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Animated Engines To See How They Really Work

Maybe you know about 2 and 4-stroke engines, but most of you don’t know about a Wankel, an Atkinson, a Gnome Rotary or jet propulsion and many others. See them at work in cool graphic animations. May also help you fall asleep at bed time… Animated Engines. (thank you Troy)

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

Harley-Davidson Program To Reduce The Number Of Its U.S. Dealers. Over the past several years, the economic recession has resulted in slow new bikes sales and in pushing many now unprofitable US dealers in or close to bankruptcy. The traditional option is of course to sell and to reopen with a new owner, which is […]

In Memory Of Etta James. 1938-2012

Picture Of The Week

Yesterday, an 11 y.o. Pomeranian named Moxie, decked out in a denim jacket, chilled out at the New York International Motorcycle Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. (photo NY Daily)

The 2013 Victory Judge. The New American Muscle Bike (Part 2)

The 2013 Victory Judge. The New American Muscle Bike (Part 1)

The Victory Judge is the new 2013 model from Victory being unveiled right now to the press at the New York City Javits Center  With the slogan “American Muscle Never Died. It just needs handlebars” The Judge is presented by Victory’s management as a performance cruiser combining smooth ride and handling with premium power and […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

S&S Introduces Brand New Stealth Air Cleaners And Covers

Long time that S&S Cycle didn’t release a new product. Brand new for the coming riding season, the Viola, WI company is launching their new  Stealth air cleaners, a series offering bikers a lot of flexibility at  correct prices. An addition to the S&S Super Stock™ line of intake they are called Stealth because they […]

Joke Of The Week. 2 Girlfriends…

Two girlfriends where speeding down the highway at well over a 100 mph. “Hey” asked the brunette at the wheel,”See any cops following us ” ? The blonde turned around for a long look. “As a matter of fact…….I do!” “Oh NOOOOOOOOO” yelled the brunette ! Are his flashers on? The blonde turned around again. ” […]

New 2013 Victory Model To Be Unveiled Here Tomorrow Friday January 20 At 11.30 EST.

Tomorrow Friday January 20, 2012 at 11.30 am Eastern Time, at the International Motorcycle Show (IMS) at the New York City Javits Center , Victory Motorcycles will pull the sheet for the press off their new 2013 model. All information and pictures will be posted by me exactly at the same time it is unveiled […]

David Uhl’s Tribute To Gloria Tramontin Struck

She is 86, has done 69 years of riding in the US and abroad. She doesn’t know the word trailer, still shovel the snow front of her New Jersey house in winter to be able to ride to Daytona Bike Week. She is our female hero, an inspiration for all bikers on and off her […]

Rolling Thunder 25th Anniversary Tribute Bike Build Features Four Legendary Builders (Part 1)

Memorial Day Weekend marks the 25th Anniversary of Rolling Thunder in Washington, D.C., an annual motorcycle Demonstration Run that attracts over 450,000 motorcycles and one million attendees. To commemorate this honorary event, four custom motorcycles will be built by four legendary bike builders. Through a collaborative effort between Rolling Thunder and Jay Allen (creator of […]

Three-Pocket Fairing Pouch From Harley-Davidson

The new Three-Pocket Fairing Pouch ($89.95) from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories puts convenient storage space at the fingertips of touring riders. Designed to complement H-D® wind deflectors and windshields, this fairing pouch helps storing a cell phone, sunglasses and other small items. The sturdy plastic pouches are wrapped in supple, UV-resistant vinyl for a premium […]

Racetrack Style

For all motorcycle and car racing fans, as a little gift for your friends or to yourself, key chains, zippers, medallions, earrings, etc faithfully reproducing the shape of all famous racetracks around the world. Can also be used in many other ways, on bags, necklace pendants, luggage zippers, ornaments, etc. Machined and hand finished out […]

Today Internet Goes On Strike

Today Wednesday January 18th, thousands of sites are dark in protest against SOPA & PIPA, two US bills racing through Congress that threaten prosperity, online security and freedom of expression. I show my support with the black ribbon “Stop Sopa” that you may have noticed  on the top right corner of my website. If you […]

Billy Lane To Start A Custom Motorcycle Project While Still Behind Bars

On August 14, 2009 Billy Lane was sentenced to 6 years in Prison regarding the vehicular homicide case in connection with a September 4, 2006 crash that left Gerald Morelock dead. Upon his release from prison (to happen sooner than 2015 because Billy will be credited 2 days per month against jail time for good […]

Continental Tires And Rogue. Two Wheel Legends.

Under the theme “Good enough for Rogue, good enough for you”, our Freedom Fighter is endorsing Continental Tires in a new advertising campaign. Ad copy reads: “You may not ride 25,000 to 30,000 miles a year like Rogue, but because he does, it’s a great feeling to know whatever, wherever, however and how far you […]

Restore The Rumble And Look Of Your Harley Engine.

Bringing your Harley-Davidson engine back to life, mechanically and cosmetically is a service offered by Harley-Davidson. Evolution® 1340 and Twin Cam 88, 95, 96, and 103 CI engines can be remanufactured to factory specifications by Harley team of trained technicians. No matter what the color or finish configuration of your motor, they will refresh the […]

Coca-Cola Is Still World’s Most Valuable Brand. Harley-Davidson Ranking Is 100.

Each year, Interbrand ranks the 100 most valuable global brands. Ranking is based on several criteria taking into account all the many ways in which a brand touches and benefits its organization — from attracting and retaining talent to delivering on customer expectations. The final value can then be used to guide brand management, so […]

Discount Tickets For My Readers At New York Progressive International Motorcycle Show This Weekend January 20-22.

This International Motorcycle Show in New York City is a  biggie not to miss. During this coming weekend at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center you will be able to see the new 2012 manufacturer lineups, the best after-market brands,, the latest in motorcycle technology, a large custom bike show. Organizers tell me more displays, more new parts […]

The Frighteningly Powerful Electric Bike Out-Sccelerating a Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Ok, it’s not a motorcycle. Just a heavy bicycle because of its batteries load. But to the objection that electric motorcycles are not powerful enough to attract a clientele riding gas powered bikes, I am telling you that very soon it will no more be the case. I know, you have many other objections before […]

Cute Custom Jawa. Toe Cutter.

Passion for custom American cars and motorcycles decided Australian born Shaun Ruddy to make the big move from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to Las Vegas, Nevada. A fully certified Fabrication Engineer, Spray Painter & Panel Beater in his native country of Australia he and wifey already owned and operated a full motorcycle building shop […]

Harley-Davidson Spirit. You’re Born With It…

2 Harley ads published in Brazil. What do you think? Advertising Agency: Momapropaganda, Brazil. Creative Director: Rodolfo Sampaio. Art Director: Fábio Baraldi. Copywriters: Adriano Matos, Rodolfo Sampaio. Photographer: Raul Raichtaler. Producer: Paulo Gereissate, Fábio Baraldi.

Vertical Calendar

Paper calendars to hang on your wall to read days of the year are getting completely obsolete (acknowledge that you already look at your calendar, pinups and bikes on your computer or mobile device.) Exception? If you want to make your calendar a conversation piece and show to your guests or clients that you are different and love […]

Wanaryd New 3D Motorcycle Wheels Line up

A 9-year old company I didn’t know called WanaRyd Motorcycle (pronounced “Wanna-Ride”) is launching a Shark-Line Series offering 3D forged one-piece billet wheels in six different designs with matching rotors in 3 different styles and sizes, also and matching pulleys (including Cush drives which some other wheel companies don’t offer) Wheels are 3D machine cut, than […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

Harley-Davidson Workers Getting Physical Care at Work. More and more companies are offering fitness programs to their workers. Reason is of course the growing number of older plant workers in their baby boomer years getting injured while performing physical work. By 2018, 24 percent of US workers will be 55 or older. Now factory workers […]

Du Pont Family Historic Motorcycle And Parts Collection Sold For US $1 Million

For all those loving, intending to invest in or already collectors of antique motorcycle and parts, the numbers listed below would tend to prove again and again that during recession times historic pieces are even more desirable. During the second annual Las Vegas Bohnams Auction, total sales were 2 million dollars with the entire Du […]

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