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New JET Air Cleaner From Performance Machine

pm1pm4pm3pm2A new versatile design for this new JET air cleaner from Performance Machine that you can mount horizontally or vertically. Small and low design to not interfere with your leg/knee. It features an internal crankcase venting system and a reusable air filter. CNC machined out of aluminum. Available for Big Twin Carb (1993-2006), Big Twin Delphi EFI (2001-2015 except 2008-2014 FLH w/ Electric Throttle), FL Throttle by Wire (2008-2015), XL Sportster (1991-2015 except XR1200R)

Available in 3 different finishes. Show chrome. Contrast Cut (smooth anodizing with contrasting accents machined away) Black Ops textured matte finish and high-sheen contrasting accents machined away) MSRP $489.99. At your local PM dealer or Performance Machine 714-523-3000

Zipper's Kits For New Bikes

Son Of Revolutionary Che Guevara Offering Harley-Davidson Tours Of Cuba

CubaErnesto-GuevaraErnesto Guevara, a lawyer and youngest son of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara (1928-1967) has opened a Cuban tour agency named La Poderosa Tours selling Harley-Davidson rides around the island.

The different trips offered are called “Motorcycle Diaries” in reference to the 2004 movie about his father riding a Norton 500 from Argentina to Venezuela via Chile, Colombia and Peru from (December 1951 to July 1952.) Tour prices start at US$3000.

The multi-day tours include rides in the varied landscapes of Cuba, a visit to his father mausoleum and stays at five-star hotels… Ernesto Guevara is the coordinator of all tours and the main guide is Camilo Sanchez, son of Cuban guerrilla Antonio Sanchez Diaz also known as “Marcos”, a fighter killed during a 1967 battle.

The U.S. has an embargo with Cuba dating back to 1963 that restricts trade and tourism with the island nation except for certain deals on food and medicine. In 2011, the Obama administration allowed travel for U.S. citizens to make “people to people” trips. U.S. citizens can also visit the island with help from the right travel group. Since these changes, an estimated 100,000 Americans have traveled to Cuba each year.

Spectro Oils

Guinness World Records 60th Anniversary. A Video About The Ultimate Land Speed Record.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Guinness World Records released a YouTube series chronicling the most amazing feats of the past six decades. The staff contacted me with the suggestion that I publish for my readers the video of one of the most coveted world record titles, the fastest land speed. Here it is with an interview of Richard Noble, land speed record holder 1983-1997, on what it takes to reach a cool 763.035 mph. By the way, the 2015 Guinness World Records book was just released. A great gift idea for the holidays. You can order HERE. Hardcover $14.47.

Progressive Suspension

Low Budget Custom Honda 900RR. Only $1070 Plus Sweat Equity.

PF1PF2PF3Tadao Baba, the Japanese motorcycle engineer who conceived in 1992 the fun to ride/easy to control Honda 900RR (although he admitted crashing 4 of them, and not on purpose) must be surprised to see that some young builders not into the Asian bikes custom scene find a sudden interest in customizing his original creation. Paul Funk is one of them. Reason? A cheap to buy used super bike with a bullet proof 893 cc (54.5 cubic inch) engine in a very light frame (total bike dry weight is $407 lbs or 185 kg) and producing strong accelerations equaling at the time those of all competitors’ flagship sport bikes. Continue reading ‘Low Budget Custom Honda 900RR. Only $1070 Plus Sweat Equity.’

This Weekend At New York International Motorcycle Show. 2015 Indian Motorcycle Lineup And Two New Customs.

Karlee-Cobb-of-Klock-WerksKarlee-Cobb-PreviewIndian Motorcycle® announced its plans for this weekend’s Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York City, plus other upcoming show stops across the country. Each event will prominently feature the stunning new 2015 Indian® Scout™ , the industry’s most talked about new middle-weight cruiser, the ultra-premium luxury touring Indian Roadmaster, the Chief Classic, the Chief Vintage, the Chieftain.

Shope-1Shope-Preview-1Attendees will also be treated to two new custom Indian Scouts. Custom builder and Bonneville Flats land speed record holder Karlee Cobb of Klock Werks Kustom Cycles has created “Outrider” inspired by the rough and ready attitude of the new model.  Outrider is a bike that pumps up the attitude of the 100 horsepower bike, in a design that will inspire home custom builders. Also being revealed for the weekend is “Scout 42” designed by John Shope, owner of custom shop Dirty Bird. The Scout has long been recognized for its sporting heritage framed by racing wins, world records and performances on the fabled “Wall of Death.” The custom work on John’s “Scout 42” was done to highlight that legacy and give his bike an almost sport bike aesthetic, while not detracting from its core handling package. Continue reading ‘This Weekend At New York International Motorcycle Show. 2015 Indian Motorcycle Lineup And Two New Customs.’

Storz / Ceriani Steering Damper Kits for V-Rod

StorzYes, V-Rod riders also have the need to improve their bikes. Intended for Harley V-Rod models with Inverted style forks (2009-2015), this complete bolt-on kit features a Ceriani 16-position adjustable, rebuildable, racing quality steering damper.

The purpose of a steering damper is to dampen oscillations in the front fork assembly (aka “headshake”) which can occur when the front wheel is deflected from its normal track by bumps, frame flex, tire reaction, etc.

Billet aluminum CNC machined mounting brackets, all necessary hardware and instructions are included. The steering damper bodies feature a polished back anodized finish with gold adjustment knob and end caps. Fork tube clamps are available in silver or back anodized finish to match the forks. See the complete Storz Performance online catalog. 805-641-9540

Motorcycle Parts Website

Narrow 2” Open Belt Drive For Harley Baggers

2inchbaggerbeltdriveOpen belt drives are great looking. Even on baggers. And a narrow one will even look better. Among other offerings, these smooth 2” open drive belt systems from Belt Drive Limited. One is specifically designed for 1990-2006 baggers and the other for 2007 and later models.

Each kit incorporates a unique top belt guard that fits precisely into a groove located between the motor plate and side guard. These are total packages, they include BDL’s smooth as silk, Ball Bearing lock up clutch. Kit is also supplied with a special pulley ratio that affords great overall RPM management. The new drives are designed to allow proper re-placement of the floor boards without any interference. At Belt Drive Limited Email

Beveled Gaskets To Prevent Exhaust Leaks

gaskets1gasket2You know that new crush gaskets should be used when installing new exhaust headers. And when you do, it’s a good idea to use beveled pipe gaskets. The bevel edges tend to center the exhaust header pipe in the exhaust port, preventing the risk of leaks. For all Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Sold in pair. $13.95. At Samson USA.

What About Motorcycle Riding A Roller Coaster?

Trials rider Julien Dupont rides around a 50 years old wooden roller coaster in Mexico City. The ride is 0.75 mile long and reaches a maximum height of 99 ft. Julien admitted he was nervous because not used to riding this kind of stuff. “My sickest ride ever!” he said.

In My Digital Mailbox

cyrilhuzeemailboxI told you before. In my position, I get all the time unusual or weird emails and requests. Below an example. Flattering, but still a strange email, this one coming from Germany. Should I reply or not, risking to offend the sender in both cases. What would your answer? I am curious to know.

“Hi Cyril. Your custom bikes are really the best. In the next lines I would like to ask you for help. We are two designers, a graphic designer and an engineer. We are going to open a custom bike shop for Harleys in Bremen, Northern Germany. In this area we have two Harley dealers. But they make no custom bikes. Until today, we have done small jobs in our garage. But from January 2015 we start with our shop.

We have two questions. First: we have no reference images on custom bikes because we are beginners. Can you give us 6 pictures of your custom Harleys and 6 pictures from your custom parts, which we can use for our Web site? Second: Do you have a suggestion, how should we call our shop. With kind regards from Germany.” Zare.

Brougham. Best Modified Harley-Davidson At 2014 AMD World Championship Of Bike Building.

brougham1brougham2brougham3brougham4brougham5Many custom motorcycles have been inspired by automobiles. Very often the wrong way when the motorcycle ends up looking like a car. Occasionally the right way, when the car is inspirational for class, fluidity of lines or attitude. Julian Von Oheimb, owner of Germany custom shop One Way Machine remembers very well his first trip to the US with his father when they visited a friend who showed them his rare and very elegant 1958 hand-built Cadillac Eldorado 4-door coupe, one of the first cars with air suspension system, previously owned by actor Clark Gable. To build a custom motorcycle with as much class, without imitating it, became Von Oheimb’s new obsession.

brougham6“Brougham” is born from a 2001 Harley Deuce found on the show floor of an official Harley-Davidson dealer languishing with only 900 km (660 miles) on the speedo.  A “new” 2001 bike that few builders would have touched and modified without first putting serious miles on it. Didn’t matter to Von Oheimb that all parts were as shiny as when they left the Milwaukee factory. He stripped the Deuce to bare frame and swingarm, cleaned and polished the welds, cut off all the factory brackets he knew he would not use. Then he built a mockup of his project, using a very modified Dyna front end, a set of rims (21” front, 19” rear) from the H-D Smooth Series wrapped in vintage Firestone tires. Continue reading ‘Brougham. Best Modified Harley-Davidson At 2014 AMD World Championship Of Bike Building.’

Radiused Breather Bolts For Your Harley-Davidson

1breatherbolts2breatherboltsThese breather bolts feature a good looking radius design with 5-ply sintered stainless steel mesh, providing the proper breathability for your motor while keeping a slim profile and a completely custom look. An internally broached allen allows for a quick and hidden installation method, with the stainless breather element and “circlip” finishing the job. A good match with your choice of custom air cleaner and carb support brackets.

They are available for Big Twin and XL Evo motors (SKU 003735), as well as 1996 – 2006 Twin Cam motors (SKU 003736). Chrome plated or black electroplated steel, $44.95 per set. At Lowbro Customs. or call toll free 1-855-4LOWBROW.

Fun And Safety During Night Riding

For safety and showing off during a night ride, photolumininescent paint is already a well known process. But it requires charging in the sun or with black light, probably the reason why very few have adopted this type of paint. Darkside Scientific, a research and development company that specializes in electroluminescent (EL) coating technologies, now offers Luminor, a much more practical break-through paint coating technology lighting up at the flick of a switch. No special tools or hardware is required, just the ability to paint and wire. Watch the video below produced by Progressive Insurance as part of their “Apron Project” campaign to reward those inventing solutions to improve motorcycle riding safety. See how incredible the paint job and helmet look at night. Add the safety factor of being seen at night. Some companies already offer training on how to paint and wire this innovative new product for the mere sum of $297.00.

Leather Heat Shields? Why Not.

heatshields1heatshields2heatshields3La Rosa Design is known for their cool leather solo seats and bags for most Harley-Davidson models. And now, Don La Rosa uses the same leather to manufacture heat shields. Does leather withstand the heat? Protects you like any other metal heat shields? Yes, tells me Don. And it believe him. All his shields are offered in different lengths from 6” to 12”. And if course, design and leather color match the style of his seats and bags. Try and tell me. La Rosa Design.

Picture Of The Week. 1975 AMF Harley Davidson 250.


Fast Motorcycle Industry News

cyril-Huze-fast-newsHarley-Davidson Will Be Ready To sell Its LiveWire Electric Motorcycle When Next Generation Battery Technologies Are ready. This week, during a conference hosted by Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council , Harley-Davidson’s president and chief operating officer Matt Levatich stated that if the Harley electric motorcycle were mass-produced today it would sell for about $50,000, about 50% more than customers would want to pay. Right now, it’s too expensive and too limited in its range (50 miles) to be ready for launch. The LiveWire will be for sale when next generation battery technologies are ready.

Litigation Between Harley-Davidson Motor Co. And Hawaiian Distributor Cycle City in Hawaii. A lawsuit was filed in US district Court of Hawaii with plaintiff Cycle City alleging that Harley-Davidson has broken its Hawaii distribution agreement after trying to impose unreasonable financial terms. Cycle City has been an exclusive distributor of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, parts and accessories in Hawaii during the last 48 years and also owns and operates dealerships on the islands of Oahu and Maui. Two other Harley dealerships in Hawaii are owned by another company. During litigation, Harley continues to do business with Cycle City without a distribution agreement but with more restrictive terms and higher wholesale prices. In a first round of litigation, a US District Judge turned down Harley’s request to have the case transferred from Hawaii to Harley’s home state of Wisconsin where a jury trial would be expected to be more favorable to a local manufacturer. The case has implications for all manufacturers who usually succeed in getting lawsuits moved where they are headquartered, not where the dispute originated. Jury trial will be scheduled in Hawaii in 2015. Continue reading ‘Fast Motorcycle Industry News’

Fred Duban. The Story Of An Uncommon Custom Builder Told By Himself.

dub1We live in a new world. Connected, networked, hyper-aware, rich, complex, sometime confusing. The inexorable rise of digital information, accelerated by the mobile revolution is radically shifting the dynamics of the marketplace and the way we communicate and take our purchase decisions.

One of the best ways custom motorcycle builders are taking advantage of the internet endless and boundless possibilities is via videos showing their work in progress, completed and being ridden. After all, custom motorcycles are human creations, evoke emotion, fulfill and delight us. Stage them with a good film director behind the camera, mix them with great music, and they become too many very strong objects of desire.

French builder Fred “Dub” Duban from Dub Performance is among those who know how to leverage new technology to build a strong shop brand. After producing many videos where he had promoted his work and documented his motorcycle trips, he goes further, offering an iBook about his professional life. The story of an uncommon custom builder told by himself. After 1 year of work it is available to download for free in 52 countries via iTunes. It means that for now you can watch and read it only on Mac computers, iPhones and iPads (with the most recent Maverick and Yosemite IOS). You can download the iBook HERE. But first, watch below the promo video (English/French)

Boss Blades and Zombie™ Levers Now Available for Harley Touring Models 2014-2015

Kuryakyn1Kuryakyn2Kuryakyn3Küryakyn’s top-selling Boss Blades and Zombie™ Levers are now available for ’14-’15 Harley-Davidson Touring models with hydraulic clutch. Boss Blades are available in chrome and feature a wide, deeply dished blade that offers a reduced reach while still affording the necessary range of motion needed to operate the clutch and brake levers.

For a more sinister look, the Zombie™ Levers offers comfortable contours and a dished back deliver high leverage with minimal reach. Zombie™ Levers are available in Chrome or Gloss Black, and the included skull and scalloped medallion inserts provide two options to add the perfect finishing touch. Both the Boss Blades and Zombie™ Levers fit ’14-’15 Electra Glides and Street Glides, ’15 Road Glides, and ’14 FLHRSE CVO Road Kings. They do not fit ’14-’15 Trike models. From $69.99 to $89.99. At Kuryakyn. (for dealers: Küryakyn will Attend the 2014 International Dealer Expo in Chicago December 5-7)

Breaking News. Owner Of Custom Motorcycle Shop Sucker Punch Sallys Arrested For Alleged Frauds

spslogogerie-claytonFollowing a 2 year investigation by Police Auto Crimes detectives, Gerie L. Clayton, owner of custom motorcycle shop Sucker Punch Sallys located in Scottsdale, Arizona, was arrested for 2 felony counts of theft by misrepresentation. Clients in Canada and North Carolina allege that they paid $35,000 for custom Bobber style motorcycles that were never completed and delivered. In addition, since 2010, there is a total of 16 civil unpaid judgment against Sucker Punch Sallys for a total of $3,657,000. Gerry Clayton is personal co-defendant in 6 of these judgments. The Scottsdale police department think that there are more victims of Sucker Punch Sallys and of Gerie L. Clayton thefts by misrepresentation, for custom motorcycles, rolling chassis and parts paid in part or in full and never delivered to their clients. If you are among them, contact Scottsdale Police Dept. at 480-312-5000

SPSbisSucker Punch Sally was originally created in 2002 in Ohio by custom builders Jeff Cochran and Donnie Loos. It was the first limited edition manufacturer in the industry to specialize in old school stripped-down Bobbers and Choppers sold at reasonable prices. Later, Geri and Christian Clayton joined the company with the big ambition of building hundreds of bikes every year at their Arizona manufacturing facility. Continue reading ‘Breaking News. Owner Of Custom Motorcycle Shop Sucker Punch Sallys Arrested For Alleged Frauds’

Harley-Davidson New Bobber Solo Seat Reaches A New Low


For those who like to ride low and lean on a solo seat, Harley-Davidson released a minimalist leather-over-steel Bobber style Solo Seat (P/N 52000180, $299.95) Thick, distressed black leather is bonded directly to the formed steel seat pan and secured with brass rivets and a trim plate etched with “Milwaukee Since 1903” that will develop a rich patina with use. The Bar & Shield logo is burned into the leather surface.

Bobber-Solo3Bobber-Solo4This seat can be springs or rigid mounted. Get a traditional bobber look with a model-specific torsion-style Spring Seat Installation Kit, or go completely minimalist with a frame-hugging Rigid Mount Saddle Installation Kit (P/N 52100016, $229.95) for 2010-later Sportster® motorcycle models. The Bobber Solo Saddle fits 2004-06 and 2010-later Sportster, 2006-later Dyna® and 2008-later CVO Softail® Deluxe, Softail® Slim, Heritage Softail® Classic, Softail® Deluxe, Fat Boy® and Fat Boy® Lo models. At Harley-Davidson Store.

What Exhaust Should I Run On My S&S Engine And Are Drag pipes Ok?

ExhaustExhaust selection is critical for optimal performance. Open drag pipes work reasonably well for peak horsepower numbers on some engines but limit low speed performance on the street and can be nearly impossible to carburet. S&S Cycle has not had good results with baffled drag pipes due to the increase of exhaust gas restriction (back pressure).

Special low restriction  Cycle Shack XP baffle is available through most retail suppliers, and will help with tuning in some cases.

Overall, drag pipes are a poor choice for street use. Drag pipes offer nothing to break up the reversion wave pulse. This wave goes down the pipe and then the wave returns back up the pipes. When this wave is in proper time sync to hit the exhaust valve when it is open (pipe length affects the rpm that this happens) it allows the wave to enter the cylinder and when the intake is open during cam overlap it travels across the top of the piston (it is near top of the cylinder at this time) and out the intake valve. Continue reading ‘What Exhaust Should I Run On My S&S Engine And Are Drag pipes Ok?’

New Women’s Gear From Harley-Davidson

1H-D-Women's-Rallyrunner-3-in-1-Leather-Jacket-front2H-D-Women's-Rallyrunner-3-in-1-Leather-Jacket-backRally Runner 3-In-1 Leather Jacket

Enjoy the comfort and style of solid and perforated cowhide leather construction offered by the new women’s Rallyrunner 3-in-1 Leather Jacket (P/N 98087-15VW, starting at $475) from the Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® line. It’s built to ride pre-curved sleeves and action back, with pockets at the elbows and shoulders that accept accessory body armor for increased protection. For added versatility it features a removable, enzyme-washed drawstring hoodie with a lined hood and thumbholes on the cuffs. Two pockets on the hoodie complement three pockets on the jacket to provide ample storage space, while snap waist tabs and zippered cuffs deliver customizable comfort. It’s available in XS – 3W sizes at most Harley-Davidson dealerships in the U.S. and at Harley-Davidson Online.

3H-D-Women's-Mystic-Dual-Chamber-GlovesMystic Dual Chamber Gloves

Grasp the innovative versatility of the new women’s Mystic Dual Chamber Full-Finger Leather Gloves (P/N 98344-15VW, $85) from the Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® line. Eliminating the bulkiness of traditional 2-in-1 gloves, these new gloves feature two separate hand chambers, one for increased tactile feel and another for increased warmth. The gel-padded palm and pre-curved fingers add extra comfort while power-stretch knuckles allow for a more natural handlebar grip. Elastic wrists with adjustable closures provide a custom fit, while piping made from 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material provides enhanced reflectivity in low light conditions. Available in XS –XL sizes at most Harley-Davidson dealerships in the U.S. and at Harley-Davidson Online.

Laid Back Fat Bars For Late Model Harley Road King

Road-King-Fat-Handlebar.chromeHarley-Davidson just released these Fat Handlebars (P/N 55800388 Gloss Black, P/N 55800386 Chrome; $259.95)  offering a more Road King laid back position thanks to a lower position (minus 1 inch) and more pull-back (plus 2 inch),

Road-King-Fat-Handlebar.blackThe 1.25-inch diameter bar permits routing of wiring inside the handlebar for a clean, custom look. The Road King Fat Handlebars fit all 2014-later Road King models. Installation requires the separate purchase of the Hidden Fat Handlebar Riser Kit (P/N 55900067, $59.95). At Harley-Davidson Online Store.

Marketplace Events Motorcycle Group Introduces Made in America At 2015 AIMExpo

2madeusaA good initiative to be discovered at the 2015 AIMExpo in Orlando, FL. A purpose-built showcase of homegrown powersports brands and products. Made in America at the AIMExpo will put the spotlight on American companies designing, assembling, or producing the best products in the country.

Following input from key domestic companies, the American Made Pavilion was initially featured in 2014 as an opportunity for these brands to showcase their American roots. As part of AIMExpo’s commitment to build on that opportunity, Made in America will evolve to showcase the ingenuity of American companies and their broad influence on the domestic and international powersports marketplace.

1madeusaThe focus on American-made brands will not only serve as a platform for all American companies to participate, but will also provide a natural home for producers of American V-Twin products. With AIMExpo’s realized vision of an international show that attracts buyers from all over the globe, Made in America will take a fresh approach to showcasing those products and brands to dealers and importers seeking to add American lines. Continue reading ‘Marketplace Events Motorcycle Group Introduces Made in America At 2015 AIMExpo’




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