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New Adjustable Fairing Air Deflectors

21530_1350x900_RGB_72DPIThese Adjustable Fairing Air Deflectors by Kuryakyn lock securely into place in multiple positions to direct airflow just how you want it. The elegantly contoured design seamlessly forms to Harley-Davidson® batwing fairings for a stylish upgrade along with improved functionality. Open the vents to channel air into the cockpit in warm weather, or close them up to block the breeze when riding in cooler temps.

The spring-loaded variable deflectors are easy to operate and made from sturdy, shatterproof polycarbonate with an attractive smoke finish. The frames, available in chrome or satin black, are made of durable ABS. A chrome or satin black accent on the outer edge of the deflector serves as a finger hold for easy adjustment.

These Fairing Air Deflectors Include hardware for easy bolt-on installation, mounting to existing holes in the fairing on all ’14-later Electra Glides, Street Glides and Tri Glides. • P/N 1246 – Chrome. • P/N 1247 – Satin Black MSRP: $119.99.

Spectro Oils

2016 Sturgis Motorcycle and Stunt Shows At The Sturgis Buffalo Chip® CrossRoads

bikeshowsA lot of the 2016 Sturgis bike shows are set to happen at the Buffalo Chip’s free-access CrossRoads in 2016. As always some of the best, most creative, weirdest, outrageous and sometime quite ugly bikes will compete in no less than 5 bike shows in 5 days from Saturday August 6 to Thursday August 11.

bikeshowsbisIn addition Clint Ewing will bring his stunt stylings, drifting and shifting up some adrenaline-pumping action on his fleet of Kawasaki motorcycles Sunday, Aug. 7 to Aug. 11. The Seattle Cossacks will again offer some of their death-defying stunts, piling riders high atop their vintage 1948 Harley Davidsons, Tuesday, Aug. 9 – Thursday, Aug. 11. You can also be inspired by Michelle Carpenter’s feature-length documentary “Klocked: Women with Horsepower” featuring land-speed record holders Laura Klock and her daughters, Karlee and Erica Cobb on Thursday, Aug. 11 at 6 p.m. Admittance is free.

Saturday, Aug. 6. Full Throttle Magazine 10-Class Bike Show. 12 p.m. Registration, 5 p.m. Awards. Registration fee $20, Awards for 1st and 2nd place, “Best in Show” and “Judges Choice”
Sunday, Aug. 7. Full Throttle Magazine Buffalo Chip Bagger Nationals. 12 p.m. Registration, 5 p.m. Awards. Registration fee $20, Awards for 1st and 2nd place, “Best in Show” and “Judges Choice”
Tuesday, Aug. 9. Biltwell “Sportster Showdown” – Moto Stampede. 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. Registration, 5 pm. Awards Best chopper, tracker, vintage and café Sportsters. Presented by Biltwell, Led Sled, Street Chopper, S&S, Rusty Butcher and Chop Cult
Wednesday, Aug. 10. Easyriders Bike Show & David Mann Art Auction 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Registration, 4 p.m. Awards. Enter your bike for free to win trophies, cash, prizes and bragging rights. 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. – David Mann Art Auction.
Thursday, Aug. 11. Rat’s Hole Bike Show. 10 a.m. Registration, Awards 5 p.m. The “Best of Show” winner will be presented a trophy on the Wolfman Jack Stage.

Progressive Suspension

Badlands Illuminator For Indian Models. Turn signals Become Run, Brake And Turn Signals.

namz1namz2Aware of Indian models popularity, NAMZ just released a Badlands Illuminator module that converts rear turn signals into running lights, brake lights and turn signals for added visibility and safety.

You will just need to swap out the stock rear amber turn signals with red versions, but you are covered there as well. This plug-n-play turn signal kit comes with a pair of red LED’s, rubber backing grommets and red lenses that install in minutes.

Badlands products are available directly from their NAMZ website or calling 877-277-NAMZ, or through Drag Specialties, Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky, Mid USA, J&P Cycles, V-Twin, Parts Canada, Motovan, Les Importations Thibault, Parts Europe, Custom Chrome Europe, Motorcycle Storehouse, W&W, Zodiac, Rollies Speed Shop, Wildrider International Pty Ltd.

4½” Top Gun Slip-ons For Harley Touring 1995-2016

1magnaflow2magnaflowYou like it when the claim “amazing rich, deep, thundering bass sound” can be demonstrated by a sound clip. It’s below. These Top Gun slip-ons also offer reduced decibels at cruising speed making them the a good upgrade for long haul performance minded riders.

3magnaflowThe Pro-Flow, 3 step perforated baffle cores are engineered to generate maximum horsepower gains over stock. Available in show chrome or deep black finishes with inner and outer precision channeled end caps. Made in the USA. At Magnaflow (Part# 7200203 and 7200302)

Women’s Empowerment. Biker Belles In Sturgis. Industry Leaders Take Seats For Symposium “Two-Wheeled Transformation”

3-Biker-Belles-PanelistsA panel of luminaries representing women from a broad cross section of today’s motorcycle industry will take a leading role in the Buffalo Chip’s 2016 Biker Belles® “Two-Wheeled Transformation” symposium on Tuesday, Aug. 9. Taking seats on the panel moderated by Marilyn Stemp of the Sturgis Rider Daily and Iron Trader News are – BMW Motorrad’s Sarah Schilke – Moto-journalist and Iron Lillies co-founder Leticia Cline – Perewitz Cycle Fab’s Jody Perewitz – Land-speed record-holder Karlee Cobb.

2-Biker-Belles-PanelistsThe Buffalo Chip chose this group of panelists due to their influence in the industry and their leading roles in helping to shape the future of motorcycling. Following a ride through the beautiful Black Hills the panel will discuss the theme “Two-Wheeled Transformation” while guests enjoy a catered lunch at The Lodge at Deadwood.

The event was created to raise awareness of the passion, diversity and spirit of women in motorcycling and to raise funds for local worthy charities. Continue reading ‘Women’s Empowerment. Biker Belles In Sturgis. Industry Leaders Take Seats For Symposium “Two-Wheeled Transformation”’

Motorcycle Parts Website

A Short Visit To The American Police Motorcycle Museum Of Meredith, New Hampshire

0APM_Mus_0159_outside2-bisAPM_Mus_00032APM_Mus_0003The American Police Motorcycle Museum Of Meredith, New Hampshire (another Police Hall Of Fame And Museum is located in Titusville, Florida) is a private museum owned by Douglas Frederick. It is the concretization of his dream to honor police officers that rode the primitive motors of old and to bring their history to the general public. But don’t visit the museum after July 18th. Frederick is looking for a new location and hope to reopen for the start of the 2017 New England motorcycle season. So, keep it in mind for the 2017 edition of Laconia Bike Week. You will be able to see again over one hundred machines. Just a few shots during a short visit (photography H. Roesler for Cyril Huze)



Lifetime Warranty On Chrome!

Sport-Chrome-1Since I don’t know any other company offering this type of warranty on chrome, it’s worth mentioning it. This lifetime warranty covers all parts you want to chrome (or re-chrome) on all 2000 & later Harley-Davidson models and on all American-made aftermarket aluminum motorcycle wheels & parts.

You don’t need to be a local in Los Angeles or California to have your show chrome work performed by Sport Chrome Inc. just ship your parts. The company metal finish can be found on all continents of the planet, ranging from Harley Dealers, to Independent MC shops, to motorcycle enthusiasts and top custom builders around the world, like Roland Sands Design here in the US. To learn more about the chrome works performed and about this Lifetime Warranty contact your local Dealer or visit Sport Chrome  Tel. 888-799-9958.

Two 360-Degree Videos Of Victory Racing At The 2016 Pikes Peak International.

Victory Racing earned 2 places on the podium at the 2016 Pikes Peak International Climb with the gas-powered Project 156, pilot Jeremy Toye, and electric Empulse RR, pilot Don Canet. Now, Victory gives you the opportunity to ride along with the racers and see the 360-degree video captured from both bikes.

“These are angles that reflect how truly dramatic the setting is,” says Nate Secor, Marketing Manager for Victory Motorcycles. “What makes Pikes Peak unique is the elevation gain from start to finish, and 360 offers the viewer an experience that traditional on-board footage can’t deliver – the ability to look across valleys, over cliffs that are thousands of feet high, up the hill and back at the rider.”

The 360-degree videos should play on most browsers (except Apple Safari) Point your mouse on the screen image and rotate to change the viewing angle. With iOS and Android mobile devices, the viewing is changed by dragging a finger across the screen. If you’re using an iOS device, it should be an iPhone 4S or newer or an iPad 2 or newer. The iOS device also should be running iOS 7 or later. If you have an Android device, make sure you’re using Android 4.3 or later.

Ride With Project 156

Ride With Empulse RR


Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita Sets New World Record On Victory Cross Country Tour

GrizzlyAfricaThe Swiss endurance rider has achieved a new world record by riding across five continents in less than 120 days aboard his Victory Cross Country Tour. Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita covered roughly 47,390 miles in 72 riding days and 13 hours by the time he reached a celebration in his honor at Volusia Motorsports in New Smyrna Beach, Fla., on July 10. The previous record for such a ride was 120 days and 2 hours, and included time-stops for transfers. Grizzly’s overall time without time-stops was 119 days and 21 hours. Time and position measurement for Grizzly’s record-setting ride were done via GPS and satellite tracking. Timing was not stopped on overland routes (i.e., when waiting to pass a country border or when the rider is sleeping). However, timing was stopped for air and sea transfers between continents and restarted once the bike arrived on the new continent.

The Victory Cross Country Tour used for this record-setting ride was specially modified by Motostyling Zurich. While the engine, frame and running gear remain relatively untouched, other parts of the bike have been redesigned to fit Grizzly’s needs as he covers long distances in remote parts of the world. “With this journey the spirit of the pioneers of the past was re-established,” Grizzly said upon his arrival. “There is no place for time-stops in this kind of adventure. This victory belongs to the team, and is dedicated to my brother and my guardian angel, Emelie from Peru.” “This record is a testament to the durability, capability and dependability of our Cross Country Touring platform,” says Nate Secor, Marketing Manager for Victory Motorcycles. “Victory Touring owners love to roll back the miles. If you asked them, they’d likely say there’s a little bit of Grizzly in each of them when they’re covering ground during their own journeys.” Continue reading ‘Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita Sets New World Record On Victory Cross Country Tour’

Cafe Sportster. For Her. By Her.

0GetLowered1GetLowered3GetLowered4GetLoweredThis Sportster is unequivocally a sweet ride. The 2 other reason why I publish it are that it was built by a very young woman for herself and that it is a very good example – the paint job aside – of what many could accomplish for a reasonable budget. Of course not a high end radical job, but still a bike deserving the term “custom” and that many will envy you.

2GetLowered5GetLowered6GetLoweredIn high school, Meg’s sweetheart was Mike, a guy who spent lots of time in his parents garage tinkering with bikes under the supervision of his father. Meg fell in love 2 times. With Mike and with motorcycles. Meg & Mike went to college together but with only one objective. To learn as much as possible, not to embrace a white collar career, but to open a motorcycle shop. It happened in 2007 under the name of Get Lowered, not exactly the best year to get started in the motorcycle industry. Now married, Meg learned the motorcycle parts business, learned the basics of riding on a dirt bike, took her fair share of falls, cuts and bruises , but was hooked… “Riding is truly one of the greatest joys someone can experience. As my affection for the industry grew, I started to see the creative outlet that so many people turn to when then want to customize their bike – and make it fit their style. You begin to appreciate the time, money and effort that so many bikers pour into their machines.” Continue reading ‘Cafe Sportster. For Her. By Her.’

The New Custom Culture. Cyril Huze Interviews Bob Kay, Industry Veteran And V-Twin Director Of AIMExpo

bobkay1Cyril Huze. Baby Boomers have long been the generation that defined how Americans spend, save and borrow money. Now Millennials, born between 1980 and 2000, have taken over as the largest living generational group. How do you think Millennials have already started to influence and will continue to redefine the motorcycle industry?

Bob Kay.  Well, first off you need to appreciate there are still a large number of boomers but in terms of a buying force their influence has been reduced because their buying habits are set and hard to change and they are either not buying or selling down their holdings, motorcycles in this case. Millennials by their sheer numbers are the new economic force and they are less interested in their father’s Harley than previous generations. Now they do appreciate vintage custom styling, the camaraderie of riding together and gathering to celebrate the achievements of their peers.

In terms of industry relevance many new companies and events are now structured around social media communication which equals the power of the millennials to be better and instantaneously informed. They can be involved in a broader experience, including what they purchase, from sharing their personal ride preparation to keeping track of their favorite builders progress.

cyril-huze-bikesCyril Huze. Millennials are notoriously more educated that the Baby Boomers and even than the GenXers but with less buying power. Also, there are consciously refusing to do things that preceding generations were doing. So, how to go around these issues and expose more of them positively to the sport of motorcycling?

Bob Kay. We are all aware of shrinking disposable income and of growing college debt. But what we tend to forget is that when millennials decide to buy they have done their research and their brand/product choice has already been made. They probably know more about the product than most salespeople and know how much they should pay. And most of the time there is no human interaction as the transaction is conducted through the internet. Their fingers on the keyboard or mobile device do the shopping and negotiating. Heavy social media presence is almost exclusively the only way to connect with Millennials, but as a vendor you better off understanding the web communication rules or they will reject your offers and move quickly to another source that can satisfy the quality, price and service they demand.

When you think about it, motorcycles are an experiential offering that fits well into the millennial lifestyle. Easy access to training, practical customization, group awareness and peers appreciation through team work, lifestyle events that incorporate motorcycles with games and competitions and that can be amplified via internet are sure fire ways to promote motorcycling to this ever more influential demographic.

cyril-huze-bikes=terCyril Huze. Millennials are wired differently. From the way they get their information and share it online, to their obsession with environment and wellness, to their strong belief in work/life balance. They value experience over material possessions and over climbing the corporate ladder. I agree with you that motorcycling is inherently experiential. Riding, customizing, meeting and sharing experiences on the road, in a garage or in a rally are perfect ways to satisfy such aspirations. So, practically what OEM’s, show organizers, parts vendors, builders should do differently to reach a younger generation?

Bob Kay. You are right on target with the experiential aspects of motorcycling being a perfect fit to the values of this younger generation. You might say wired differently, but I tend to believe it is the environmental influences of the time that have given this generation a big advantage over previous generations. Baby Boomers struggle with technology that millennials just consider a way of life because they were born into it. That easy access to massive amounts of information has given them a broader view of life at an earlier age. Their preference for urbanization and indifference to automobile ownership is a further indication of motorcycling evolving in this country.

As you know, because of the importance of this segment to the future of the industry, at the upcoming Orlando AIMExpo in October we are building a collaboration of key builders, of industry leaders and other stakeholders who are or who want to be directly involved with this emerging community. This “Custom Culture” segment is decidedly very different from the still very-important legacy V-Twin segment that has powered the motorcycle business for so many years. During the 2016 AIMExpo edition and to help the industry recognize and digest this new “Custom Culture”, we are hosting “Our Changing Industry, A Millennial Roundtable” as a trade attendee forum about understanding and relating to the needs of the Millennials. I invite dealers, OEMs, parts vendors, aftermarket manufacturers and builders to join us to participate in this industry shaping event. It will take place Thursday afternoon, October 14th. Continue reading ‘The New Custom Culture. Cyril Huze Interviews Bob Kay, Industry Veteran And V-Twin Director Of AIMExpo’

About Ethanol E15

From faithful reader and cartoonist Paul Jamiol for all of you…



RSD Radial Master Cylinder Hand Controls

1rsdbrake2rsdclutchmasterA brake and clutch master cylinder controls whose reservoirs are stylish and perform well with a nice hand feel.

On both controls levers are fully adjustable to fine tune fingers reach and pressure. They are designed to clear the thick stock switch housings

Brake is offered in 9/16 or 11/16 HGM for 1996-up Harleys. Clutch is offered in 11/16 HGM with or without clutch interrupt. In contrast cut finish. MSRP $469.95 for each side. Cable clutch also available.

At Roland Sands Design.

Sturgis 9th Annual Legends Ride

Legends-RideCHPLegendsRideThe Sturgis Buffalo Chip® invites you to participate in an exhilarating and unrivaled rally tradition on Monday, Aug. 8, 2016: the 9th annual Legends Ride. Meeting at 11 a.m. then starting from the Historic Franklin Hotel in Deadwood and going to the Legendary Buffalo Chip through the Blck Hills..

LegendsRide9LegendsRide7This event is dedicated to bringing rally goers together to raise significant funds for local charities. The Legends Ride has, since its inception in 2008, raised well over $400,000 for charity and hosted riders from all over the world, in addition to some of the biggest names in television, film, music and motorcycling. The Legends Ride kicks off the rally with an unparalleled live custom motorcycle auction right on Deadwood’s historic Main Street. Following the auction, riders will enjoy a self-guided, scenic ride alongside hundreds of fellow Legends Riders through the beautiful Black Hills. Continue reading ‘Sturgis 9th Annual Legends Ride’

Fast Motorcycle Industry News


“Captain America” Chopper  Designer Cliff Vaughs, 79, Died. Long denied a creative credit for the look and style of what is considered the most iconic motorcycle as featured in the movie “Easy Rider”, Cliff Vaughs died last Saturday at home in California at the age of 79. Cliff Vaughs with friend and bike builder Ben Hardy, also an African American, made the team hired to conceive and build a total of 4 motorcycles: a “Captain America” for Peter Fnda, a “Billy” bike for Dennis Hopper to ride in the movie, and 2 copies to be used during stunts. All were destroyed during the movie shooting or disappeared shortly after.

Triumph Trademarked The ‘Speed Twin’ Name. Model To Be Launched In 2017. We only know that Triumph Motorcycles name their bikes with higher performance as Speed and lower performance models with the title of Street. So The “Speed Twin” may be a more performance oriented version of the “Street Twin” model using the 900 cc retuned parallel twin engine.

Indian Motorcycle Opens Its 7th Dealership In India. Polaris India, the wholly owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries Inchas opened a new dealership of Indian Motorcycle in Chandigarh, the capital of the northern states of Punjab and Haryana. It is the brand’s 7th dealership of the brand in India. The showroom will showcase the Indian Chief Classic, Indian Chief Vintage, Indian Chieftain, Indian Chief Dark Horse, Indian Scout, Indian Roadmaster and the 2016 Indian Scout Sixty. Currently, the India market size of luxury motorcycles is pegged at 1,000-1,100 units per year. Continue reading ‘Fast Motorcycle Industry News’

U.S. Government Investigating Complaints About Harley-Davidson Brakes

brake1The U.S. government is investigating complaints from Harley-Davidson riders who say their motorcycle brakes failed without warning. Riders reported that the brakes on the hand lever and foot pedal did not work, causing one driver to crash into a garage door. The NHTSA say it received 43 complaints, three reports of crashes and two reports of injuries.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the investigation covers 430,000 motorcycles with model years between 2008 and 2011. The investigation covers motorcycles with an anti-lock braking system.

The NHTSA says it is possible that some riders who experienced brake failure did not change the motorcycle’s brake fluid every two years as recommended by Harley-Davidson. Representatives of Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson Inc. did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday morning

Deus Ex Machina Dirt Bike

1deusmalachi2deusmalachiMany of you have been into dirt bikes and still some are. Customized by the Japan Deus Team, this Honda XL 500 it is modified to race from the get go (in vintage races…) and rip around the streets (if no cops around…) Don’t laugh at the 23” front wheel, it’s the way the bike was manufactured.

4deusmalachiFirst, builder Matthew Robert shed some weight off the bike and gave it capable suspension front and rear. Let the engine shine and make the beast a force to be reckoned with, on-road or off, something that could take the fight to the likes of the legendary Yamaha HL500.

The standard steering bearings and head stock were retained, but paired with a set of late ’80s XR600 forks, while a custom rear suspension was added, with nearly 200mm of travel. Other modifications include a custom swing arm, Ikon alloy gas shocks and springs, and an epoxy composite seat base and side covers that provide modern comfort without losing the original’s early motocross DNA. Design and build by Matthew Roberts. Paint application by Nakata-san. Sumptuous saddle work by Miauchi-san. Deus Customs.

Artist Scott Jacobs Opened Permanent Gallery In Deadwood, South Dakota

Last weekend, artist Scott Jacobs gave a preview of his new permanent gallery in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Open all year long, the gallery features all his photorealistic artwork, from Harley-Davidson lifestyle to motorcycle racing to cars and wine & spirits.

And if you make a pit stop during the Sturgis rally, there is a bar…

Address is 670 Main Street, SD 57732 Tel 605-559-1876 (photos @ Buck Lovell)

Joke Of The Week

cyril-huze-jokeWhy Italians can’t be Paramedics …

Angelo and Faustino are out in the woods hunting when suddenly Angelo grabs his chest and falls to the ground. He doesn’t seem to be breathing; his eyes are rolled back in his head. Faustino whips out his cell phone and calls 911. He tells the operator, “I think Angelo is dead! What should I do?

The operator, in a calm soothing voice says, “Just take it easy and follow my instructions. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.”

There is a silence. And then a gun shot is heard. Faustino’s voice comes back on the line, “Okay… Now what?

Neo-Fusion Marker Lights

1kens-factory2kens-factoryKen’s Factory Neo-Fusion marker lights shine with details not found on those of most competitors. “Details create style” are the words Ken Nagai lives by. With this philosophy, he created three-wire marker lights – you can also use as taillights – with nice housing and bezel details –

3-factory4-factoryFeaturing an amber lens, they are available in 4 finish treatments: Black housing with black ring, Black housing with brass ring, Polished housing with brass ring, Polished housing with polished ring. These products are in stock now at Ken’s Factory USA and can be bought directly online on the Ken’s Factory website or call 562-597-5666.

Hooligans Flat Track Racing In Sturgis. Team RSD And Indian Scout Sixty’s Hit The New Buffalo Chip Racetrack.

hooligan1hooligan1bisIndian Motorcycle®,invites racers and fans of motorcycle racing to participate and attend the Inaugural RSD Super Hooligan Flat Track Race at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Main Amphitheater during the 76th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The RSD Super Hooligan Indian Scout race bikes have been touring the nation and seen in action at races held in conjunction with The One Show in Portland, Ore., Mama Tried in Milwaukee, Wis., Bike Week in Daytona, Fla., IV Flat Track Del Mar in Del Mar, Calif., and The Hand Built Show in Austin, TX.

hooligans2At the Buffalo Chip, the riders are scheduled to take to the track for the First SUPER HOOLIGAN race on Wednesday, Aug. 10 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Race classes for the evening include Run What Ya Brung, Vintage, Hand Shifter, Super Hooligan and a purse paying Pro Single/DTX. Afterwards, stick around to enjoy the blistering audio of The Reverend Horton Heat and Five Finger Death Punch. All brands of bikes are welcome to race.

hooligan1terThe races, sponsored by Indian Motorcycle and Roland Sands Design, bring back the excitement and surprises of traditional heritage racing with the added punch of music and drag racing. The newly built dirt flat track at the Buffalo Chip circles the infield between the Wolfman Jack Stage and the Top Shelf Bar bringing the racing action to center stage with prime VIP viewing.

hooligans3The spirit of hooligan racing comes from a simpler time, when you raced – and could ride home on – whatever bike you owned. With its roots in Southern California motorcycle culture, today’s flat track hooligan racing category is rapidly gaining in popularity with riders of all ages and experience levels across the nation by offering the fun of motorcycle competition in a less structured environment. Combining the craft of custom motorcycles and racing, the Super Hooligan rules are loose and limited the bikes to 750cc and larger twins in stock frames with dirt track tires and no front brakes.

“We are proud to have helped the Super Hooligan racing classes gain even more popularity across the U.S. with a series of sponsorships,” says Reid Wilson, Director of Marketing for Indian Motorcycle. “We want to invite riders of all brands to come join in the legendary fun of racing in the middle of the biggest party in the world. Being a hooligan racer at the Buffalo Chip is going to be about as epic as it can get for rally week in the Black Hills.”

Interested in joining the racing and action? For more information and to register go to Roland Sands Moto Stampede. (photography H. Roesler for C. Huze)

Touring Suspension Air Pump

suspensionpump1suspensionpump2Most of you never read the owners manual… On your Harley touring bike, do you know the number of recommended psi’s for your suspension? It depends of your weight, if you ride with a passenger or a heavy load. Don’t guess, recommendations are in your manual. To do the job right, without taking the risk of blowing out a seal. Harley offers this touring air pump for front and rear air suspension featuring accurate air pressure gauge reading from 0 to 60 psi. Continue reading ‘Touring Suspension Air Pump’

The Biker Bar. To Secure Your Bike And Never Use Straps In A Trailer.

1bikerbaronbaseA new concept to load and secure your bike in your trailer without using straps may be something you are interested in. Among the advantages, the suspension of your motorcycle will not be stressed and the clamping bar because lined with neoprene, will not create scratches ,on the frame paint. Works with all Harley Davidson motorcycles with six 1/4″ increments of vertical adjustment to accommodate different models. Watch the video demonstration. Order online at B&W Trailer Hitches.

Airhawk vs Wild Ass Lawsuit – Wild Ass Files Motion To Dismiss In US Federal Court

lawPR From Wild Ass.

“In April 2016 Wild Ass, a manufacturer of high quality motorcycle air seat cushions, was sued in US Federal Court in California by the new owner of Airhawk, Don Mahoney, for alleged design patent infringements and other false accusations.  Further to this lawsuit in May 2016, Airhawk  promoted the lawsuit with a press release which contained additional false information about Wild Ass products. Wild Ass, with worldwide sales and distribution offices, was founded by Americans Craig Johnson and Scott Parman, who were  senior Airhawk sales managers prior to the Airhawk brand being purchased by Don Mahoney in 2015. Wild Ass strongly denies this baseless lawsuit and is aggressively defending itself. Consequently, Wild Ass recently filed a motion to dismiss all of Airhawk’s false claims in the US Federal Court in California and is confident the court will rule in favor of Wild Ass.

1smartairgelAccording to Wild Ass co-founder Scott Parman, “This appears to be a desperate, frivolous lawsuit initiated by the new Airhawk owner in order to eliminate competition and deprive US motorcycle riders of a real choice. One reason for this lawsuit might have to do with our material selection. Wild Ass offers high quality motorcycle cushions in polyurethane,  a new polyurethane with gel combination, as well as medical grade neoprene rubber. Historically, medical grade neoprene cushions are extremely popular in the US because of neoprene’s  superior elasticity. Air hawk cannot offer the consumer this choice of materials because Airhawk only manufacturers cushions made of polyurethane. Additionally, Airhawk may want to eliminate  competition  because of price. Wild Ass’s top of the line polyurethane Smart and Sport models retail for $99.99 while Airhawk’s newest polyurethane models are advertised for $149.99.

2smartliteAs for Wild Ass’s alleged patent infringements, the lawsuit did not  describe how  Wild Ass designs infringed upon Airhawks patents. This is understandable because Wild Ass designs are markedly different from Airhawk’s.  Perhaps even more disturbing is Airhawk does not  produce and market the designs they allege Wild Ass infringed upon. Airhawk’s May press release even states Wild Ass products are made in China. In fact, Wild Ass products are not made in China, and the country of origin is clearly written on both our packaging and product for anyone who takes the time to look. Therefore, we can only conclude that once again Airhawk is intentionally making false statements to deceive the public, or it did not even bother with minimal research before running to Federal Court to slow Wild Ass down .” Continue reading ‘Airhawk vs Wild Ass Lawsuit – Wild Ass Files Motion To Dismiss In US Federal Court’

Sturgis 3rd Annual Sturgis Boz Bros Benefit Ride Is August 10,

bozbros-sportbike-sturgisAMA National Champions and former World Superbike competitors Ben and Eric Bostrom will host the 3rd Annual Boz Bros Ride on August 10, during the 76th Annual Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™.

Proceeds from the 2016 ride will be donated to the Sturgis Parks and Recreation Trail System. Riders, including celebrity guests, will begin the VIP experience 8:30 a.m. at the Sturgis Dragway where each participant will have the opportunity to take a run down the dragstrip and light ‘em up before heading off on a spirited, 50 mile ride through the Black Hills.

The ride will finish with lunch in Sturgis and a group photo. Additionally. Each participant will receive a Boz Bros swag bag filled with unique gifts. Cost $150 Per Rider + Tax Limited number of participants. Register at 3rd Annual Sturgis Boz Bros Benefit Ride. For additional info contact the Sturgis Rally and Events Department at 05.720.0800



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