Satisfying Motorcycle Ever Built”. At that time, most industry models proposed featured a single cylinder. Crouch, to be differentiate from each other claimed up to 150 miles…without breakdown.

Progressive Suspension

2017 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials. Hiro Koiso Raced The Fastest Open Bike On The Salt

At the annual Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, Hiro Koiso – builder and rider – set three new land speed records on a 2006 FXD-I based race bike. The JIMS 135″ TWIN-CAM engine was topped off with billet cylinder heads from T-Man Performance. A C1-R ProCharger was custom fit for assaulting the Salt, the bike boasting 378 hp at the rear wheel.

” We had a rough start on preparing for 2017 racing season since the high speed crash of 2016 which destroyed the majority of equipments and required 4 months of recovery for Koiso. For 2017 the team focused on going after land speed record in the category non-streamlined.”

The new chassis configuration worked flawlessly. and the team managed to set a new record (pending ratification) The team managed to set new pending record (pending ratification) of 216.818mph in 3000 A-PBG class over 177.539mph previous record held by Wink Eller since 2013. Continue reading ‘2017 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials. Hiro Koiso Raced The Fastest Open Bike On The Salt’

Sportster/Ural Sidecar

Sidecars have been ridden probably since the late 1800’s, always more in Europe than in the US.  where they are relatively rare.  Most everyone like looking at a sidecar rig and at its pilot, the sidecarist. They have many advantages and disadvantages over a 2-wheeler motorcycle, but many consider them only as substitute for motorcycles for old or handicapped folks not capable of handling two-wheelers. There can be some truth in those ideas but there are many very good reasons to ride one. Among many, the one why this Sportster/Ural sidecar was built in the garage of Adam Lukowiak.

One of his friends – Pawel Rozmarynowski, the photographer of this bike feature – was afraid to travel with his 6 years old daughter as a passenger on an ordinary motorcycle. Adam, a Polish garage builder with pro-skills, offered to build him a “family” sidecar . The combo used here is a 2004 rubber mounted Harley Sportster XL883 chosen for its reliability and a 1991 Ural sidecar chair chosen for its very cheap price, East Europe being covered of old soviet motorcycles and parts. Continue reading ‘Sportster/Ural Sidecar’

Twin Power Adds 32-Tooth Compensator Eliminator Kit. Better Acceleration. Better Use of 6th Gear.  

Twin Power announced that they have added a 32-Tooth Compensator Eliminator Kit to their product line.

“Last year, we introduced the 34-Tooth Compensator Eliminator Sprocket to our product line and it was a great success. The addition of this new kit will give riders more options for updating and maintaining their motorcycle. One of the advantages of this kit is that it works with any stock length primary chain,” says James Simonelli, Brand Manager for Twin Power. Continue reading ‘Twin Power Adds 32-Tooth Compensator Eliminator Kit. Better Acceleration. Better Use of 6th Gear.  ‘

Motorcycle Parts Website

The Future Starts Here. Keynotes From Harley-Davidson And Polaris CEO’s To Address The Critical Topic Of Acquiring New Riders.

A softening industry environment, many aging baby boomers being no longer active customers, are adding to the the 2 US manufacturer’s woes. Developing new riders who will become future customers is the big issue they both face.

On September 21st, from 8.30 a.m. to 9.45 a.m. at the AIMExpo at the Greater Convention Center, Matt Levatich (left) President and CEO of Harley-Davidson and Scott Wine, (right) CEO of Polaris Industries will speak about this most pressing motorcycle industry topic. All trade attendees and show exhibitors are invited for free.

Custom Cafe/Sport Harley Street 750

Mike McFadden opened in 2009 a boutique custom shop in Owensboro, Kentucky. Keeping small and being hyper creative is the motto. And what a joy, as Mike told me, when he succeed turning a turn into a Prince… I have to agree with him that this factory Street 750 looks extremely good when dressed in “CafeSport”, a blend of old school Cafe Racer mixed in with the new Gp style sportbike. Mike made himself the fairing from carbon fiber. and did all the mods and molding. At the time of these pictures, mesh screens were not yet installed to help the cooling of some electronic parts. M&M Custom Designs

Motorcycle-Themed Events To Remember Rock Legend Gregg Allman And Celebrate Allman’s Final Album, “Southern Blood”

Gregg Allman, frontman of the Allman Brothers Band, passed away May 27, 2017 in Richmond Hill, GA. Gregg loved motorcycles although Duane, his brother, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Macon, Georgia in 1971. So in celebration of the late Allman Brothers Band frontman’s final studio album, “Southern Blood”, a special event called “The Midnight Rider’s Rally” will be hosted by select Harley-Davidson dealers on September 8.

The celebration, which coincides with Southern Blood‘s release, will feature premiere playbacks of the album, local musicians performing Allman’s songs, and giveaways of various CDs, DVDs and LPs by and related to the Rock & Roll Hall-of-Famer. In addition, some locations will display several Harley-Davidsons from Allman’s personal collection.

You can buy advance registration to attend a rally for $20 at the Gregg Allman Official Store. That also will earn you a free download of Southern Blood. Part of the registration fee will be donated to the Allman/Lehman Endowed Scholarship at Syracuse University. Fans who attend the event are being invited to share photos, videos and memories of the celebration via social media using the hashtag #MidnightRidersRally. Any submissions will be posted on a special section of Gregg Allman website.

Southern Blood will be available in a variety of configurations, including a standard CD; a deluxe CD with two extra tracks and a bonus DVD; and a limited-edition colored-vinyl LP packaged with an exclusive lithograph. Continue reading ‘Motorcycle-Themed Events To Remember Rock Legend Gregg Allman And Celebrate Allman’s Final Album, “Southern Blood”’

Joke Of The Week

Two women were playing golf…

One teed off and watched in horror as her ball headed directly toward a foursome of men playing the next hole. The ball hit one of the men. He immediately clasped his hands together at his groin, fell to the ground and proceeded to roll around in agony. The woman rushed down to the man, and immediately began to apologize.

“Please allow me to help. I’m a Physiotherapist and I know I could relieve your pain if you’d allow me”, she told him. “Oh, no, I’ll be all right. I’ll be fine in a few minutes”, the man replied. He was in obvious agony, lying in the feotal position, still clasping his hands together at his groin.

At her insistence, however, he finally allowed her to help. She gently took his hands away and laid them to the side, loosened his pants and put her hands inside. She administered tender and artful massage for several long moments and asked, ‘How does that feel?”

He replied “It feels great, but I think my thumb’s still broken…”

The All-New Harley-Davidson Softail Frame

You already know that the 2018 Harley-Davidson lineup includes 8 all-new Softail models that combine the hard-riding performance of the Dyna® line with the unique custom look of the Softail® line.

In a kind of “custom revolution” Harley-Davidson has reinvented a frame:

–  with a design reducing complexity with a 50 percent reduction in component parts and a 22 percent reduction in welds.

– lighter than before, and it has a 34% stiffer chassis overall.

– two unique swingarms, one for narrow and one for wide rear tires. The wide chassis is 15 percent lighter (13 pounds) and the narrow chassis is 20 percent (18 pounds) lighter than the 2017 Softail frame.

– built to harness the massive power of the Milwaukee 107 and 114 engines.

– featuring an all-new easily adjustable mono-shock rear suspension. The new mono-shock rear suspension preserves the classic hard tail look while revamped geometry improves ride quality, traction and control. This new easily mono-shock enables a 240 pound range of payload capacity for increased passenger comfort and enhanced dynamic handling compared to 2017 Softail models.

– equipped with Showa® SDBV® suspension technology provides the performance of a racing-style cartridge fork with linear damping characteristics

Intermot Trade Show Promo Custom Bike

Intermot in Cologne, Germany (October 3-7) is a leading international exhibition of everything on 2 wheels. motorised two-wheelers. With the addition in 1016 of Intermot Customized, a custom bike show competition within the trade fair, each year Intermot promotes its show via a custom bike displayed in various events around Europe.

The 2017 custom bike is a Yamaha XV950R drag-style bike converted by Marcus Walz in only two months. After being stripped down, trimmed back and tuned by Walz, the original machine received a completely redesigned “drag-style” tail section created from only one sheet of steel and a one-off gas tank. SC-Project created a very lightweight titanium custom exhaust system. Touratech Suspension created unique shock absorbers and German suspension experts Wilbers was responsible for the custom front forks. Original engine was reworked and went from 60 to 70 hp.

Motul Is Announcing The 100% Synthetic TWIN Line Of Products Developed Specifically For V-Twins

Motul, the leader in synthetic oil technology, announced today the TWIN line – a 100 percent synthetic line of products designed to achieve a new level of performance and protection for V-Twins and twins of all kinds. Developed specifically for V-Twins, Café Racers and cruisers found on the canyon roads and highways of North America, the TWIN line will be made in the USA with USA-sourced raw materials. F

“North America has the largest population of Twins in the world – nearly one out of every two bikes are powered by a twin engine,” said Guillaume Pailleret, President of Motul USA. “We considered the growing number of vintage and classic bikes that are being restored and modified, and decided it was time for us to develop a product to support these riders.

Motul TWIN 20w50 engine oil is designed for high-performance street motorcycles, using a motorcycle-specific additive system which is developed to withstand extreme pressure and high heat and results in exceptional wear and thermal protection – even under extreme conditions. It is also compatible with all catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Continue reading ‘Motul Is Announcing The 100% Synthetic TWIN Line Of Products Developed Specifically For V-Twins’

Facing The Risk Of Some Serious Backlash, Confederate Motors Change Its Name To Curtiss Motorcycles

Evidently, when President Matt Chambers created his company in 1991 in Louisiana (headquartered inAlabama), he picked up on purpose the name of Confederate for whatever reason and meaning it has for him… But today, after the events of Charlottesville, Virginia where protests turned violent as white supremacists clashed with counter-demonstrators, and a car hit a crowd of anti-racist and anti-fascist protesters, killing one woman, Chambers has decided to retire the name Confederate. In the actual US political climate it seems to many that all association to the Southern Confederacy of the American Civil war has become akin to supporting white supremacy. Continue reading ‘Facing The Risk Of Some Serious Backlash, Confederate Motors Change Its Name To Curtiss Motorcycles’

EZ Mount Solo Seat For 15-17 Harley Softail Breakout

This seat has an interior molded from polyurethane foam that sits on a 3/16” ABS thermoformed seat base for a perfect fit that provides maximum comfort. This seat covers the two seat fender studs, providing a low, clean look, and moving the rider forward 1 ½” compared to stock seats. Solar-reflective leather in the seating area ensures your seat never gets too hot while sitting in the sun. The fully carpeted bottom with rubber bumpers protects your ride’s paint from bumps and scratches. Made in the USA for 15-17 FXSB models. The suggested retail price is $272.95. At your Drag Specialties Dealer. More info at Drag Seats.

Thought Of The Day




“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor”

Truman Capote. Writer

Slip-on mufflers for 2017 Harley Davidson Touring Models

All exhaust manufacturers are rushing to be one of the first to propose slip-ons for the 2017 HD Touring models.

supertrapp1The new Kerker Stout by Supertrapp is a 4” slip-on featuring a high-flow 2.5” core forperformance gains and a deep, throaty sound that won’t overpower a radio when cruising. Opening the throttle unleashes a menacing exhaust note that reflects the performance background of Kerker Exhaust! Available in Show Chrome or Black High-Temperature Ceramic finish with a matching billet aluminum end cap. These units are completely rebuildable. No tuning is required. Kerker Stout Chrome: MSRP $749.00, Part Number 140-78228. Kerker Stout Black: MSRP $769.00, Part Number 147-78228.

supertrapp2The new Kerker Slash slip-on is also available. Like the Stout, it features a high-flow 2.5” core that is completely rebuildable. The muffler body is finished with a slash down 45 degree cut. A mellow sound while cruising turns into a deep, strong growl when accelerating! The Kerker Slash is available in Show Chrome. No tuning is required. Kerker Slash Chrome: MSRP $499.00, Part Number 128-78132

To hear these slip-ons, go HERE. Supertrapp products are made in the USA.hear both the Stouts and the Slash. Supertrapp products are made in the USA. Contact them at 216-265-8400

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

India Is Now The World’s Largest Motorcycle Country. India sold 17.59 million motorcycles during the 2016-2017 financial year. Ok, they are smaller displacement machines (mostly 125 cc) than those ridden in the US and Europe. In India, a small motorcycle may be the only mode of transport that an entire family has. In the last year, in India alone, Royal Enfield sold 700,000 bikes, more than the ENTIRE GLOBAL OUTPUT of Harley-Davidson, BMW, Triumph, KTM and Ducati combined. China lost its position as world’s largest motorcycle country because of interdictions or restrictions imposed in big cities to lower or prevent pollution.

Harley Owners Group (HOG) Rally In Milwaukee During Labor Day Weekend. In its 34th year, HOG is the official riding club of Harley-Davidson Motor Co. The last national HOG rally was in Milwaukee during Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary party in 2013. Before that, there was one in 2009 in Oklahoma City, Okla. “We wanted to bring back the national rally concept, and we decided to do it this year in Milwaukee. Maybe it’s a bit of a warmup for some folks for the 115th anniversary” in 2018, said Harley-Davidson spokesman Matthew King. The HOG events get underway Wednesday August 30 and continue through Saturday, Sept. 2. Motorcyclists can get some of their first opportunities to test ride model-year 2018 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, including the all-new Softails, at the company’s Pilgrim Road manufacturing plant in Menomonee Falls. Tours of the Pilgrim Road operations will be available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Much of the partying will take place at the Harley-Davidson Museum at S. 6th and W. Canal streets. At the same time, Milwaukee area Harley dealerships are hosting a Milwaukee Rally with live music and group bike rides.

Confederate Motorcycles Plan To Go Electric. Confederate President Matt Chambers, showing bikes at the annual car show known as The Quail, said his company has gone as far as it can possibly go with gas-powered motorcycles. Confederate Motorcycles plan to go electric with a Santa Cruz company.

Royal Enfield Begins Production From Third Manufacturing Facility Near Chennai, India. The state-of-the-art facility starts with an initial production capacity of 300,000 motorcycles per year. In FY 2017-18, the combined production capacity from all the three plants is planned to be 825,000 units.  In FY 2016-17, Royal Enfield produced and sold 667,135 motorcycles, Royal Enfield’s sales have grown at a compounded rate of over 55% over the past 6 years.

New Black 5-3/4” LED V-Rod Headlight By Headwinds

Headwinds, a leader in custom headlights, introduces their Black V-Rod LED headlamp (p/n 8-9556B). This 5-3/4” 60/20W hi/lo is a direct replacement for the stock two-bulb headlamp.

These powerful non-glare lamps are 4 x’s brighter & whiter than halogen (3,600 lumens high, 2,400 lumens low) and reach down the road like a bolt of lightning. It also provides a wide light pattern to illuminate the road shoulder.

Made with energy efficient solid-state LEDs that withstand shock & vibration. It’s an easy-to-install, plug and play headlight. Headlight mount not included. Contact Headwinds 626-359-8044 or go to their Website

A Custom Built Softail In Switzerland Called HD Exile!

50 years in business as a V-Twin motorcycle shop (including 40 as an authorized Harley dealer and 20 years in the same location as a bike customizer under the name of “Harley Heaven” is a considerable amount of time selling and tinkering with bikes. Swiss American motorcycle enthusiast Felix Bächli founded his shop in 1967, then 20 years ago was joined by his son Rainer who just spent several years in California in the best HD shops where he witnessed the US customizing boom and where he got himself the customizing bug…

Located near Zurich, Harley Heaven, the custom department of Bächli Harley-Davidson, has for vocation to build Harleys with a pedigree, able to compete with the best creations of independent builders. But of course preserving the Milwaukee title and warranty to be legally ridden on all Swiss and European roads. and never compromising the factory bike handling and performance. While working in California, Rainer understood the importance of a fully equipped machine and sheet metal workshop. So his Swiss shop is now equipped to be able to face almost any fabrication challenge. In California he also developed a great respect and admiration for the work of Russell Mitchell at Exile Cycles, either his Scratch-Built Specials or Harley “make-overs” (also called the X-Harleys…)

To celebrate Bächli 50th Anniversary it was decided to build 7 customs, each themed differently and based on a different Harley model. This one, number 2 of the series, is a 2016 Breakout featuring a very simple design , but still very eye catching thanks to the choice of retro accessories and of an unusual 70’s paint job.

Show floor displayed with a 180 mm tire, this Breakout received a fatter 230 mm rubber, something now very rarely seen on new bikes, but at the same time something very representative of the American excess of the period end of the 90’s, beginning of the 00’s. (I have to mention that it’s relative easy to go from 180 mm to 230 keeping the Breakout swingarm. Continue reading ‘A Custom Built Softail In Switzerland Called HD Exile!’

10th Annual Cafe Racer Magazine Reader’s Ride In Bike Show.

Best In Show is this 1992 Honda Nighthawk built by Sean Skinner of Virginia. It has a Kawasaki ZX10R rear swingarm and suspension, GSX-R 1000 forks and Yamaha XS500 gas tank and another turned into the matching seat pan. A short video for those in a Cafe Racer mood…

Indian Motorcycle Introduces A New Experience Centre At Its Spirit Lake Manufacturing Factory

Indian Motorcycle just opened an Experience Center at its Spirit Lake manufacturing facility. Based in America’s heartland, the Spirit Lake Experience Center is a free offering for motorcyclists looking to connect with the iconic American motorcycle brand.

The Indian Motorcycle Spirit Lake Experience Center will showcase current and historic Indian motorcycles and offer complementary behind-the-scenes tours of its world-class production facility. Visitors will observe the assembly process that’s conducted from start-to-finish with robotic machinery and witness new Indian motorcycles come right off the line. The Spirit Lake Experience Center will also serve as a venue for private events.

“As America’s first motorcycle company, we have a rich history and a loyal following of motorcyclists,” said Steve Menneto, President – Indian Motorcycle. “Right in America’s heartland, the Experience Center not only serves as a unique destination for motorcyclists to engage with the brand, but also showcases our outstanding people who build premium motorcycles.”

Menneto welcomed the new Experience Center with Spirit Lake employees, friends and family members during an honorary ribbon-cutting ceremony. Motorcyclists attending the Boji Bike Rally will have the opportunity to visit the Spirit Lake Experience Center on Friday and Saturday, August 18 and 19, from 9am-2pm.

The Experience Center will be open for complementary tours on Mondays and Fridays from August 21 through November 3, 2017. Tours will reopen in 2018. Tours will be conducted through appointments only, which can be made by calling Indian Motorcycle Spirit Lake at 712-336-6955.

Did You Notice? Harley-Davidson Killed The V-Rod…

Because of the focus on the disparition of all Dyna models. most of you didn’t notice that the V-Rod, the very unique muscle bike co-developed with Porsche, 2001 has also disappeared from the 2018 Harley-Davidson lineup. So, the 2017 V-Rod Muscle and Night Rod Special are the last VRSC.

As a reminder the V-Rod was introduced in model year 2001. On it, everything was non-traditional retro Harley and instead focused in trying to attract those interested in low-end torque and massive horsepower. A kind of Harley for the non-Harley rider.

A strong liquid cooled V-Twin engine developed by Porsche but with a new Revolution design and cylinders placed at a 60-degree angle instead of the classic 45-degree. This engine passed the famous Dusseldorf Endurance Test (500 hours non-stop with no failure) to prove its reliability. On the road all skeptics got convinced by the Porsche/Harley effort..

But the bike didn’t look at all like a Harley with its hydro formed tubular frame, muscle car stance, gas tank under the seat and air box cover designed to look like the gas tank. The drag style performance and sleek style didn’t convince enough Harley and non-Harley riders. So, Harley killed the VSCR. But as the saying goes, “the V-Rod is still the only model a non-Harley rider would ride if he was obliged to ride a Harley…” Many, many will miss it.


New. Spade Emblem Zippo

Long time I didn’t check out the full line-up of the world famous Zippo windproof lighters. I am impressed by the quality of the offered engraved designs as this new Spade Emblem in matte finish, and also by what they can do for you if you need a special edition for your business. By the way, do you know that since the 1950’s the bottom of every Zippo lighter is encoded with a series of markings providing a way to accurately date most lighters. Zippo will do the job for you. And of course, the lifetime guarantee that “It works or we fix it free for you™”

Harley-Davidson. Celebrating 115th Anniversary

You know the story. In 1903, four young men in Milwaukee put a motor in a bicycle frame, and riders from all walks of life have been coming back to cut loose ever since. One hundred and fifteen years later, it’s time to celebrate and Harley-Davidson is building Anniversary metal.

Two Limited Edition 115th Anniversary paint schemes will be available on select 2018 models. The divergent styles will appeal to a broader audience of customers and, to add exclusivity to each model, all paint sets will be serialized.

115TH Anniversary Two Tone

Available only on Tri-Glide®, Ultra Limited, Street Glide®, Fat Boy® 114, and Heritage Classic 114 models.

• Exclusive Legend Blue/Vivid Black two-tone paint scheme
• Triple pinstripe
• 115th Anniversary multi-metal tank cloisonné
◦ Eagle holding the Bar and Shield in its talons
• Perforated seat with blue stitching and embossed “HDMC”
• 115th Anniversary script on console, timer cover and air cleaner
• Serialization on trim

115TH Anniversary Denim

Available only on Street Glide® Special, Fat Boy®114, Breakout® 114, and Forty-Eight® models.
• Exclusive Legend Blue Denim paint
• 115th Anniversary tattoo-inspired graphic
◦ Eagle holding the Bar and Shield in its talons
◦ Harley-Davidson script varies by model
• Perforated seat with blue stitching and embossed “HDMC”
• Serialization hand-applied at the factory

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“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”

Mark Twain

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