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In Bonneville Jason DiSalvo Will Try This Week To Break The Motorcycle Land Speed Record Of 376.363 mph.

TriumphLSRWeather and quality of the salt permitting, pilot Jason DiSalvo will try this week during the Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout to break the motorcycle land speed record of 376.363 mph aboard his T twin turbo-charged Triumph Rocket III-powered streamliner. Developed by Matt Markstaller (Hot Rod Conspiracy) and Bob Carpenter (Carpenter Racing), the Triumph Castrol Rocket is the newest streamliner of the group seeking to break the FIM world land speed record in the motorcycle class.

CastrolRocket2014BonnevilleTest“There are teams that have been out here attempting to break records for years. It’s very hard because there are so many variables to contend against, but we have an amazing team,” said Matt Markstaller, “We have confidence in the progress we’ve made in this project’s development since we were on the Salt a year ago.” “While our streamliner produces enough power from the two Rocket III engines to generate record setting speeds, our endeavor also becomes a battle with the elements,” said Bob Carpenter. “The Salt Flats are an ever-changing environment that can be quite forgiving or absolutely inhospitable, you never know what to expect.”
TriumphLSRbisPiloted by AMA Pro Road Racer Jason DiSalvo, this will be an attempt to break the current 376.363 mph land speed record held by fellow Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout entry Ack Attack and piloted by Rocky Robinson. Operating the 1000-horsepower, twin turbocharged Rocket III engine streamliner requires adaptation, which DiSalvo is capable of accomplishing due to his seasoned racing background. Continue reading ‘In Bonneville Jason DiSalvo Will Try This Week To Break The Motorcycle Land Speed Record Of 376.363 mph.’

Zipper's Kits For New Bikes

Paul Teutul Sr. Selling Biker Jeans

PaulSr1The design team of Diamond Gusset Jean Co., the American-made denim label known for its gusseted apparel construction, has partnered with Paul Teutul Sr. to create an exclusive jean collection for motorcycle riders.

The Defender V2 Motorcycle Jean is primarily made from 100 percent cotton ring spun denim fabric, which is tinted with a special wash that stays darker for a long time, along with the cut resistant, cool and lightweight DuPont Woven Kevlar aramid fibers infused in the knee, hip and seat areas. Replete with ankle buttons to prevent wind flapping and reinforced pockets to keep phones and wallets, the pants are stitched with a triple needle back yoke which enhances durability and are incorporated with a uniquely shaped larger gusset to provide extra comfort of movement to bikers.

diamondgussetIn addition to the Defender V2, the Denimwear expert has also created a more casual, off-duty look titled OCC Roadster Jean for motorcycle riders who still want to look the part even when they’re not on the road. Based on modern slim-fit and bootleg silhouettes, the medium-dark stone washed, potassium sprayed front and rear and stretchable fabric crafted Roadster jeans gives a worn-in rider look with Diamond Gusset’s signature gusset sewn in.

Both designs are available for purchase at American Gusset, the official Orange County Choppers showroom and retail store in Newburgh, New York as well as online at Orange County Choppers.

Spectro Oils

Wrenches. Did You Know?

humanwrenchWrenches have existed for many centuries, but saw a great blossoming in development starting in the 19th century.

The first patent for a wrench was granted in 1835 to Solymon Merrick.

Today, size is usually determined by dimensions such as across-flats distance (inscribed-hexagon size).

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was common to define the nominal size of the wrench according to the nominal size of the screw thread that it was meant to be used on. This is seldom, if ever, done any more.

Progressive Suspension

2014 European Bike Week. Faak See, Austria.

Heavy rain perturbed most of the Austrian event, the Harley parade around Lake Faak and Custom Chrome Europe bike show. Scott Sjovall of S&S Cycles (last picture after the jump) checked out for the 1st time the European Bike Week. Based on the Custom Chrome Europe booth, he visited the area around and judged the CCE Ride-In Bikeshow and rode around on the S&S equipped “Custom Crawler” Sportster by Benno’s Custom Road. A few postcards. (photography @H.Roesler for Cyril Huze) Continue reading ’2014 European Bike Week. Faak See, Austria.’

The Midual Type 1. Custom Luxury For Only 35 Owners.

Midual1The story of Oliver Midy, designer and engineer of the Midual Type 1, is the one of a child acquainted very young with motorcycles, who become obsessed with them, who at the age of 14 succeeds in accomplishing the restoration of a gorgeous Monet-Goyon and who spent all his adult life until now dreaming then creating a luxury motorcycle featuring nothing less than a proprietary engine inside a very unique all-aluminum unibody chassis.

Midual2The Midual Type 1 world premiered at the recent California Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance where it surprised both connoisseurs and the international motorcycle media community for its originality and the amount of work – we are talking about many years of research and development, of trials and errors and of testing – involved in its creation.

Midual3The first big surprise is of course the motor unique architecture, an in-house developed liquid cooled, electronic injection Flat-Twin of 1036 cc (63.2 cubic inch) pumping out 106 hp at maximum engine 8000 rpm. Compression ration 12:1, maximum torque of 74lbs/ft at 5300 rpm. The second one is is the unseen before double-wall aluminum alloy monocoque that acts as the body and fuel tank, a work of art that required more than 1000 hours of development, says Oliver Midy.

And originality doesn’t stop there. Under all angles you can look at it, the Midual Type 1 features very unique parts and details, the most visible being the dash with a very original layout of the analog gauges inspired by the 30’s to 50’s european classic cars, and all the leather details and inserts. Continue reading ‘The Midual Type 1. Custom Luxury For Only 35 Owners.’

Inflated. AirHawk Seats By Danny Gray

dannygrayseat1dannygrayseat2The technology, already used medically for over 35 years, to distribute your weight equally over an entire seating area, is integrated in Danny Gray’s AiHawk seat series. The comfort seat system reduces tissue pressure and noticeably improve comfort by minimizing those hot spots during long rides.

A pump and bleeder valve are integrated to each seat, letting you easily adjust the amount of pressure while seated, allowing you to adapt your seating position to changes in the road surface, temperature, and overall time in the saddle. 

With all Danny Gray seats you can also choose your stitch design, thread color, and even add inlay materials to compliment your bike, style, and personality. Danny Gray Seats.

Motorcycle Parts Website

Facebook Scam. Win A Harley Davidson Campaign Is A Hoax.

FBThe newest Facebook scam claims that buyers can win a free Harley Davidson, just by liking and commenting on a page that features a picture of a Road King. The campaign is being run by the Facebook page HarleySweepstakes, a page that is not associated with Harley Davidson or any of its subsidiaries. The contest is likely part of a “Like Farming” campaign. These campaigns are setup to gather a large number of fans quickly. After thousands or even hundreds of thousands of fans are gathers, the page owner then targets fans with other spam and scam campaigns.

An example of the scam reads:

“We are giving away a FREE Harley Davidson Road King On October 31 2014
Hurry, entry closes September 30th! Lucky Winners Will Be Announced On October 31 2014
Step 1) Like this Page
Step 2) Comment which color you want. (Black OR Red)
Step 3) Share on your wall
Winners will be Chosen & Announced On October 31 2014.
Good Luck!” Continue reading ‘Facebook Scam. Win A Harley Davidson Campaign Is A Hoax.’

New Elegant Auxiliary Lightning For Harley Street Glide Models

1H-D-Custom-Auxiliary-Light-Kit-blackThis Auxiliary Lightning Kit (P/N 67800367 Chrome, P/N 67800366 Gloss Black; $429.95) provides extra lighting output and includes new mounting brackets that flow with Batwing-Shaped fairings.

Designed for the 2014-later Harley-Davidson Street Glide® and Street Glide® Special models. The elegant cantilever brackets serve as stylized mounting points for the lamp and turn signal housings, and eliminate the cross brace and flat side supports of traditional auxiliary lamps.

Available in brilliant chrome or gloss black finish, the kit includes passing lamp housings, retaining rings, mounting brackets, bullet turn signals, an auxiliary lamp switch and hardware. Four-inch halogen or Daymaker™ LED auxiliary lamp bulbs are sold separately

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“Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community.” Andrew Carnegie.

Cannonball Endurance Run. Racers Briefing And Green Flag (Part 3)

Departure01Departure02Departure03Departure0Yesterday evening, all Cannonball riders and supporting crews had a social gathering, then received a briefing regarding the Endurance Run rules, the way to read their paper maps (GPS is forbidden) and the security measures they all must follow. Participants get one point  given for each mile ridden during each stage. By the way, let me mention that if you are encouraged to follow the progression of each rider from the side of the road and come to meet with them and to look at their bikes at each stage arrival and departure, the organization requests that you don’t even try to ride with/close to the Cannonballers.  Their machines don’t have the handling and brakes of your modern bikes and you could create very dangerous situations for them. Thank you in advance.

Depart1Depart2Depart3Depart4Depart5Depart6Depart6bisDepart8Depart9This morning Friday September 5th, all participants gathered at 8 a.m. on the sands front of the Daytona Beach Resort for a group picture, then each of the 3 classes of pre-1937 motorcycles got the green flag from Cannonball founder and organizer Lonnie Isam Jr.. First leg of the endurance run ends today around 4 p.m. in Lake City, Florida.

After the jump, more pictures and the complete 2014 Cannonball route. Continue reading ‘Cannonball Endurance Run. Racers Briefing And Green Flag (Part 3)’

New Two Brothers Racing V-Twin Comp-S Exhaust System For Harley Sportster & Dyna

2brothers12brothers2 2brothers3 2brothers4With nearly three decades of championship winning performance behind them, Two Brothers Racing is taking their products to the V-Twin market with the introduction of the all-new Comp Series.

The Comp-S system provides increased horsepower and torque (dyno charts are on their website), with swept-up muffler for ground clearance allowing riders to maintain higher speeds. Pipes are are Mandrel bent stainless steel tubing and all TIG welding is done by hand. Accepts 02 sensor. The system works with both forward and mid foot controls. Available in brush finish or ceramic black with or without optional carbon fiber tips. Other exhaust systems available for Softail, Twin Cams, Touring bikes. Two Brothers Racing.

Joke Of The Week

cyril-huze-joke44Two good ol’ boys in a Tennessee trailer park were sitting around talking one afternoon over a cold beer after getting off work at the Local Nissan plant.

After a while the 1st guy says to the 2nd, “If’ I was to sneak over to your trailer Saturday and make love to your wife while you are off hunting and she got pregnant and had a baby, would that make us kin?”

The 2nd guy crooked his head sideways for a minute, scratched his head, and squinted his eyes thinking real hard about the question. Finally, he says, “Well, I don’t know about kin, but it would make us even!”

Cannonball Endurance Run (Part 2)

CannonballCannon1In 15 hours at time of this posting, (tomorrow Friday 5th at 8 a.m. ET), 115 riders on their pre-1937 antique motorcycles are going to start their machines for a more than 5000-mile endurance run from Daytona Beach, Florida to Tacoma, Washington. Right now, some participants are still on the parking lot of the Daytona Beach Resort tuning up their bikes while others are making road tests in the the city or doing a few spins around track of the famous International Speedway.

For all those who requested the rules of this 3rd Cannonball Endurance Run, I list them below. After the jump, see the list of all participants, their motorcycle models and bike numbers for you to identify them on the road and at each stage arrival and departure.

Cannon2Cannon3Cannon4Cannon5Rules of the Ride: These machines are old and most are very rare. A lot of these early bikes would not be on the road today were it not for new parts. In a lot of cases only the motor survived to be resurrected into its former self. As long as the engine in the machine is original it is eligible to run for the prize. Any reproduction chassis or parts should be as they were originally.

Cannon6Cannon7Cannon8Cannon9Brakes. We are all aware that 100 years ago, brakes were not that good. If in any way riders can improve their bike braking ability, to the point of even adding a front brake, then it is highly recommended. Carburetors and Mags. The original carbs, whether modified or updated some, need to be used, with spares allowed. Each bike to use it’s intended ignition source, spares allowed. The Tires. The tires are very important. The argument for or against the safety of clincher tires has long been a debate. If a rider don’t want to run clincher rims and tires, then he doesn’t have to. Spares allowed. The lights. Each motorcycle must have a headlight, taillight, and brake light. Continue reading ‘Cannonball Endurance Run (Part 2)’

From Daytona Beach. Cannonball Endurance Run Preparations. (Part 1)

Cannonball00Cannonball1Tomorrow morning September 5th at 8.30 a.m., 105 riders on their pre-1937 motorcycles participating to the 2014 Cannonball Run are going to leave the sands of Daytona Beach in Florida (front of the Daytona Beach Resort) ready to ride 3936 miles, crossing 12 states in 17 days for Tacoma, Washington where they will arrive on September 21st.

The group will include several members of the prior 2 Cannonball runs as well as many first time riders from around the world. A week into travel, riders will have a day of rest, repairs, and festivities in the hospitable Midwestern town of Junction City, Kansas on September 12.

Cannonball1bisCannonball2Cannonball3Cannonball4Cannonball5Included in the impressive lineup of antique bikes will be some lesser-known marques such a 1923 Ner-a-car, a Sokol 1000, and a Sunbeam m9. The group will include Harley-Davidsons, Indians, Hendersons, BMWs, Moto Guzzis, Moto Freras, as well as a Rudge and a Brough Superior. This will truly be a sight to behold as the brave entourage makes its way across America on motorcycles rarely seen outside of museums.

Cannonball6Cannonball7Cannonball8First, let me emphasize that the continent-wide event is not a race but will be a timed test of both the rider’s endurance abilities and the roadworthiness of their respective machines as they navigate non-interstate roads across the nation. 105 antique motorcycles will be put to the ultimate test, reviving a tradition as old as the motorcycles themselves: proving the capabilities of the machines and confirming the pioneering spirit the USA was built upon. Continue reading ‘From Daytona Beach. Cannonball Endurance Run Preparations. (Part 1)’

S&S Rebuilds Harley-Davidson Stock Engines.

SSRebuild2SSLogoYou may have heard that Harley-Davidson® no longer offers the factory remanufacturing program for 1984 and later Big Wins. But S&S Rebuild Program is still going strong.

S&S has been offering this service for years and its program offers a lot of extras the Harley factory didn’t offer. S&S Rebuild Program Features:

SSRebuild1• You get the same engine back – keep your original VIN
• Fast turn-around 10 working days from delivery to S&S
• Engines are rebuilt with Premium Viola V-Twin® service parts
• Rebuild to stock specs or install an S&S performance kit
• Keep your existing performance upgrade parts if serviceable
• 30 day labor and 1 year parts warranty

The S&S Rebuild Program is available through S&S Dealers.

Engines are rebuilt at the S&S® Service & Speed Center® in LaCrosse, WI. Contact your S&S Customer Service Representative or go to S&S Rebuild Program for more information.

Old School Triumph Bobber. Built By Halls Custom Vintage. Photographed By Frank J, Bott.

Triumph1Triumph2Tomorrow Friday September 5, 2014 at 11 am, there is a grand opening & ribbon cutting of Frank Bott’s new visual production studio at the Utah Industrial Depot, 225 Iron Street Building 637 North in Tooele, Utah.

To get acquainted with me and my readers and to illustrate his photographic work, Bott sent me great pictures of this 1970 Triumph TR6 rebuilt by British bikes expert in the United States Halls Custom Vintage (Jake & Rob Hall)

By the way, if you live in Utah, after the new photo studio ribbon cutting there will be a free for owners live production shoot of cars and motorcycles. Everyone is invited.

For Those Who Dream, Ride And Sleep Indian Motorcycle

PGAIndianTentimage008FiledCandy, a UK company specializing in outdoor products created to add stylish flair to camping has signed a deal with Indian Motorcycle to offer to produce an Indian branded 2-person “Explorer Tent” that can be neatly fitted inside into a compact carry case easily transported on the back of your bike.

The rustic design has been created to reflect Indian® Motorcycle’s rich American heritage and one that can withstand the extreme conditions the open road can bring. Thanks to a developed printing technology, the design is UV fade resistant, the material 100% waterproof and fire retardant.

Each tent is made in England to the high specifications of an expedition tent. Find the Indian Motorcycle® 2-person tent at worldwide Indian® Dealers or online at Field Candy or Indian Motorcycle. MSRP $695.99 USD ($779.99 Canada). Accessory Part # 2863891

Progressive Suspension High Performance Piggyback Shocks Now Also Available For the Harley V-Rod Chassis

1-PSI-970-Series-image---PAIR2-Progressive-970-Series---Black-pairProgressive Suspension is extended its race inspired 970 Piggyback Reservoir Shocks applications already available for the Harley Dyna and Sportster to the V-Rod chassis. For those requiring a suspension for bikes doing much more than weekend coffee runs, the hand built in the USA, 970 Series shocks combine a high pressure gas monotube design with deflective disc damping routed through two unique circuits and adjustable for compression damping via an easily accessible knob. Continue reading ‘Progressive Suspension High Performance Piggyback Shocks Now Also Available For the Harley V-Rod Chassis’

The New Lightning LS-218 Becomes World’s Fastest Production Motorcycle. Gas Or Electric.

LS-218After 6 years of research and development of E2W’s (electric 2 wheel motorcycles), Lightning Motors Corp. succeeds in designing and producing a Sport Bike sure to change the mind of all those doubting that electric motorcycles can be extremely performant. The company, after setting several speed records and winning many road races, released the specifications of the Lightning LS-218 claiming to be now the world’s fastest production motorcycle, gas or electric. Lightning is now taking reservations with prices starting at $38,888 (3 options: 12, 15 or 20 KW battery pack)

100 Miles. Distance the LS-218 can travel per charge at highway speed (12 KW battery pack). 168 FT-LBS. Amount of torque the electric motor can produce. 200 HP. Amount of horsepower the electric motor can produce. 218 MPH. Top speed with high speed gear and fairing (15 KW battery pack) 10,500 RPM. Number of rotations the electric motor can produce per minute.

Is The American Dream Still Alive? Let’s Find Out While Riding Across The Country.

DreamProject1During these last years you heard it many times from your friends, you co-workers, the media. “The American Dream is dead”, “My future is bleak”, “America’s time is over”, “It’s so dangerous out there”, etc. James Marshall, a native from the Uk, and photographer Todd Williams, an American, grew weary of the constant whining and negative attitude of Americans and of media proclaiming that the American Dream is dying or already a concept from the past. So, they decided to ride across the country, east to west, from New York City to Los Angeles, to learn more about the American Dream, to report about what it means to those they will meet and demonstrating that many Americans still believe in it and make it happen in their personal and professional lives.

DreamProject2This is “The American Dream Project”, a docu-series they will produce during the 5000-mile on their motorcycles, a 2015 Indian Chief and Indian Scout provided by Polaris. They will have a budget of only $250 for food and shelter.  No hotels, no motels, no fancy pillows, no 3-course meals. They will stay with, and depend on, the Americans they meet.  They must work for their keep!  During the digging, the mending, the farming, the baking, the sweating, and the fretting, they will learn what the American Dream means to each individual. In conclusion, the viewer will have an intimate look into what makes up this beautiful country. True reporting, true reality TV. Continue reading ‘Is The American Dream Still Alive? Let’s Find Out While Riding Across The Country.’

Bonneville Speed Trials. Hiro Koiso Racing Set 2 New Land Speed Records.

Hiro1Hiro2Difficult conditions this year on the Bonneville Salts. Strong wind and rain the week before the event and some more during the Speed Trials, meaning racers working tirelessly to dial their bikes and patiently waiting and waiting during hours to find the right window of time for a land speed record tentative. Among those who succeeded (I will announce others), Hiro Koiso setting two new records on a 2006 FXD based Harley-Davidson, one at 211.080 mph (339.700km/h) in the 3000APS-PBG Class, and one at 211.0325 mph* (339.623km/h) in the 3000APS-PBF class. The bike was powered by JIMS135 Twin-Cam engine modified by T-Man Performance fit with ProCharger. Producing over 300HP at the rear wheel. Hiro Koiso did also a one-way record pass at 221.000mph (355.665km/h) Hiro Koiso Racing. (Photography Taka Masui for Cyril Huze)


Fish Scale Rubber Grips

fish-scale-grips-bikebisUnder water mother nature inspired this fish scale design grips made of injection molded Kraylon rubber. Good grip density. Available for 1” and 7/8” handlebars. Available in white, midnight blue, white and orange. At the price of $18.95 for a pair, you can change the color of your grips every other month. Order online at Lowbrow Customs.

Can You See Me Now? Harley-Davidson Riding Gear With Enhanced Reflectivity.

More than ever, motorcyclists want to be seen more clearly in low-light and nighttime riding conditions. Harley-Davidson is working in partnership with 3M™ to incorporate their most advanced reflective material into this season’s new riding gear. Using “retroreflection” technology and design, 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material returns a higher percentage of light to the original light source, allowing the rider to be seen from greater distances. The result is enhanced rider visibility up to 500 feet. It’s a key feature in these 3 new items:

1-H-D-Men's-High-Tail-Rain-Suit-front2-H-D-High-Men's-Tail-Rain-Suit-backThe new men’s Bright High Tail Colorblocked Hi-Vis Rain Suit (P/N 98337-15VM, starting at $195)The jacket and pants are constructed from 100 percent nylon ripstop and polyester mesh lining, with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material for premium enhanced rider visibility up to 500 feet. The jacket features a hood that can fold into the neck flap; elastic cuffs; and a bungee cord and toggle hem. The pants offer heat-resistant textile shields on the lower inner legs; elastic waist; removable suspenders; and side zippers. A packable storage bag is included for easy transport on a motorcycle. The rain suit is available in S – 5XL sizes at most H-D dealerships and at H-D Store.

3-H-D-Women's-Skull-Illumination-Jacket-back4-H-D-Women's-Skull-Illumination-Jackt-backThe new women’s Skull Illumination Riding Jacket (P/N 98089-15VW, starting at $295) from the Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® line combines enhanced reflectivity and innovative features without compromising style or comfort. Ample use of 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material in the piping, sleeves, panels and graphics deliver up to 500 feet of enhanced rider visibility in low-light and nighttime conditions. Two-way zippered wraparound vents offer custom airflow management, while buckle waist tabs and a bungee cord toggle waist provide additional adjustability. It also features pockets at the elbows and shoulders that accept accessory body armor for increased protection. It’s available at most H-D dealerships and at H-D Store in sizes XS – 3W. Continue reading ‘Can You See Me Now? Harley-Davidson Riding Gear With Enhanced Reflectivity.’

Harley-Davidson Rewards Visa Card. Worth It?

H-D-Visa-CardYou asked me. So, I list below the features offered by the Harley-Davidson Genuine Rewards Visa Card and let you decide if it’s the right card for you. You get points for each dollar you spend with your card. This Visa (V) card is especially for Harley-Davidson (HOG) fans, as you will earn additional points for each H-D purchase you make with your card, as well as on restaurant, gas, lodging and bar purchases, which is a good deal if you like biking around often.

There is no pre-set spending limit on this card, and it will be decided once you apply for this card and are approved. No annual fee, if you are eligible for the Harley-Davidson Signature card. Otherwise, you will be considered for the Harley-Davidson High Performance Visa card, which comes with no annual fee (or $29), based on your credit score when you open your account. Receive a $10 Harley Chrome cash certificate when you are accepted for this card. This $10 cash certificate is valid for up to 180 days. Continue reading ‘Harley-Davidson Rewards Visa Card. Worth It?’

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