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Quick Look At The AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Museum


Mods And Rockers. Are We Seeing A Revival Of Both Subcultures?

Shades of the ’60s are everywhere in our motorcycle industry. From Scooters making a huge come back in big cities to Old British Iron being renovated or used as the basis of new customs, from Scooter Clubs to Cafe Racers meetings, it looks like the Mods and Rockers subcultures may be back. Not only in their birthplace of […]

Motorcycle Picture Of The Week

  This guy just went for a few spins. And now he wonders why his wife is mad at him… Any comments? (thanks Big Will)

Roland Sands Design Sport V-TWin

Not new, but worth publishing because this style of motorcycle is built more and more in US custom shops. And of course, Roland Sands having built a few of these custom V-twin sport bikes, he carries some responsibility for such interest. This one uses a hand built frame (including a one-off swingarm working via an […]

New Legend Air Ride Suspension For Harley-Davidson Sportsters

We all want adjustability for impressive looks, changing road conditions, riding solo to carrying a passenger, or hauling loads of gear at the touch of a button. Legend Air Suspension’s exclusive Gates Kevlar Air Spring technology is now available for 1986-2003 Harley Davidson Sportster models. Legend greatly improves the ride quality of any Harley Davidson […]

J. Newbury American Flag Tee-Shirt

Trust me. It’s difficult to conceive a good tee-shirt. I like this one because 1- it’s hand drawn, not a computer manipulated image downloaded from Photoshop. 2- it’s a new way to show the American flag (yes, you see correctly, different drinking glasses replace the 50 stars and there is no reason anyone get offended. Ok? […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

Desperately Looking For A Harley Bagger Part…

Doc Robinson is the Associate & Technical Editor of Heavy Duty Magazine  the leader Harley print publication  in Australia, is a familiar face in major US rallies and one of my faithful readers. He sent me the request below. So, if anyone knows or want to jump on a bagger part business opportunity…email to me at […]

The 2010 Viper Diamondback

You need good news and the introduction of the second generation Diamondback cruiser from Viper Motorcycle Company shows that a manufacturer with a conservative approach, good marketing sense and a niche market (the performance cruising market) can still be viable in the worst economic climate we have ever experienced during our lifetime. The 2010 Diamondback is a […]

Nash Motorcycle Electric Juice Saddlebag

But where do I hide my battery, my relays, my wiring, etc? n my saddlebag, of course. It has been done before by many builders, including this writer. Now Nash Motorcycle company offers what they call the “Juice Bag”. Not only find a place to hold all your electrical essentials (your rain gear will go […]

Jesse James No Love Party Is Tomorrow Saturday 14

The 2009 West Coast Choppers “No Love Party” is tomorrow Saturday November 14h at Jesse’s shop in Long Beach, CA.. And you are supposed to know your direction to go there. If you don’t know, don’t go…. Party slogan is “No thrills, no details, no kidding”. You can register at West Coast Choppers.

True Swedish Chopper Frame From HogTech

For all my readers in Europe but also for all of you (if you are not afraid of a sticker shock because of the non-favorable Euro/dollar exchange rate), HogTech Swedish true chopper frames are now available through Custom Chrome Europe (and direct if you are in the US). HogTech has been manufacturing Swedish Style Custom […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

A reliable source tells me that Big Dog Motorcycles had a new large layoff on Monday. As you remember the company stopped production of new bikes back in August, then started again production in October for two weeks then stopped for the undetermined future. I also learned that the company attorney has left – This […]

The Road Is No Place To Race

7 More Cubic Inch To Your Harley Engine Without Breaking The Bank

Zippers Performance offers a kit to help you turn your “Sleepy” 96 Inch engine Into a 103 Incher. New cylinders are supplied on an exchange basis, are precision bored and honed on torque plates from 3-3/4″ to 3-7/8″ and fitted with forged pistons. Red Shift cams and adjustable pushrods let the engine breathe for a […]

Harley-Davidson Soon On The Big And Small Screen… And On Your Smart Phone…And In Video Games.

100% of the population knows the Harley-Davidson brand, but only 3 percent of U.S. consumers own a motorcycle. So, Harley-Davidson is starting a new communication strategy using  entertainment to – as Dino Bernacchi, Director of Advertising, Promotions and Entertainment for Harley-Davison states –  “sensationalize the excitement and thrill of riding to the point of moving people to […]

BMW Sexy Concept Six-Cylinder Cafe Racer

Although I will never challenge the quality of BMW mechanical engineering, I never been a fan of their motorcycles. Durable, yes, but with designs that I dislike and a riding position which will never be mine (rode a police one in Germany and felt like I was sitting in a small SUV). But I like […]

Spectro Premium Fuel Conditioner & Stabilizer.

Passing by the weather channel I was thinking of all of you living upnorth already or close to be in freezing rain & snow.  Because of icy winter roads many among you have to prepare your bike for a few months of storage . Time to think about conditioning and stabilizing your tank fuel. If not, don’t wonder later why your bike will crank but not […]

Cycle World Motorcycle Show Back In Daytona For Bike Week

I am happy to announce this because Daytona was beginning to look very dull during Bike Week.  The  Cycle World International Motorcycle Show will be in Daytona Beach from Wednesday March 3 to Saturday March 6 during the 69th Annual Bike Week. The Cycle World Motorcycle Show Tour didn’t stop in Daytona during the last five years. […]

Blackout At Cyril Huze Blog

In more than 3 years it never happened. But it had to! Overwhelmed by morning traffic (US eastern standard time), our server started to smoke (just a way to talk) and went down this Wednesday at 10.30 am, explaining why you could not access your favorite Motorcycle Daily News Source.. My Blog getting too popular […]

Easyriders 2010 Custom Bike Show Tour

You know that winter is coming when Easyriders Events begin to flash its ads and posters announcing the new V-Twin Bike Show Tour schedule. For many custom shops and backyard builders each date is an impossible deadline that they still will meet at the last minute because these events are probably some of the most important […]

Pro-One Stimulus Package For Your Harley Bagger

Buy a set of wheels for your Harley-Davidson Bagger and don’t pay for the tires or even for their mounting (100% no scratch warranty). Pro One proposes a very good deal called “Bagger Stimulus Package” where you get a complete set of their wheels with a free set of Avon Tires and 2 front rotors […]

World’s Largest Christmas Toys Run Is Coming

I can’t report on all Toys Runs going to happen all over the country during the month of December, but warm weather helping, the one held in South Florida is considered the world’s most important in in terms of participants and donations. The festivities and charitable contributions are going to last 3 days from december 3rd […]

American IronHorse Motorcycles Trying To Sell Its Intellectual Property.

In the never ending saga of manufacturer American IronHorse Motorcycles, a new chapter is being written. The last? The company is trying to recover some money by having its intellectual property sold as the business is liquidated through bankruptcy proceedings. American IronHorse filed a petition for voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings on April 30. It […]

Indian Motorcycle To Be Featured Sunday November 15th on ABC Good Morning America Weekend

Based on my former post, apology to those who, last, Monday were waiting for the Indian Motorcycle documentary to run on ABC  “Good Morning America”. Below a press release indicating that the show will run this Sunday November 15. And of course, TV being TV make sure you check your local listing for air time confirmation.

Reproduction Harley-Davidson Cast And Stainless Steel Frame Necks And Axle Plates

Here a good address you may need if you work on a vintage Harley-Davidson and you are stuck with a damaged cast frame or want to turn it into something more radical. This shop offers reproduction Harley cast steel frame necks, side car loops for wishbone frames, and rear rigid frame axle plates for years […]

Celebrating Custom Chrome 40th Anniversary At The 2010 European Dealer Show

2010 is a year of big celebrations around the world for the 40th anniversary of Custom Chrome. Expect high class events with big bucks entertainment and mega bike shows full of top bikes by the best custom builders in the world. For my European readers and builder friends, write down the dates of March27-28th, 2010 […]

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